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You may set the key bind to activate the overlays’ menu and select between large or small display avatars or any version of discord. If you want to display usernames and display user discord icons, look at cara mematikan perselisihan pilihan tindanan permainan.

Discord Overlay (How to turn off )

How to turn off discord overlay

Discordians! The overlay shares 100% waiting for you, and it’s time to combine your voice & text chat into your games for maximum focus, effort, and no troubles from declaring your online gaming authority. The overlay is a pretty fancy piece of tech, so there are some crucial points to go over.

First: Let’s ensure that the how to turn off discord overlay discord in-game overlay feature is enabled! Then

  1. Open up double-clicking your user settings menu icon in discord.
  2. Click on the overlay menu tab and enable the in-overlay.
  3. Click on the game tab.
  4. Enable the overlay of the desired game.

Text Channels have made it to the Overlay! How to disable discord overlay, follow these steps, and disable overlay!

Baca Lagi

Overlay Discord Tidak Berfungsi

What is discord overlay? It is not working yet, and you’re playing the game. Then you’re not alone! Many other players are reporting these issues. But don’t worry about it!

The good news is that you can fix it merely using the fixes we have listed below. Well, you don’t have to try them all; work your way down the list till you find the one that will work for you.

Fix 1: Check if you Enabled in a Game overlay in discord.

How to turn off discord overlay
  • Click on the gear button to open the discord overlay settings icon window.
  • On the left panel of the screen, click Overlay. Make sure to turn on the toggle overlay next to the Enable in-overlay menu.
  • Then on the left panel, click on the Game. Make sure to turn ON the in-that feature for the game that you are playing. If it is turned OFF, then in the list of added games, click on the monitor bottom right beside the game to turn it ON. If the game is not on the list, then run your game and click Add, to add the game to Discord.

Before trying any other fixes, open Discord to check if in game overlay option to turn off discord overlay is enabled. This is how to do it.

Jalankan Nintendo Tukar game to see if the overlay shows up or not. If not, then try other fixes.

Fix 2: Run Discord As Administrator

If you haven’t run Discord as an administrator, you may face the overlay, not working issues. Try to run your Discord as an administrator to see if this privilege resolves or not.

  • On your desktop, click the right-hand side on the shortcut of Discord and select Properties.
  • Then the pop-ups window, go to the Compatibility tab. And check the box right-hand side next to Run this program as an Administrator and click OK.
  • Now on your desktop, double-click on the shortcut of Discord to open it.
  • Rerun, your game.

See if the issue reappears. Otherwise, you have fixed how to disable discord overlay.

Fix 3: Add Discord to the whitelist of your third-party antivirus software.

If you are using third-party antivirus applications on your PC, you may face overlay notifications, not working issues. Your third party antivirus tool might interfere with Discord; hence, your Discord overlay may run as expected. You can try to add your Discord to the whitelist of your third-parties antivirus tool.

Fix 4: Check for software interruption.

Perhaps the Discord overlay not working issue is also caused by the break from third-party software running on PC. Try temporarily disabling all of them to see if your overlay works.

Sekiranya anda menjalankan program yang juga mempunyai ciri overlay atau menjalankan program yang dapat mengaksesnya Discord mikrofon, they may interfere with your overlays.

The programs such as screen recorders are most likely to interfere with the discord overlays.

Fix 5: Disable Discord hardware acceleration.

How to turn off discord overlay

Perkakasan pecutan cakera adalah ciri Discord yang mendapat akses ke peranti anda Memori GPU to make Discord smoother. Still, many users have reported that occasionally, this feature causes the Discord overlay not working issue.

If you have turned on the acceleration hardware feature in Discord and the Discord overlay is not working issue occurs, then try to disable discord hardware acceleration in Discord.

Just follow the instructions below to check whether you turned the acceleration hardware feature on or not:

  • Firstly open your Discord and Click on the gear button to open the discord settings icon window.
  • On the screen’s left-hand side, click on the Appearance option and then turn off the toggle right next to the acceleration hardware discord if you have turned it on.

Again run your game to see if how to turn off discord overlay issue is gone. And hopefully, it’s gone!

Overlay is not showing, then try these ways.

Method 1

  • Open Discord.
  • Click on the overlay settings window (gear icon). This could air the correct aspect of your avatar.
  • Select Overlay from the left panel.
  • Turn on, modify in-overlay. It ought to air the highest of the right panel.
  • Select Game Activity from the left-hand side.
  • Select Game Activity from the left-hand side.
  • Make sure the overlay is turned on for the precise game you’re enjoying. The sport ought to be during a new box up the correct pane if the overlay is turned on. You must even be able to see the standing “Overlay: On” ahead of the sport you’re enjoying straight away. Note: If the overlay isn’t turned on for your game, click the monitor button ahead of your competition, which could activate the overlay.
  • If you don’t see your game within the game list, then you’ll add your game furthermore. Click on Add it! Link from the correct pane and choose your game’s name from the menu. Click Add game. Currently, repeat the instructions half-dozen to show on Overlay for your newly added game.
  • Check if this fixes the privilege for you.

The very first thing that you simply ought to do is activate the in-game overlay possibility for your game. Although you’re satisfied that you turned this selection on.

It’s value giving a glance since there square measure a handful of things required to check within the overlay and game discord overlay settings. Follow the steps given below to ensure everything is ready up correctly to rule out any user settings issue.

Method 2: Turn off the Hardware Acceleration feature.

How to turn off discord overlay

Since hardware acceleration is often the wrongdoer behind this discord overlay is not showing the issue, disabling this selection is the relevant factor. So, follow the steps given below to show off the hardware acceleration for the app.

  1. Open Discord.
  2. Click on the Settings (gear icon). This could air the correct aspect of your avatar.
  3. Select the look from the left pane.
  4. Scroll down within the right pane, and ought to you must be able to see the toggle hardware acceleration. It should be below the advanced section.
  5. Toggle off Acceleration hardware.
  6. You can presumably see a confirmation box and click Okay.

This may resuscitate the app. That’s it. The problem ought to be mounted once the app restarts.

Method 3: Re-scale: How To Turn Off Discord Overlay.

How to turn off discord overlay

Some users pointed out that their show to one hundred and fifth (or another percentage) and therefore the sole factor they’d to try to was amendment the show back to 100%.

So, this may be the case for you, and consequently, the alone reasons for discord overlay are not showing was as a result of a scaled show. All you’ve got to try to be scale the show back to the initial 100%, and everything ought to work fine.

  • Hold Windows key and press I.
  • Click System.
  • Select 100% (Recommended) from the computer menu beneath the size and Layout section.

Once the scaling is finished, run the sport once more. The overlay ought to be contact currently.

Method 4: Move the Overlay

How to turn off discord overlay

In some cases, the sole issue is the location of the overlay. Since you’ll move the overlay around, it’d are the case that you accidentally affected the overlay off the screen. If you’ve got tried everything and zilch has worked, then the foremost doubtless fact is that everything is functioning however you can’t see the overlay attributable to its location.

So, the sole resolution here is to relocate the overlay by following the steps given below.

  1. Close the sport and open Discord.
  2. Press and Hold CTRL, SHIFT, and I key (CTRL + SHIFT + I), whereas you’re within the Discord shift. This could open a JavaScript console on the correct facet.
  3. Click on the >> arrow icon within the prime right corner of the JavaScript console.
  4. Select Application from the fresh created list.
  5. Double click native Storage from the clean designed left panel (or click the arrow beside the native Storage).
  6. You should be able to see a newly created entry underneath the native Storage. This new entry ought to be known as a discord application. Click it.
  7. Right-click on Overlay Store (or OverlayStoreV2). It’s within the middle of the Keys column.
  8. Select Delete. Now reboot the Discord.

Launch the game window, and the overlay should be back to its default location, and you will be able to move it again.

Method 5: Update Discord

How to turn off discord overlay

Discord shift gets updates on a fairly regular basis. Therefore, it’d merely be the update that introduced this bug within the application. This could be the case if you started experiencing the problem when the update.

If the strategies mentioned higher than didn’t solve the problem, then, sadly, there isn’t something that we will do. These styles of bug’s area unit typically mounted within the next update that the neatest thing that you will do is to merely watch for the Discord update.

You don’t have to be compelled to do something, though’. The Discord app can mechanically get the update. Therefore attempt to open the Discord each currently then to examine. If the overlay is not showing a problem, how to turn off the discord overlay is resolved.

How to Move Overlay and solve how to turn off discord overlay problem.

Cara Memindahkan Overlay Discord

  1. Enable the overlay.
  2. Boot up the game.
  3. Use the selected hotkey to open the overlay.
  4. Click and drag to move.


The overlay will move to the desired positions on the screen. this is the answer to how to move overlay discord.

Sembunyikan Hamparan Tidak setuju

Want to hide overlay discord? Don’t worry. It is simple! To conceal the discord overlay feature follow these steps:

  1. Click on the limited cogwheel (discord users Settings menu) at the screen’s bottom left corner.
  2. On the subsequent screen, underneath the heading “App Settings,” realize Game Activity and click on that.
  3. Then, on the right-hand facet of the screen, wherever it says, “Display presently running as a standing message,” flip that off.

My opinion is if you followed my step by step guide, hide overlay discord. easily you will get your answer.

Apa itu Hotkey For Discord Overlay

Discord game overlay option hotkey is a simple bunch of keybind. If you use discord hotkey, your job will be distinct. Some Bunch of discord hotkey listed below.

Jalan pintas Discord: Discord Keyboard Shortcuts Discord Overlay

My recommendation is at first read the discord overlay hotkey after apply this hotkey.

Ctrl + ‘

Untuk membuka tindanan

Ctrl + Alt + ↑ ↓

Untuk menavigasi antara pelayan

Alt + ↑ ↓

Untuk menavigasi antara saluran

Alt + ↑ Shift + ↑ ↓

Untuk menavigasi antara saluran yang belum dibaca

Ctrl + ↑ Shift + Alt + ↑ ↓

Untuk menavigasi antara saluran yang belum dibaca dengan sebutan

Alt + ←

Untuk kembali ke saluran komunikasi suara atau audio yang bersambung

Alt + →

Untuk kembali ke saluran komunikasi suara atau audio sebelumnya

↑ Shift + Esc

Untuk menandakan pelayan dibaca

Ctrl + ↑ Shift + N

Untuk membuat atau menyertai pelayan

Ctrl + K

Untuk Mencari atau memulakan pesanan langsung

Ctrl + ↑ Shift + T

Untuk membuat kumpulan peribadi

Ctrl + P

Tetingkap pop timbul Toggle pin

Ctrl + I

To Toggle menyebutkan pop timbul

Ctrl + U

Untuk Menukar senarai ahli saluran

Ctrl + E

Untuk Togol pemilih emoji

Ctrl + ↑ Shift + M

Untuk Togol bisu

Ctrl + ↑ Shift + D

Untuk Togol Pekak

Ctrl + ⤶Enter

Untuk menjawab panggilan masuk


Untuk Menolak panggilan masuk

Ctrl + [

Untuk mula memanggil dalam mesej peribadi atau kumpulan

Halaman Ke Atas

Untuk Tatal berbual ke atas

Halaman bawah

Untuk menatal tetingkap sembang ke bawah

Shift + Page Up

Untuk melompat ke mesej tertua yang belum dibaca

Tab overlay discord

Untuk memfokuskan kawasan teks

Ctrl + ↑ Shift + U

Untuk memuat naik fail

Ctrl + ↑ Shift + H

Untuk mendapatkan pertolongan

Ctrl + 0 – 9

Untuk bertukar antara pelayan

Ctrl + R

Untuk menyegarkan perselisihan

Ctrl + ↑ Shift + I

Untuk membuka konsol pembangun

Ctrl + /

Show these discord keyboard shortcuts.


Discord is an exclusive app that works with desktop and mobile platforms by merely merging the options of the message board and also the chat notifications lobby. Like if you wish to speak with a minor cluster of a number of your friends whereas taking part in games, then each Skype and Discord can for sure facilitate.

However, Discord allows you to vary people’s mic levels, giving an overall lower-latency voice chat that helps once talking across the ball. I hope you get to answer how to turn off discord overlay.

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