Subnautica Thermal Plant: All You Need To Know

The Subnautica Thermal Plant is a crucial component in the underwater survival game, Subnautica. As the player explores the alien planet, they must constantly maintain and manage their energy supply to stay alive and progress through the game.

The Thermal Plant provides a steady source of energy and heat to power their bases, equipment, and vehicles. In this article, we will define the alien thermal plant subnautica, discuss its importance in the game, and outline the purpose of the article.

What is The Subnautica Thermal Plant?

subnautica thermal plant

Subnautica Thermal Plant is a generator that transforms heat to energy at high temperature > 25 ° C. Get the heat energy output, and you need to scan the three objects Titanium x5, magnetite, and builder for making subnautica below zero thermal plant. It’s made massive power for your seabases.

The subnautica alien thermal plant has a display monitor for monitoring the surrounding area of seabases. That alien plant display has output per minute result, and power temperature proximity to heat °c 1 32 33: so zero at 25°C, 33 at 50°C, 66 at 75°C, 77.88 at 84°C and 104°C the reliable energy power result is 104. alien thermal plant subnautica can hold up to 25 energy output at a time.

Lava Geysers are the ideal locations to place it. At the close in the middle point of the Lava Geysers, converts heat can reach over 50°C, meaning that a well placed plant can converts heat quickly. The eruptions can’t hurt the thermal power plant, but be attentive, placing plants as the extreme temperature can destroy you.

Given that the subnautica thermal plants have to be made out of seabases and its requirement to be at close to active an alien thermal plant. Placing the time of habitat builder with the alien plant, there are three coloured plants available. Red colour inactive lava, it’s not now working, Yellow it’s not working for cold, and it’s medium efficiency last one green colour and; yes this thermal vents, it’s ready for placement.

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What is The Subnautica Alien Thermal Plant

alien thermal plant

The subnautica alien thermal plant is the smallest alien base in the subnautica game. This game has four alien bases first one Quarantine Enforcement Platform base located in Mountain Island. Second base Alien Thermal Plant located in the Lava Castle and the third one Disease Research Facility base located in Lost River last one Primary Containment Facility it’s available Lava Lakes.

You will find the alien Data Terminal on each alien bases, and this data terminal explains the functions and purposes of Alien Base. Those bases have a vital role in the story of this game.

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how to find alien thermal plant subnautica


Finding the Alien Thermal Plant in Subnautica can be a challenge for new players, but with a bit of exploration and some helpful tips, it can be done. The Alien Thermal Plant is a unique and valuable resource in the game as it provides a steady source of energy and heat that can be harnessed by the player. Here’s how to find it:

  1. Start by exploring the Lost River:

    The Lost River is a large and complex underwater environment that is home to several important resources, including the Alien Thermal Plant.

    To get to the Lost River, the player must first locate the Floating Island, which is located in the Mountains Island area. From there, the player can access the Lost River through a tunnel.
  2. Look for signs of the Alien Thermal Plant:

    As the player explores the Lost River, they should keep an eye out for signs of the Alien Thermal Plant. This can include geothermal vents, alien structures, and strange energy readings on the player’s scanner.

    If the player encounters any of these signs, they should investigate further to see if they have stumbled upon the Alien Thermal Plant.
  3. Use the Scanner to locate the Alien Thermal Plant:

    The player’s scanner is a valuable tool in locating the Alien Thermal Plant. The scanner can detect alien structures, energy readings, and other signs of the Thermal Plant.

    As the player moves through the Lost River, they should keep an eye on their scanner and follow any leads that it detects.
  4. Be cautious of hostile creatures:

    The Lost River is home to many hostile creatures, including the Reaper Leviathan and the Warper. As the player searches for the Alien Thermal Plant, they should be prepared for potential danger and be prepared to defend themselves.

    It is recommended to bring along a reliable weapon, such as the Propulsion Cannon, to help defend against hostile creatures.
  5. Keep exploring:

    Finding the Alien Thermal Plant can be a bit of a challenge, but persistence and exploration are key. The player may need to explore multiple areas of the Lost River before they finally find the Alien Thermal Plant, so they should be prepared to put in the time and effort.

The Alien Thermal Plant is an important resource in Subnautica, providing a steady source of energy and heat to the player. Finding it requires a bit of exploration and patience, but with a few helpful tips and a bit of determination, it can be done.

how to use thermal plant subnautica

The Subnautica Thermal Plant is a valuable resource in the underwater survival game, providing heat and energy to power essential systems and structures. Once the player has located the Alien Thermal Plant, it is important to know how to use it effectively. Here’s how to use the Thermal Plant in Subnautica:

  1. Construct the Thermal Plant:

    Before the Thermal Plant can be used, it must first be constructed using the Habitat Builder. The player will need to gather specific materials, such as the Thermal Plant Control Module and the Thermoblade, to construct the Thermal Plant. It is important to have a sufficient supply of these materials before attempting to build the Thermal Plant.
  2. Connect the Thermal Plant to power sources:

    Once the Thermal Plant has been constructed, it must be connected to power sources in order to function. This can be done by connecting the Thermal Plant to a nearby power source, such as a Solar Panel or a Bio Reactor, using power cables.
  3. Adjust the Thermal Plant’s settings:

    The Thermal Plant’s settings can be adjusted to control the amount of heat and energy it generates. To do this, the player must enter the Thermal Plant’s control panel and adjust the settings to their desired levels. It is important to be careful when adjusting the settings, as too much heat or energy can be dangerous.
  4. Use the Thermal Plant to power structures:

    The heat and energy generated by the Thermal Plant can be used to power essential structures and systems in the player’s base. This includes lights, life support systems, and more. The player can connect structures to the Thermal Plant using power cables and monitor the Thermal Plant’s energy levels using the in-game interface.
  5. Maintain the Thermal Plant:

    Like all structures and systems in Subnautica, the Thermal Plant requires maintenance to function effectively. The player should regularly check the Thermal Plant’s energy levels and make any necessary repairs or adjustments to ensure that it continues to provide heat and energy.

The subnautica alien thermal plant is a valuable resource that provides heat and energy to power essential structures and systems in the player’s base. By following these steps, the player can effectively use the Thermal Plant to help their survival and progression in the game.


The Subnautica below zero thermal plant is a crucial component of any player’s survival strategy in Subnautica. With its ability to generate heat and energy, it provides the player with the resources they need to thrive in the challenging underwater environment.

Building and using a subnautica alien thermal plant is a key part of any player’s journey through the game, and mastering its use can lead to greater success and survival.

We highly encourage players to try building a Thermal Plant in Subnautica. The process of gathering materials, constructing the plant, and using it to power essential systems can be both challenging and rewarding.

With its importance to survival, the Thermal Plant is a key part of any player’s journey in Subnautica, and is well worth the effort to build and master. So, why not give it a try today and see the benefits for yourself!

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