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How to Create a Subnautica Moonpool in Minutes

The seabases module plays an important role in the subnautica game. One of the most important seabases modules is the moonpool subnautica. Here we have discussed details about subnautica moonpool.

What is The Subnautica Moonpool?

moonpool subnautica

The Subnautica Moonpool is a seabases module. Habitat Builder develops it. It’s charging players seamoth or prawn suit. If there is no power energy, the player will not be able to use the sea vehicles they need.

So this is a handy module for charging other vehicles, including a seamoth or prawn suit. If moonpool subnautica cannot be placed underwater, it will not work, so it is needed to put underwater for work. Moonpool has to be used at the bottom of the structure, and it can dock only one vehicle at a time.

When the player enters the access area with his vehicle, a single robot hands down and Secure for charging by lifting sea vehicles underwater. From this seabases module, Subnautica players can access vehicle upgrade slots or cargo storage. This module works by automatically releasing a sea vehicle into the water or player re-entering on like seamoth.

Which sea base enclosed with Moonpool and have power, then it will be able to dock the sea vehicle. However, this is just an exception to the creative mode. It can leave any vehicle at sea without power. Vehicles that are docked there will be charged from base energy and restore lost energy.

The vehicle is quick charging from Moonpool than a power cell charger. If docking any prawn suit and it connected with moonpool subnautica, it’s quite better to build a power cell charger. Subnautica recommended, “Appropriate space is important between moonpool and the seafloor on the bottom entrance.”

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