subnautica multipurpose room

Multipurpose Room: How to Find and Scan (Full Guide 2020)

What is the Subnautica Multipurpose Room?

Multipurpose Room

Subnautica multipurpose room is a module like other seabases modules. It is a large-sized module with eight corners that is often empty. This module gives you ample space to move and make internal fixtures. It is the best module that will provide you with more space than the primary compartment so you can place interior accessories inside at times.

Construct by Habitat Builder like other modules. It can be placed on top of the subnautica Foundation, and if it is close to the ground, it is possible to form a leg. When the Multi-purpose Room is connected horizontally to another seabases module, the small corridor is automatically connected to them.

When the multi-purpose room subnautica is “stacked” with another room, the floor can be accessed by making stairs. Every room subnautica added to seabases decreases the Hull Integrity by 1.25 (The subnautica game shows -1.3 while it rounds the number. It is functionally -1.25).

Subnautica multi-purpose fragments of seabases start with +10 Integrity. Thus if a subnautica room is the first fragment built, it gets 10 – 1.25, or 8.8 (rounded) at surface depth.

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