subnautica moonpool

How to Create a Subnautica Moonpool in Minutes

Moonpool Fragment Locations?

Sometimes need a moonpool to get the seamoth depth module MK 1. But! It finds out difficulties the fragments anywhere—that fragments found in Grand Reef, and one in the mushroom forest near the crash site. But someone doesn’t want to go to those places because there are leviathans in/around those areas.

Grand Reef and Mountains Wreck. coordinate 701 -346 1224, 1071 -282 1345.

It always found all 3 in the mushroom forest north of the safe shallows close to the crash. I don’t think leviathans hang out around safe shallows. Mushroom forest north, it’s too narrow for leviathans to get around the trees, or in out of subnautica game terms. I’ve yet to encounter one why running around on the seafloor of the sea there. Just stick to more middle to the western edge of the mushroom forest, and you should be fine.

You can try other wrecks and abandoned bases, but each will have its worries for you to contend with. Just keep your seamoth or other vehicles at 100% health, and even if something grabs on, just race away after it releases you, and you should be okay.

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