Multipurpose Room Subnautica: How to Find Guide 2022

Surviving in the subnautica game has many taught, but a reliable station can help you to survive. Subnautica Multipurpose Room is essential to build a strong most famous for the subnautica game player to know details about the multipurpose room subnautica.

Like the other structures in this game, the subnautica multipurpose room can be made by the player, so before finding it, it is useful to know what this multipurpose room subnautica is?

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What is the Subnautica Multipurpose Room?

Multipurpose Room

Subnautica multipurpose room is a module like other subnautica base modules. It is a large-sized module with eight corners that is often empty. This module gives you ample space to move and make internal fixtures. It is the best module that will provide you with larger space than the primary compartment. So you can place interior accessories inside at times and space for movement.

Construct by Habitat Builder like other modules. It can be placed on top of the subnautica Foundation, and if it is close to the ground, it is possible to form a leg. When the subnautica Multipurpose Room is connected horizontally to another subnautica base module, the small corridor is automatically connected to them.

When the multi-purpose room subnautica is “stacked” with another room, the floor and walls can be accessed by making stairs. Every subnautica multipurpose room added to subnautica base decreases the Hull Integrity by 1.25 (The subnautica game shows -1.3 while it rounds the number. It is functionally -1.25).

Subnautica multi-purpose fragments of subnautica base start with +10 Integrity. Thus if a subnautica multipurpose room is the first integrity fragment built, it gets 10 – 1.25 or 8.8 (rounded) at surface depth.

How to Find Subnautica Multipurpose Room Fragments?

multipurpose room fragments

Before finding the subnautica multipurpose room, you will need some equipment which will make it quite more comfortable for you to see these things. Particularly need a knife, a scanner, and a vehicle to work fast.

Knife and scanner are preferable for you to find subnautica multipurpose room fragments. But for saving the time vehicle is essential but not most necessary.

First, you have to stand on the life pod and look at the crashed ship where the smoke is the exhaust. You need to turn 90 degrees to your right side, where the smoke is the exhaust. By following this direction, you will have to swim until you reach an island. Usually, it would be a bit far away for this you should wear Seaglide or something like that.

Hopefully, if you follow this directive, you will be arriving at an island somewhere. Once you reach the island, you should have three stricken vessels with it, and you can scan your necessary parts and structures. It’s essential to go to the highest peak on the island. You need to use this as your watchtower and scanning bulkheads, spotlights, etc.

When you land at the top of the island, look at the bottom, and scan it. This house is located just below the top of the island. Head down and start the scan. You will find the house scanned. It’s the large circular structure that’s half-buried.

Subnautica Multipurpose Room Fragments Location


If you do not find this subnautica multipurpose room fragments, you have a different arrangement. You have to make this subnautica multipurpose room fragments and find the piece you need to prepare for the subnautica multipurpose room fragments. To find these fragments, you have to go to degasi seabase subnautica. Now I will explain the details about degasi seabases.

Degasi Seabase Subnautica Location

Degasi Seabases, the subnautica base, built three of the ascendants of a spacecraft that crashed Planet 4546B. There are three more such bases in the subnautica game, Most of which are scattered in various places. It is the first seabases of subnautica.

According to the subnautica map, a degasi seabase located in the Grand reef. There has a floating island, and the island has two peaks for observation on the outside. Before you get to Floating Island, you need some preparation. I will explain later.

Stand Upon your escaped and look around the destroyed ship. Turn back and just swim around 1050 or 1200 meters from lifepod. Don’t’ stop swim because if you stop swim, you will be attacked. I hope some times after floating the island will be appaired.

Preparation For Going To The Floating Island.

When a new player wants to go floating island some equipment will be needed. (1)survival knife,(2) scanner,(3) more space in inventory. After you get to Floating Island, an alien creature like a spider will attack you. Then survival knife helps you collect food from bulbo tree.

When you need food and fluid, then go and find out bulbo tree. My advice is to collect food from multiple trees, not get from one tree. Every tree has five pieces of food so collect three piece food from each tree.

You cannot carry everything on the island, so you need a scanner. There are many types of creatures on the island, so all creators need to be scanned and need a scanner for placed in a data bank.

Subnautica Multi-purpose Room Recipe

multipurpose room recipe

I hope you find Floating Island and find your desired module. Now if you need to create that module, it has a formula. 6 Titanium and Habitat Builder is required. I think you must know how to make Titanium.


At last, I will tell you if you read this guide I hope you do not doubt Multipurpose room subnautica. This room is located on the floating island, so go there and scan multipurpose room subnautica.

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