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Subnautica Thermal Plant: Essential Guide 2020

Subnautica - PlayStation 4 

Power energy is the essential element is the subnautica game. Explore the subnautica game need to power and power come from Batteries and power cells, Solar panels, alien thermal plant. Subnautica thermal plant is medium power supplements in this game.

Although it’s terrible to low depth base thermal plant subnautica is a temporary solution for power. Until you didn’t find proper energy sources use subnautica alien thermal plant. The alien thermal plant is a poor producer for its cost.

What is The Subnautica Thermal Plant?

subnautica thermal plant

Subnautica Thermal Plant is a generator that transforms the Habitat Builder into power at high heat > 25 ° C. Get the energy, and you need to scan the three objects Titanium x5, magnetite, and builder for making subnautica thermal plant. It’s made massive power for your seabases.

The thermal plant has a display monitor for monitoring the surrounding area of seabases. That thermal plant display has shown per minute power result, and it’s countable with °C*1.32-33: so zero at 25°C, 33 at 50°C, 66 at 75°C, 77.88 at 84°C and at 104°C the energy power result is 104. Subnautica thermal plant can hold up to 25 energy at a time.

Lava Geysers are the ideal locations to place it. At the close in the middle point of the Lava Geysers, heat can reach over 50°C, meaning that a well-placed thermal plant can manufacture power quickly. The eruptions can’t hurt the thermal power plant, but be attentive placing plants as the heat can destroy you.

Given that the subnautica thermal plants have to be made out of a seabases and its requirement to be at close to active an alien thermal plant. Placing the time of habitat builder with the thermal plant, there are three colored plants available. Red color, it’s not now working, Yellow it’s not working for cold last one green color; yes, it’s ready for placement.

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What is The Subnautica Alien Thermal Plant

alien thermal plant

The subnautica alien thermal plant is the smallest alien base in the subnautica game. This game has four alien bases first one Quarantine Enforcement Platform base located in Mountain Island. Second base Alien Thermal Plant located in the Lava Castle and the third one Disease Research Facility base located in Lost River last one Primary Containment Facility it’s available Lava Lakes.

You will find the alien Data Terminal on each alien bases, and this data terminal explains the functions and purposes of Alien Base. Those bases have a vital role in the story of this game.

Easy Way to Find Subnautica Alien Thermal Plant

Subnautica Thermal Plant: Essential Guide 2020

When you need to recharge your solar panel, natural materials are the alien thermal plant. Let’s go try to find out the subnautica thermal plant. It’s like that it’ll help you to be able to build bases and get power for them.

Now you’re gonna need a medical kit in case anything goes wrong that need to heal yourself. Anyways, guys, you do not need a compass for this. I’ll be showing you how to get to an alien plant without a compass. But basically, in the general direction, we are going to be heading in the back of the Aurora.

Just you’re gonna be heading towards the bottom left booster. So that’s the main area you want to be pointing at, and guys, you will need your seamoth for this that you want to see. You lied as well need steam up for this no extra modifications, but we will be going like right at the limit.

If you do make sure your modifications are definitely preferable, there are no real monsters. Although in this direction, in a sense, there are some bone sharks you’re going to cross. If you have the seamoth, you can outrun them.

So that’s it’s not a big problem, there is a Reaper Leviathan near the back of booster, but you have some time you’re not even gonna see them. Goes through the world you’ll generate, so I have actually not seen up over here as long as saying that’s creepy. For Syria, he will not come over here, so just stands to creep the forest area once you get, which is a good point.

Just turn at a 90-degree angle and look down, and you will see a bunch of red grass area, I guess so yeah be seeing these little plateaus. On the side guys, you’ll be seeing the little green Ridge just follow that until you get to a tall mountain.

Now we are going to be in the same area. Just gonna keep following that green Ridge until you get up to the sort of mountain light area. Stop right there once you see the first side. Now be alert and watch out for these bone sharks.

Go over that first Ridge that you’ll be seeing the little plateau area right there with the grand reef anchor pods in down. Just park your seamoth right there and guys, you’re gonna want to equip that and so yeah go ahead. Do pack some extra food, in my opinion, because at least be one full percentage of all your food and hydration.

Start to look around for wreckage; usually, there is no wreckage, but there is quite a bit good stuff in this wreckage. If you want the laser cutter, definitely use it. When we go there, the thermal plant fragments will look appear, so go ahead. You’re just going to scan it for confirmation.

It is a hot spot for the subnautica thermal plant fragments. I hope this has helped you.


My opinion though that it is a pretty easy place to get it. New people in the subnautica game they might be searching for subnautica thermal plant fragments to build their base. Anyways this subnautica guide I hope you guys enjoyed.

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