subnautica multipurpose room

Multipurpose Room: How to Find and Scan (Full Guide 2020)

How to Find Subnautica Multipurpose Room Fragments?

multipurpose room fragments

Before finding the Multipurpose Room, you will need some equipment which will make it quite more comfortable for you to see these things. Particularly need a knife, a scanner, and a vehicle to work fast.

Knife and scanner are preferable for you to find subnautica multi-purpose room fragments. But for saving the time vehicle is essential but not most necessary.

First, you have to stand on the life pod and look at the crashed ship where the smoke is the exhaust. You need to turn 90 degrees to your right side, where the smoke is the exhaust. By following this direction, you will have to swim until you reach an island. Usually, it would be a bit far away for this you should wear Seaglide or something like that.

Hopefully, if you follow this directive, you will be arriving at an island somewhere. Once you reach the island, you should have three stricken vessels with it, and you can scan your necessary parts and structures. It’s essential to go to the highest peak on the island. You need to use this as your watchtower and scanning bulkheads, spotlights, etc.

When you land at the top of the island, look at the bottom, and scan it. This house is located just below the top of the island. Head down and start the scan. You will find the house scanned. It’s the large circular structure that’s half-buried.

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