Subnautica Moonpool: Everything You Need to Know

Subnautica is an underwater exploration and survival game that has captured the hearts of gamers worldwide. This game has been praised for its immersive and breathtaking environment, challenging gameplay, and the variety of tools and vehicles available to players.

One of the most significant features in the game is the subnautica moonpool. It serves as a hub for players to upgrade their equipment, store vehicles, and launch underwater missions. In this article, we will provide an in-depth analysis of the Moonpool in Subnautica.

We will define what the Moonpool is, provide a brief overview of the game and its popularity, and highlight the purpose of the article, which is to give players an understanding of this important aspect of the game.

What is The Subnautica Moonpool?

moonpool subnautica

The Moonpool is a central location in Subnautica where players can access a range of features and tools. It is located in the central area of the player’s base and serves as the hub for all underwater operations. The Moonpool is a circular platform that allows players to launch and store vehicles, upgrade equipment, and embark on missions.

The primary purpose of the Moonpool is to provide players with a convenient and efficient way to explore the underwater world. It acts as a launchpad for players to embark on their underwater missions, whether they be exploring new areas, gathering resources, or battling the various dangers that lurk in the depths.

The importance of the Moonpool in the game cannot be overstated. It is the key component of the player’s base and essential for their survival and progress. With the Moonpool, players have access to a range of vehicles and equipment.

Including submarines, drones, and underwater suits, which are all crucial for exploring and surviving the vast and dangerous underwater world. It is also the central hub for upgrading equipment, which is vital for players as they progress through the game.

In conclusion, the Moonpool is an essential aspect of the Subnautica experience. It is the central hub for players to launch their underwater missions, store and upgrade their equipment, and plan their next steps in the game.

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where to find the moonpool in subnautica

subnautica moonpool fragments

The Moonpool is located on the Floating Island, a large, elevated platform in the middle of the game’s map. To reach the Floating Island, the player must first travel to the mountains near the center of the map and find a cave system. Within the cave system, the player will find a teleporter that will transport them to the Floating Island.

Once on the Floating Island, the player will see the Moonpool in the center of the platform. The Moonpool is surrounded by a large circular platform that can be used to dock the player’s submarines.

how to build a moonpool in subnautica

moonpool recipes

Building a Moonpool in Subnautica can be a challenging and rewarding experience. The Moonpool is a circular platform that acts as a hub for players to launch and store vehicles, upgrade equipment, and embark on missions. The following outlines the steps for building a Moonpool in the game.

A. Design and aesthetics:

  1. Start by gathering the necessary materials, such as Titanium and Quartz, from the environment.
  2. Decide on the location for the Moonpool, taking into consideration factors such as visibility and access to resources.
  3. Use the Fabricator to build the Moonpool structure.
  4. Customize the look of the Moonpool by using different colors and materials to match the aesthetic of your base.

B. Upgrades and customization:

  1. Upgrade the Moonpool to increase its functionality, such as adding a vehicle bay or a fabrication station.
  2. Install additional upgrades, such as an energy module, to provide the Moonpool with a power source.
  3. Customize the upgrades to meet your specific needs and playstyle.

C. Equipment and vehicles that can be built and stored in the Moonpool:

  1. Build and store a variety of vehicles, such as submarines and drones, in the Moonpool vehicle bay.
  2. Upgrade and customize your vehicles to increase their capabilities and performance.
  3. Store your equipment and tools in the Moonpool, such as survival gear, weapons, and other necessary items.

Subnautica MoonPool Recipe

Subnautica MoonPool Recipe compartments are Two Titanium ingot, One Lubricant, Two Lead and Habitat builder.

where to find moonpool fragments in subnautica

Moonpool fragments subnautica can be found throughout the underwater world in Subnautica. These fragments are required to build the Moonpool and are scattered across the game’s map. The following outlines some of the locations where players can find Moonpool fragments.

  1. The Lost River: The Lost River is a deep, dark trench that runs through the game’s map. It is a challenging area to navigate, but players who are willing to venture into its depths will find a wealth of resources, including moonpool fragments subnautica.
  2. The Jellyshroom Cave: The Jellyshroom Cave is a large, glowing cave system that is home to a variety of exotic creatures. Players can find Moonpool fragments scattered throughout the cave, often in areas that are well-hidden or difficult to access.
  3. The Mushroom Forest: The Mushroom Forest is a vibrant, thriving ecosystem that is home to a wide variety of creatures and resources. Players can find moonpool fragments subnautica scattered throughout the forest, often in the roots and crevices of the massive mushrooms that grow there.
  4. The Grand Reef: The Grand Reef is a massive underwater canyon system that is home to a variety of colorful creatures and resources. Players can find moonpool fragments subnautica scattered throughout the reef, often in the nooks and crannies of the towering rock formations.

Moonpool fragments can be found in a variety of locations throughout the Subnautica world. From deep trenches to glowing caves, and thriving ecosystems to massive canyons, players who are willing to venture into the game’s depths will find a wealth of resources, including the valuable moonpool fragments subnautica.

Moonpool Map

moonpool map

Maps help us quickly find out anything. This subnautica game also has a working moonpool game map, which will help you find the various game facility position on the moonpool map. The blood kelp zone and except the crack field covers most of the map’s Moonpool Fragment.

The major disadvantage of this game is Leviathan, which can kill the gamer. So while exploring the map, the player has to worry about the Leviathan Spawns. By looking at the Danger Lawn identified on the map, one has to guess where the player should be careful.

Sea Treader Leviathan, Sea Dragon Leviathan, Reaper Leviathan, Sea Emperor Leviathan Juvenile, Sea Emperor Leviathan Baby, Ghost Leviathan Adult, Sea Emperor Leviathan, Refback Leviathan, and Ghost Leviathan Juvenile, this nine types of Leviathan, are available on this spot.

Find all of these places on the moonpool map, and you will find the desired piece that will be transformed into a blueprint. And we have already discussed the recipe of how to make Moonpool with all these pieces.

Last Opinion

In conclusion, the Moonpool in Subnautica is a key location that serves as a central hub for players. It provides players with access to a range of vehicles, upgrades, and equipment, and is essential for exploring and surviving the game’s vast and dangerous underwater world. The Moonpool is customizable and can be upgraded to suit the player’s needs, and its location is marked on the map for easy navigation.

In final thoughts, the Moonpool is an important aspect of the Subnautica experience, providing players with the tools they need to explore and survive the underwater world. If you have not already, we encourage you to try the game and experience the Moonpool for yourself.

The Subnautica world is vast, filled with a range of different biomes, creatures, and resources, and the Moonpool is an essential component of the journey.

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