How to Create a Subnautica Moonpool in Minutes

The Subnautica bases module plays an important role in the subnautica game. One of the most important seabases modules is the moonpool subnautica. Here we have discussed details about subnautica moonpool.

What is The Subnautica Moonpool?

moonpool subnautica

The Subnautica Moonpool is a seabases module and vehicle modification station. Habitat Builder develops it. It’s charging players prawn suit. If there is no power energy, the player will not be able to use the sea vehicles they need.

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So this is an essential module for charging other dock vehicles, including a prawn suit. If moonpool subnautica cannot be placed underwater, it will not work, so it is needed to put underwater for work. Moonpool has to be used at the bottom of the structure, and it can dock only one vehicle at a time.

When the player ready access with his vehicle, a single robot hands down and Secure for charging by lifting sea vehicles underwater. From this seabases module, Subnautica players can entrance vehicle upgrades slots or cargo storage. This module works by automatically releasing a sea vehicle into the water or player re-entering on like subnautica seamoth.

Which sea base enclosed with Moonpool and have power, then it will be able to dock the sea vehicle. However, this is just an exception to the creative mode. It can leave any vehicle at sea vehicles without power. Vehicles that are docked there will be charged from base energy and restore power consumption.

The vehicle is quick charging from Moonpool than a power cell charger. If docking any prawn suit and it connected with moonpool subnautica, it’s quite better to build a power cell charger. Subnautica recommended, “Appropriate space is important between moonpool and the seafloor on the bottom entrance.”

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How To Find Subnautica Moonpool Fragment.

subnautica moonpool fragments

subnautica moonpool fragment are broken pieces of Moonpool, especially scanned through a scanner and made blueprints. These can be found in wrecks, across the Biomes, on the four sides of the Aurora, and the entire Degasi Seabases.

It relies heavily on the technology of detecting that fragments. If the scanner detects a fragment that the player has already discovered while scanning, the blueprint transforms this piece into two pieces of Titanium.

How to Build Moonpool Subnautica

We need different ingredients to make such a thing in real life. Exactly subnautica game is the same. When a player wants to make a moonpool or something, then they need some more ingredients and recipes. Subnautica moon pool recipe, it takes two pieces titanium ingots, one-pieces lubricants, two pieces lead, and habitat builder to make Moonpool.

Subnautica MoonPool Recipe or compartments

Subnautica MoonPool Recipe compartments are Two Titanium ingot, One Lubricant, Two Lead and Habitat builder.

moonpool recipes

Subnautica Moonpool Fragment Locations?

Sometimes need a moonpool to get the subnautica seamoth depth module MK 1. But! It finds out difficulties the fragments anywhere—that fragments found in Grand Reef, and one in the subnautica mushroom forest near the crash site. But someone doesn’t want to go to those places because there are leviathans in/around those areas.

Grand Reef and Mountains Wreck. coordinate 701 -346 1224, 1071 -282 1345.

It always found all 3 in the subnautica mushroom forest north of the safe shallows close to the crash. I don’t think leviathans hang out around safe shallows. It’s too narrow for leviathans to get around the trees, or in out of subnautica game terms. I’ve yet to encounter one why running around on the seafloor of the sea there. Just stick to more middle to the western edge of the mushroom forest, and you should be fine.

You can try other wrecks and abandoned bases, but each will have its worries for you to contend with. Just keep your moth prawn or other vehicles at 100% health, and even if something grabs on, just race away after it releases you, and you should be okay.

Moonpool Map

moonpool map

Maps help us quickly find out anything. This subnautica game also has a working moonpool game map, which will help you find the various game facility position on the moonpool map. The blood kelp zone and except the crack field covers most of the map’s Moonpool Fragment.

The major disadvantage of this game is Leviathan, which can kill the gamer. So while exploring the map, the player has to worry about the Leviathan Spawns. By looking at the Danger Lawn identified on the map, one has to guess where the player should be careful.

Sea Treader Leviathan, Sea Dragon Leviathan, Reaper Leviathan, Sea Emperor Leviathan Juvenile, Sea Emperor Leviathan Baby, Ghost Leviathan Adult, Sea Emperor Leviathan, Refback Leviathan, and Ghost Leviathan Juvenile, this nine types of Leviathan, are available on this spot.

Find all of these places on the moonpool map, and you will find the desired piece that will be transformed into a blueprint. And we have already discussed the recipe of how to make Moonpool with all these pieces.

Last Opinion

subnautica moonpool is working as a vital role in this game because it’s generating lots of energy. An empty power cell need starts to fill because other cells don’t work if it’s not full, but moonpool subnautica takes the energy from seabases.

So I think if you read this guide, you have no confusion about the moonpool subnautica.

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