subnautica multipurpose room

Multipurpose Room: How to Find and Scan (Full Guide 2020)

Subnautica Multipurpose Room Fragments Location


If you do not find this room, you have a different arrangement. You have to make this room and find the piece you need to prepare for the subnautica room. To find these fragments, you have to go to degasi seabase subnautica. Now I will explain the details about degasi seabases.

Degasi Seabase Subnautica Location

Degasi Seabases, the Seabases, built three of the ascendants of a spacecraft that crashed Planet 4546B. There are three more such bases in the subnautica game, Most of which are scattered in various places. It is the first seabases of subnautica.

According to the subnautica map, a degasi seabase located in the Grand reef. There has a floating island, and the island has two peaks for observation on the outside. Before you get to Floating Island, you need some preparation. I will explain later.

Stand Upon your escaped and look around the destroyed ship. Turn back and just swim around 1050 or 1200 meters from lifepod. Don’t’ stop swim because if you stop swim, you will be attacked. I hope some times after floating the island will be appaired.

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