Install New Hard Drive Windows 10: Kickass Guide

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The SSD (SSD hard drive/OS Drive/Disk/Device)is the boot drive used to run computer programs, and SSD decreases boot time. These removable drives are preferred since they are less resistant to physical shock.

Help the win 10 operating system function faster and run silently — win 10 volume sizes on SSD, smaller than others’ removable drive. Now I will tell you how to install new hard drive windows 10.

Equipment of Add New Hard Drive Windows 10

Here is a list of the equipment you need to install new hard drive windows 10.

  • Toolkit or screwdriver for the open backside of the laptop.
  • Your desire SSD high-performance hard drives(note about laptops: It must be the same size as the DVD Rom).

Install New Hard Drive Windows 10 Without Removing HDD

windows 10 install new hard drive

Power off pc and remove side panel then plug SATA power cable and plug into mother. This is the windows 10 install new hard drive guide if you want to details please check full guide in below.

  • Turn off your Pc and unplug the power cable.
  • Take off Pc casing screw and all screw put on the safe place. Release your side panel.
  • Hold down your SSD and screw up with Pc casing.
  • Take the SATA power cable to connect with the power supply and plugged with SSD power port.
  • Another SATA cable connects one part with SSD and others part connect with Motherboard slots.
  • Go to Windows settings.
  • Now go to System and click on Storage disk management tools.
  • Now scroll down to click Manage Storage Spaces.
  • Click on Create a new pool and storage space, now your SSD should pop up right there and click on Create Pool, it’s one kind of quick format option. When you click on Create pool, it will be work on preparing your new SSD drive.
  • When you finished your create the poll job, you will get a new window to choice Drive Name, latter, Drive format etc. Just select or input your desire option.
  • Now select your Resiliency type simple disk management.
  • Now scroll down to click on Create Storage Space disk management application.
  • This section goes back to storage settings and scrolls down to click on View Storage usage on another drive. Yes, now your PC is ready to fly.

Suppose you have any confusion about windows 10 install new hard drive. Fill free ask in the comment section.

How do I install Windows on a new hard drive?

How To Install Windows On A New Hard Drive

install new hard drive windows 10

Take a bootable USB Pendrive plug into your pc and its power-up. Select install windows 10 on new hard drive and follow step by the step install process. If you want to install windows 10 on a new hard drive, check our full article.

  • Take a bootable USB flash drive.
  • Plug power cables power connections.
  • Power on your PC or laptops.
  • Plug your bootable USB flash drive into your pc or laptops USB port.
  • Hold f2 ( Delete) or f6 from the keyboard for config bios.
  • Go to the bios settings (Enter Setup) and choose the boot option.
  • Notice there is two external drive. First, choose a bootable USB drive for boot from USB and press f10 for change settings (Our suggestion is to select a bootable USB drive).
  • Click on Next, and you’re going to click Install Now with checkmark software license terms.
  • If you’ve got a win 10 product key, you can enter it in the box, and if you haven’t, click, I don’t have a product key.
  • Select ISO file version (If your Pc has a 32-bit processor, select 32 operating version).
  • Hit Next.
  • Checkout accepts the license terms and conditions and clicks Next.
  • Click Custom: Install Windows only (advanced), and now showing up on the computer is the hard drives that we have installed.
  • Select your New fast, shiny new solid-state drive to install windows 10 on new hard drive and make a portion for install win 10.
  • Click on Next windows will copy all the files across and carry on with the installation process. So this is normal for the computer to restart during this time. So don’t worry about that.
  • Set up your location and click yes.
  • If you don’t want to add a secondary keyboard, so we’re going to click skip.
  • You’re going to set this up for personal use. We’re going to click that and go to Next.
  • Input Microsoft Username and password with press next.
  • If Now asked to create a pin to input a new four-digit pin with press OK.
  • Now it’s going to ask you about using online speech recognition? As your choice to select any choice with press Accept.
  • In this section, Let Microsoft and apps use your location. Select any option as your choice with press Accept.
  • “Find my device,” select Yes or No, and press Accept.
  • Now option Send Diagnostic data to Microsoft select Basic or Full, and press Accept.
  • “Improve inking & Typing” select Yes, or No and press Accept.
  • “Get tailored experiences with diagnostic data” select Yes or No and press Accept.
  • “Let apps use advertising ID” in this current choice, select, Yes, or no and press Accept.
  • “Do more across devices with activity history” is this feature section select No or Yes.
  • “Get instant access to your android phone’s, Photos, texts, notifications and more” in this section, input your phone number and verify with press next or click Do it later.
  • “Back up your files with OneDrive in this backups” section, and You could set yourOneDrive with Next or click Only save files to this PC.
  • Select Microsoft 365 trial service and input I Product key or Try for free otherwise, Click No thanks.
  • Enable or disable Cortana virtual assistance now click Not now or Accept.
  • Almost everything is done. Wait a couple of minutes and remove the USB drive.

On the section, how to install windows on a new hard drive. If you have any questions,s ask in the comment section or knock on the contact page.

After win 10 installation SSD and HDD together, the computer becomes faster and more efficient when the computer performs many tasks involving the win 10 OS.

For instance, when you begin running software or program or transferring data from a flash disk to os drive or your pc. Use SSD and HDD together. It will reduce boot timing.

Moreover, storing essential personal files such as videos, music, and pictures onto the HDD ensures that SDD has more space. Therefore, the solid-state drive operates to win 10 faster and quicker.

Install New Hard Drive Windows 10

How To Install New Hard Drive Windows 10

Install new hard drive windows 10 is very easy. Now  I will show you the simple steps you need to follow. All you need to do is partition the storage device where you want to win 10 installs.

As I stated earlier, all computers come with an internal tool by partition function for drive partitioning. It allows you to have a solid-state drive (installed operating systems, programs, and software, other multimedia files).

HDD or SSD (they can be multiple depending on your computer’s storage capacity) where you store your videos, pictures, and other installation files. Here is the simple method that you can follow to install new hard drive windows 10.

  • Open any folder on your computer or file explorer. You will see “my PC, This PC, or My Computer,” depending on how your computer name is in the lower-left corner.
  • After this, right-click on the “My PC, This PC, My Computer” or the name of your computer, and on the drop-down menu that appears, click on manage.
  • After clicking on manage, the computer management panel will open. The disk management choice will appear on the window, locate the storage device and click on the > icon (Not on the name storage).
  • Click on Disk management and the right-hand side. You will see the C Drive at the top, which you need, and you can double-check to see whether it is healthy, its file system, type, and layout.
  • At the bottom half end of the window, go to the regular drive and right-click on it. On the context menu, select shrink volume, at which point your laptop will start querying the shrinking space.
  • After your laptop has finished querying the shrinking space, a window will appear which shows you essential aspects of Storage Spaces’ disks.
  • Do not change anything, and proceed by clicking shrink, and your computer will do the rest.
  • After the simple process, your laptop will have two separate partitions now use SSD and HDD together, and you can check to see them on the computer management window.

Now if you have any question about install new hard drive windows 10? fell free ask in the comment section.

How to Format SSD Windows 10

How To Format SSD On Windows 10

When you install new hard drive windows 10, you may want to know how to format SSD windows 10. If your desktop pcs has a larger drive capacity. For instance, your computer has 1 TB capacity, and you may want to have multiple drives so that, for example, volume wizard “C drive” holds the operating system, program, and application.

D Drive has movies, E drive has music videos and Mp3 songs, while E Drive has your documents, books, and other learning tools. Now I will tell you how to format ssd windows 10 Partition on your drive to have multiple storage disks.

  • After partitioning your drive into two disks using the process above, you can further partition the new drive.
  • Follow steps 1 and 2 above and go for the computer management panel. On the bottom half, locate the new drive and click. Go to shrink volume, and after the querying process, press shrink.
  • You can partition the new disk further if you wish the same way.

How to Transfer Data from One Internal Hard Drive to Another

Install New Hard Drive Windows 10

We are use SSD for PC speed and boot timing. Add hard drive windows 10, and you can notice the difficulty of file moving HDD from SSD. Now, I will tell you how to transfer data from one internal hard drive to an additional drive.

If you want to move files from SSD to HDD, you will need an essential EaseUS Todo Backups software download software. Let us describe blew step by step tricks for moving files from SSD to HDD.

  1. At first, add new hard drive windows 10 on your pc.
  2. Open the control panel go to “Administrative Tools.”
  3. Open “Administrative Tools”.
  4. Open “Computer Management” tools.
  5. Click Disk Management and Right-click unallocated space. (here you notice Disk 2 It’s your desire SSD).
  6. Mouse cursor put on disk2 and click the right button.
  7. Click initialize Disk>select Disk 2>select partition style(select first one MBR).Now your SSD disk is ready and online.
  8. After download and installation of recovery software.
  9. Now open EaseUs Todo Backups recovery software.
  10. Select system clone>select your SSD Disk 2.
  11. Click advanced choice>select optimize for SSD>click OK.
  12. Restart your pc.
  13. Open bios setting select Disk 2 for boots.

Now move files from SSD to HDD.

How Much Space Does Windows 10 Take On A SSD

Lost of windows lover ask the question about how much space does windows 10 takes on an SSD. It depends on your win 10 version. The version of windows has a size variation.

So it is difficult to say so easily how big is windows 10 on SSD. When you install new hard drive windows 10, then it’s a headache how much space does windows 10 take on an SSD.

You can use 100GB or 50GB SSD Drive and make it work. I will prefer 256 GB SSD Drive because you haven’t only use win 10. May have you need various drivers, essential software.

The original base install of Win 10 will be around 20GB. The initial base install of Win 10 will be around 20GB. And with run all the essential and future updates.

An SSD Drive needs 18-25 Gb free Drive space. If you use 128GB SSD drive, Actual, you will get only have 85GB Drive space for using. And if you try to install “Windows 10 only,” you’re skipping away 50/100 the advantages of the SSD drive. You want your applications on it, to benefit from SSD boot times that same speed boost.

How big is windows 10 on SSD? It’s not the most important matter. The most crucial question is if you use win 10 and google chrome browser, then a 128 GB SSD drive best for you. Games and storing music, movies, or photos, maybe not possible to save.


After reading this security article, you will learn to install new hard drive windows 10 through the computer disk management partitioning process. And how big is win 10 on SSD? How much size actual you need to install windows 10?

 It is effortless, and there is no need to have a slow machine when you can make it faster? After partitioning, all you need to do is store your folders, files, videos, and other stuff on the other disks and use Local Disk only for the operating system and other programs and software.

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