How To Remove Thermal Paste: Easy Guide 2023

People have been asking whether how long does thermal paste last on your motherboard or GPU. We will come to this question, and we will also discuss how to remove thermal paste from base plate. First, let us know what the heatsink paste is?

What Is Thermal Paste?

If you want to know how to remove thermal paste from cpu, it’s important to you what the thermal compound is. It is a high heat conductive material, which helps in getting better heat conduction.

It is used between two objects. One is the heatsink, while the other one is a CPU or a GPU component. Heatsink paste fills in all the microscopic deficiencies between the GPU/CPU.

how to remove thermal paste

The heatsink is vulnerable to trap air in them. I do trap air, and it can affect the performance of the heatsink. Cpu paste is an excellent heat conductor, while air is one of the worst ones.

When you fill the air gaps with heatsink paste, you can expect conduction to its fullest. Yet, enough of the heatsink gel will hinder the perfect CPU cooler ability of the heatsink. Thus applying the thermal grizzly on CPU. It would be best if you always were careful while applying the CPU paste on your windows 10 or any device.

If you have a flat base heatsink available, you do not have to apply heatsink paste. But as it is impossible to create a 100% flat base of the thermal grizzly. Without having the probability of 0.0001% irregular surface? We need CPU paste to cover the imperfections.

Different Types Of Heatsink Paste

Metal-Based Thermal Compound

Metal based thermal paste is generally the best. The most famous thermal past available. It has the best performance and the highest conductivity. In a metal-based CPU, the paste is a high proportion of tiny metal particles.

That helps in most conductivity. The disadvantage of metal based thermal paste is conductive, along with being conductive.

Ceramic-Based Thermal Compound

The ceramic-based heatsink gel is ok but cannot compete with the metal based thermal paste. It has some conductive material along with enough tiny ceramic particles.

There is not much difference between the ceramic and the metal one, but this one has an advantage. It is not conducive.

Silicon-Based Thermal Compound

The silicon-based heatsink paste comes as stock applied on the heatsink. Your device’s GPU or CPU generally has a silicon-based heatsink gel.

They perform fine but nowhere near the ceramic-based or metal-based CPU paste. The silicon-based heatsink paste usually comes with a CPU cooler kit.

How Long Does Thermal Paste Last

How long does thermal paste last? It depends on the machine activities. How many times run your device once a day? It will remain as long as the device remains. Sometimes the thermal grizzly can last several years.

If you are the device used as mild, it will not cause your headache. And if you are a heavy user, you should know the best way to apply thermal paste.

how to remove thermal paste

Some CPU paste dries up fast, and it is better to heat synchronizing with CPU or GPU. If you wish, you can be applying the thermal compound once per year. A good quality thermal grizzly can reduce a few degrees of the heat of your device. It has better thermal heat transfer properties.

All the heatsink paste available in the market. CPU cooler thermal compound is better than the Intel Stoke heatsink gel. But Intel Stock heat sink paste working longer. Please don’t use gallium thermal grizzly. It will destroy other aluminum beside the thermal grizzly.

If you are searching the market will get a lot of good quality CPU cooler thermal paste or best thermal paste. I make a list of all the best thermal paste or CPU cooler thermal compounds available. Before knowing how to remove the old thermal paste, read this cleaners list.

  1. Arctic MX-4.
  2. Thermal Grizzy Hydronut.
  3. Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut.
  4. Arctic Silver Ceramique.
  5. Cooler Master High-Performance thermal compound.
  6. Master Gel Maker Nano High Performance.
  7. Gelid Solutions GC-Extreme.
  8. Thermaltake TG-8.
  9. Thermal Grizzly Aeronaut.
  10. Innovation Cooling Diamond.
  11. Innovation Cooling Graphite Thermal Pad.
  12. Prolimatech PK-3.

Now I hope you don’t have to search on google “the thermal paste near me.” And if you have any questions about how long does thermal paste lasts and how to remove thermal paste from cpu. Ask me in the comments section.

What Is The Healthy GPU TEMP?

GPU is the most critical hardware for animation, High-resolution video, and graphics. When you work with a massive video game, animation, or graphics, your device still uses a lot of power. Your device will heat up. And this Device temp user poses a question on how much healthy GPU temp is ok?

how to remove thermal paste

Healthy GPU Temp is dependent on many things example, listed below.

  1. Game Resolution.
  2. The poor quality power cable on pc.
  3. Room temp.
  4. Old heat sink gel.
  5. Poor air ventilation.
  6. Dusty internal hardware.

Different GPU provider has a different healthy GPU temp.

Intel Processor 45°C -86°C, AMD Processor 45°C – 95°C, NVIDIA 88°C -105°C average heat. When the temperature is high in summer, the GPU becomes hotter. Heatsink gel should be changed if the CPU hits extra in the summer. The temperature mentioned here is the healthy GPU temp.

Cleaning Agent: How to Remove Thermal Paste from a CPU

First of all, you should make decisions in your mind that remove CPU paste. It will not improve the performance of your device except for one condition. AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless-Mobile US, Sprint Corporation device also has heat issues. Again, the problem with the term that your CPU is working under thermal load.

how to remove thermal paste

To know the temperature of your CPU, you can download an application that will help you. That software determines the temperature of your CPU. There are tons of CPU temperature checker utilities available for free. Upon inspection, if you think the heat is far higher than the usual routine. Now is the time to remove heatsink paste.

Other than this condition, you don’t have to remove heatsink paste quite often. It would make no difference at all. To sum it up, if you experience lags and your device is slowing down.

Check the temperature by installing a third party temperature monitoring application. With the fact of How to Remove Thermal Paste from a Cpu. Once you determine the temperature and feel it is getting above average. Consider changing the thermal glue to get your device back on track.

Step By Step Removing Thermal Paste Guide

Ready your cleaning agent and remove CPU gel. Open PC case and take fibers cloth then removing thermal paste from CPU socket. Check details

  1. Wear hand gloves.
  2. Ready paper towel.
  3. Ready rubbing alcohol or thermal paste remover content.
  4. Open your CPU Casing and remove one side shade.
  5. Unlock Processor (screw or lock).
  6. Remove the thermal grizzly from the processor. Between heatsink and processor have a thermal glue.
  7. Remove thermal grizzly using a soft microfiber cloth or toilet paper.
  8. Now obliterate thermal glue.

Suppose you have any confusion about thermal paste remover. Please ask me in the comment section.

Smart Q Tip: How to Apply Thermal Paste to GPU

It sounds quite easy when it comes to using thermal grizzly. Buy some paste and apply between the CPU heatsink and the GPU, right? But in reality, it is not a piece of cake.

how to remove thermal paste

Thermal Paste Line Method

Applying thermal glue seems easy. But applying it and requires patience and the use of a technique. Generally, the “thermal paste line method” is used to apply thermal paste.

In this method, you apply a thin line of glue on top of the GPU. Then press it with the thermal cooler, which spreads the glue.

The method seems fine enough, but there is a problem here. The thermal paste line method does not spread your thermal glue between the GPU chip and the heatsink.

To overcome this problem, you might try to apply a lot of glue. In the event, you might end up with too much dough that will hinder the heatsink from giving its most output.

Thermal Paste Dot Method

The method we recommend is the “thermal paste dot method.” Generally, it is also referred to as the “grain of rice” method. The spreading of the thermal glue between the heatsink and the GPU for the most performance. Here is how to apply thermal paste to gpu using the thermal paste dot method.

  • Make sure the surfaces of your heatsink, as well as the GPU, are completely clean. To do this, you can wipe them with a lint-free towel and some alcohol.
  • Now put a small amount of the heatsink paste using the center of the CPU. Make sure to place a small dot, which is only a few millimeters. It should not be more than a small grain of reach.
  • Now, place your heatsink on top of the GPU and make sure it is set on the first try. If you need to lift it to reposition the screws, you should get the thermal glue.

That is all. Whenever you remove thermal compound, you will come to know that the paste was spread. This method will help you in getting back the most performance of your device. I hope how to apply thermal paste to GPU tips will help you.


How to remove thermal paste quite often will not benefit you in normal circumstances. However, if you are experiencing higher temperatures on your device, you can re-applying thermal glue as it will prove helpful.

When windows heat up, it loses its maximum performance. You can reacquire the best performance of your system after reapplying thermal compound. Consider using the dot method so that the paste spreads evenly.

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