HyperX Cloud 2 mic not working

HyperX Cloud 2 Mic Not Working:[Reasons And Solutions]

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Do you think about how to fix HyperX cloud 2 mic not working? Have you faced HyperX cloud alpha mic not working windows 10? Actually, it is not a big issue, you can fix it at home so simply by yourself.

How? Keep quiet and back to the seat.

All of us know that hyper X cloud 2 mic quiet is a fantastic gaming headphone that brings remarkable practice for the players. It is so quite well-known for its recall of foam pad comfort, passive sound, and virtual 7.1 enclose noise.

However, many users can also face issues on the Hyper X cloud 2 mic not working Xbox one.

Luckily, you will be capable of fixing the issue so simply. In this post, there has shared a few solutions to fix- HyperX cloud 2 mic not working.

Let’s try to fix the issue one by one until the mic works.

  Reasons: HyperX could 2 mic not working

Reasons: HyperX could 2 mic not working

HyperX Cloud 2 mic not working

Several specific reasons have that make an obstacle for which the hyper X cloud 2 mic not working. The reasons are:

  • Wrong connections.
  • Fault audio software.
  • Volume setting problem.
  • Setting the audio game.
  • Outdated drivers.
  • The microphone didn’t select.

Solution: HyperX cloud 2 mic not working

HyperX Cloud 2 Mic Not Working:[Reasons And Solutions]

Now jump to in and follow the steps one by one and fix the hyper X cloud 2 drivers.

1. Check Audio Setting and solve HyperX Cloud 2 Mic Not Working.

Most of the time, you can see that HperX cloud 2 mic not working, and the main reason for it that mic isn’t able or microphone isn’t set as by default. 

However, if you want to use the mic for gaming, you have to do a single thing, and you should do is capable of the mic on the PC.

Below, a few steps have given to allow the microphone on the personal computer.

  1. Tap windows and Key+R on the keyboard of your PC. Directly, you can see a run dialog.
  2. Now type “Control” and then press the “enter” button.
  3. Now you can appear control panel before your display.
  4. The next option that you should click on “Sound” and then go to the “recording tab.”
  5. Select the “recording tab” and click on the right side of the headset microphone option, and then you will be capable of it.
  6. Now the microphone will set as by default.

Hopefully, these tips and tricks will work gratefully to fix the hyper X cloud 2 mic quiet fix.

2. Check The Connections & Headphone

Most of the time, it may happen that the headphone or microphone isn’t working. The main reasons for it can make the wrong connection between the hyper X cloud 2 headphone and the computer that has lost.

You should know that hyper X cloud 2 have consisted of 3.5mm audio jack of headphone. If you don’t hear the sound correctly, you have to ensure and check the connection between the headphone and your personal computer. 

3. Check The Sound Features And Solve HyperX Cloud 2 Mic Not Working

Let’s tell you that hyper X cloud 2 has come with two extra features, and they let you control sound. 

If you aren’t capable of utilizing them, this will be the reason for the mic problem.

4. Solution: HyperX Cloud 2 Mic Not Working: Up-to-Date Headset Driver

The outdated driver is also the cause for which hyper X cloud alpha mic not working pc. For this reason, we can recommend you to up-to-date the drivers as soon as possible.

How can you update the driver? Just follow the below steps.

  1. For the first time, you should click right on the “Sound icon” that is located on the foot of the PC display taskbar.
  2. After going to the sound option, you need to click on another option “recording device.”
  3. Now go to the next step and click on the next option, “recording tab‘.
  4. In this step, you have to select the “headset microphone” option and then go to the “properties” button. This property option will bring you the “controller information” section. So, press the “Property” button.
  5. After doing this job, you will reach another option “driver tab,” and now you have to press on the “update driver” option.

Therefore, you can also update the driver successfully using directly a software known as “Driver Easy.”

This is a secure driver updater software that will update drivers by using just one click.

To update it directly, do the following steps.

  • Download the driver software so only and as usual.
  • After downloading this driver software, you have to click on the next option ‘scan,’ and the software will go scan automatically for the updated drivers.
  • After complete the scanning, now you should click on the “update” option, and then the software will directly update the drivers.

Hopefully, this process will confirm the fix the hyper X cloud 2 mic not working issue. Still, your microphone not working follows the next steps.  

5. Re-install the operating system

If you can see that all the above process doesn’t work for you, this option will help you to fix HyperX cloud 2 mic not working issue.

We recommend this process as it will often see that the microphone impedes working in certain files into your personal computer that doesn’t permit the microphone anyway to work perfectly.

Therefore, if you want to use your microphone properly, the single way you should re-install the Windows software as early as possible.

After you have re-installed the windows software and also re-installed the hyper X cloud 2 mic not working ps4 as per given instructions.

Fix: Hyperx Cloud Alpha Mic Not Working Windows 10

HyperX Cloud 2 Mic Not Working:[Reasons And Solutions]

Are you thinking about how to fix the hyper X cloud alpha mic not working windows 10 issue? Follow the best solution below.


Ensure that the microphone is unmated.

Most of the users claimed the issue with hyper X cloud alpha mic not working ps4, and also they have said that they were not capable of adjusting their user microphone volume. The resolution to this dilemma is very effortless and easy.

Just test out the USB dongle, which has come with a gaming headset. There has a small mute switch if you have faced any issue with the microphone; just unmute it by pressing Mute switch.


Joining the headset with USB ports.

Hyper X cloud 2 or alpha is the USB headset. They can be affected by several issues. But, most of the users was claimed that the headset wouldn’t work properly with USB 3.0 though it is so popular.

So, you should try to connect your headset with different USB ports, such as USB 2.0 port, to solve the issue simply.

A few users also advise that they can also use the port on the back of the computer instead of the front.


Check the setting of audio device

If you remain the same problem with the hyper X cloud 2 right ear not working, you can try another option like checking the audio device setting. But, before doing this job, you have to ensure that the headset connection has perfect.

After that, you can try the following tips.

  • Tpa ‘Key+S” and then enter sound option
  • Select the Sound button from the menu.
  • Go to directly “recording tab” option
  • Now check “Show disable device” and also “ Show disconnected device” options
  • Now click on the microphone and select “Enable” from the menu bar
  • Press on the “Apply” and then “OK” to save the changing setting.


Utilize sound troubleshooter

By utilizing the sound troubleshooter, you also can fix hyper X cloud 2 mic not working issues so efficiently. For doing this, you can follow the below tips and tricks that will help you to adjust your issue so quickly.

  • To open your Setting App tap “Key+I” in the windows keyboard
  • Find the way to update & security option
  • Select troubleshoot into the menu on the left side. Now choose the “Recording Audio” and then press on the “Run the troubleshooter.”

Follow the instructions perfectly and fix the issue to complete the troubleshooting methods.


Up-To-Date Firmware And Solve HyperX Cloud 2 Mic Not Working

If you are facing the hyper X mic issue with the hyper X cloud 2 update, you should capable to fix it with the help of updating the firmware. This will be able to fix the particular problems so only.

Besides, we should warn you that firmware updating is just a sophisticated procedure as well as it’ll the main reason to unalterable spoil to the headset. For this, you should use additional caution. 

So, up-to-date firmware of the headphone, go to the hyper X website for downloading the firmware and its instructions. Once more, firmware up-to-date will be the main reason for permanent damage to the headphone. So, you have to update it at your own risk.


Utilize audio splitter

Many users claimed that the microphone wasn’t understood on their hyper X headphones. According to their speech, you have to be able to avoid the issue by utilizing audio splitter.

This small device has come with two 3.5mm ports, and one is for audio, and another is for the microphone. After joining the headset to the splitter, you should be capable of using the receiver without any issues.

This is not only the best option to solve this issue, but it can be a decent workaround, so you have to try it if you have this issue with hyper X cloud 2 mic not working.

The Wrap-Up

There have discussed some more efficient solutions for hyper X cloud 2 mic not working issue. All of them are so effective, and we hope that you can be able to solve your problem by applying any one of them at home by yourself so quickly and easily.

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