install new hard drive windows 10

Install New Hard Drive Windows 10: Kickass Guide

Samsung (MZ-V7E500BW) 970 EVO SSD 500GB - M.2 NVMe Interface Internal... 

The SSD (solid-state drive OS Drive/Disk/Device)is the boot drive that is used to run computer programs, and SSD boot time decreases. These drives are preferred since they are less resistant to physical shock.

Help the Windows 10 operating system function faster and also run silently — windows 10 size on SSD, smaller than others os drive. Now I will tell you how to install new hard drive windows 10.

Important Lesson: Install New Hard Drive Windows 10

Learn it is necessary to set up SSD on your windows 10. There are many reasons why you would like to add a solid-state drive to your Windows and install new hard drive windows 10, but the most common cause is boot time speed. You can’t run the computer without operating system others reason is solid-state drive boot time perform better any operating systems.

install new hard drive windows 10

Also, you will understand that once you install a solid-state drive. It will hold the OS, programs such as android, and other software. While the HDD will store other files such as videos, music, images, and documents. After installing SSD and HDD together, the computer becomes faster and more efficient when the computer has to perform many tasks that involve the Windows 10 OS.

For instance, when you begin running software or program or transferring data from a flash disk to os drive or your pc. Use SSD and HDD together. It will reduce boot timing. Moreover, by storing files such as videos, music, and pictures onto the HDD, it ensures that SDD has more space. Therefore, the solid-state drive operates windows 10 faster and quicker.

Guide: How To Install SSD And HDD Together

An important lesson on how to install SSD and HDD together. Usually, computers come with a standard HDD storage capacity — some as 500GB or 250GB. Maximum windows 10 Operating System is stored on the C Drive on the computer.

windows 10 size on ssd

C Drive is the primary driver on the computer. There have install new hard drive windows 10 or other OS. Other software and programs are also stored on this drive. If you also store folders, movies, videos, or pictures on the solid-state drive.

They may take up so much space rendering your disk inoperable if you have two or three discs.  Sometimes problems by partitioning their disk drives and format SSD. It, however, does not in any way solve the storage problem since you still have the same storage capacity.

It only makes total storage capacity, which is very important, so that you can make sure that your SSD more memory and free space for partition problems and move to play games to another drive.

Simple Guide: Install New Hard Drive Windows 10

Install new hard drive windows 10 is very easy. Now  I will show you the simple steps you need to follow. All you need to do is partition the device where you want to install your operating system or windows 10.

How To Install New Hard Drive Windows 10

As I stated earlier, all computers come with an internal tool by partition function for drive partitioning. It allows you to have a solid-state drive (there have installed operating systems, programs, and software, other multimedia files).

HDD or SSD (they can be multiple depending on the storage capacity of your computer) where you store your videos, pictures, and other files. Here is the simple guide that you can follow.

  • Open any folder on your computer. On the left-hand side, you will see “my PC, This PC, or My Computer,” depending on how your computer name.
  • After this, right-click on the “My PC, This PC, My Computer” or the name of your computer, and on the drop-down menu that appears, click on manage.
  • After clicking on manage, the computer management panel will open. On the window, locate storage and on the click on the > icon (Not on the name storage), and the disk management option will appear.
  • Click on Disk management and the right-hand side, at the top, you will see the C Drive. which you need, and you can check to see whether it is healthy, its file system, type, and layout.
  • At the bottom half end of the window, go the local drive and right-click on it. On the menu, select shrink volume, at which point your machine will start querying the shrinking space.
  • After your machine has finished querying the shrinking space, a window will appear which shows you essential aspects of the disks storage space.
  • Do not change anything, and proceed by clicking shrink, and your computer will do the rest.
  • After the process, your machine will have two separate partitions now use SSD and HDD together, and you can check to see them on the computer management window.

Crucial Guide: How To Format SSD On Windows 10

When you install new hard drive windows 10. Then you may want to get how to format SSD in case your machine has a large storage capacity. If, for instance, your computer has 1 TB capacity, you may want to have multiple drives so that for example, “C drive” hold the operating system, programs, and software.

How To Format SSD On Windows 10

D Drive has movies, E drive has music videos and Mp3 songs, while E Drive has your documents, books, and other learning tools. Now I will tell you how to format SSD on windows 10 Partition on your drive. So that you have multiple storage disks.

  • After partitioning your drive into two disks using the process above, you can partition the new drive further.
  • Follow steps 1 and 2 above and go for the computer management panel. On the bottom half, locate the new drive and right-click. Go to shrink volume, and after the querying process, press shrink.
  • You can partition the new disk further if you wish the same way.

How To Move Files from SSD To HDD With Windows 10

We are use SSD for PC speed and boot timing. After install new hard drive windows 10, you can notice that the difficulty of file moving HDD from SSD.So now, I will tell you about how to transfer data from SSD to HDD.

Install New Hard Drive Windows 10

If you want to move file from SSD to HDD then you will need an essential software that’s name is EaseUS Todo Backup software. Let us describe blew step by step guide.

  1. At first, install SSD on your pc.
  2. Open control panel go to “Administrative Tools.”
  3. Open “Administrative Tools”
  4. Open “Computer Management” tools.
  5. Click Disk Management (here you notice Disk 2 It’s your desire SSD)
  6. Mouse cursor put on disk2 and click the right button.
  7. Click initialize Disk>select Disk 2>select partition style(select first one MBR).Now your SSD disk is ready and online.
  8. Now open EaseUs Todo Backup software.
  9. Select system clone>select your SSD Disk 2
  10. Click advanced option>select optimize for SSD>click OK
  11. Restart your pc,
  12.  Open bios setting select Disk 2 for booting

Now move files from SSD to HDD.

How Much Space Does Windows 10 Take On A SSD

Lost of windows lover ask the question about how much space does windows 10 take on an SSD. It depends on your Windows 10 version. Every windows 10 version have a size variation. So it is difficult to say so easily how big is windows 10 on SSD. When you install new hard drive windows 10 then it’s a headache how much space does windows 10 take on an SSD.

You can use 100GB or 50GB SSD Drive and make it work. I will prefer 256 GB SSD Drive because you haven’t only use windows 10. May have you need various drivers, essential software. The original base install of Windows 10 will be around 20GB. The initial base install of Windows 10 will be around 20GB. And with run all the essential and future updates.

An SSD Drive needs 18-25 Gb free Drive space. If you use 128GB SSD drive, Actual, you will get only have 85GB Drive space for using. And if you try to install “Windows 10 only,” you’re skipping away 50/100 the advantages of the SSD drive. You want your applications on it, to benefit from SSD boot times that same speed boost.

How big is windows 10 on SSD? It’s not the most important matter. The most crucial question is if you use windows 10 and google chrome browser, then 128 GB SSD drive best for you. Games and storing music, movies, or photos, maybe not possible to save.


After reading this article, you will learn to install new hard drive windows 10 through the computer management partitioning process. And how big is windows 10 on SSD? How much size actual you need to install windows 10?

 It is effortless, and there is no need to have a slow machine when you can make it faster? Now, after partitioning, all you need to do is to store your folders, files, videos, and other stuff on the other disks and to use Local Disk see only for the operating system and other programs and software.

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