How To Update GoPro Hero 5

How To Update GoPro Hero 5: Effective 7 Ways

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If you also, along with many other GoPro 5 black users. have the question of how to update GoPro hero 5 then I’ve got you covered in this article. You must update GoPro to get the latest enhancements and features on it released by the Sony company.

How Do I Update My Gopro Using The App?

how to update gopro hero 5
  • The first thing you will want to do turn off the screensaver on your Gopro hero 5.
  • Swipe down.
  • Tap on Preferences.
  • Go down until you see screensaver.
  • Tap on the screensaver.
  • Scroll down there until you see Never.
  • Tap on Never, make sure it turns blue to indicate that never is selected.
  • Then get out of the GoPro Menu System.

On the smartphone for how do I update my GoPro using the app?

  • Open the capture app.
  • Then on the GoPro prepare it to connect with the capture app by swiping down.
  • Tap on Connect.
  • Go down to connect new device.
  • Tap on Capture App.
  • Now on the smartphone.
  • Tap on Connect Your Gopro hero 5 black Camera icon on your smartphone.
  • You may get a confirmation message on the app.
  • Tap on Yes, Wireless is on. Once the smartphone is connected to the GoPro and there is an Update available.
  • You will see this screen first on the smartphone. Hero update then the GoPro firmware update version number. Under the highlights will give what is being improved in the update. This update improves SD card stability.
  • On the bottom are the buttons, Later and Install. If you do not want to Gopro software update now, tap on the Later button and the app will go to its normal function.
  • I am going to tap on the Install button.
  • The app is connecting to the internet in order to download the GoPro firmware update files. (How much time to need to complete to download. It depends on your internet connection speed. For my phone, it took about 15 seconds to connect.)
  • Once connected, the app begins to download the software update.
  • During this firmware update, there are three warning advisements. The first one: Don’t go anywhere, do not exit the Capture App or turn off your camera during this process. The second one: Your camera will power off and on automatically. The third one: When the update is complete your camera’s LCD screen will return to normal.
  • May it takes about 30 seconds for the app to download the update files. It may take you longer depending on the update and your download speed.
  • Once all the firmware files are downloaded the app reconnects to the Gopro hero 5 black. Then you have to accept the firmware license agreement by tapping below on the blue part.
  • The app is transferring the GoPro firmware update files to the Gopro hero 5 black.
  • This may take some time. For this update, it took about five minutes just to transfer the firmware from the Capture app to the Gopro hero 5.
  • Once the firmware files are in the GoPro you will see this Installing Update. During the Installing Update, your GoPro screen will turn off and on. Don’t freak out, just hang on tight.
  • It took about four minutes for this part of the install process. When the firmware update is almost complete you will see this Reconnecting to screen.
  • When everything is complete, you get this All Set message.
  • Then tap on the blue OK button and the connected Capture app appears.
  • OK, that is it.
  • Now enjoy yourself.

In this guide section, I have described to you how to update GoPro hero 5 by using the GoPro Capture App. You are going to need your smartphone, the GoPro Capture Android, iOS, App on your phone, and the GoPro hero 5 that you want to update.

That is how do I update my GoPro using the app? If you like this guide please share with your friends.

How do I update my GoPro with Manually?

  • First, there are a couple of things we need to open up the battery door at the bottom, and we’re going to remove the batteries.
  • We are also going to remove the memory card that the reason being is that we’re going to be putting the firmware update.
  • We also need the serial number the Gopro hero 5 black serial number is located just below the memory card slot there now can be a little tricky to read. So it can also be found on your hero 5 boxes. If you still have it, that’s also the serial number there.
  • It’s a little easier to read than trying to get it off the camera. Now that we got the memory card out in the battery out. We’re just going to GoPro website they have a section of the site. There you download your firmware. Basically, it’s going to ask you right there serial number and your email address. You just put the serial number of your GoPro in there.
  • We’ll go ahead and go to the next step right at the top. There’s a button that says download your update that’s going to download it. As a zip file to your computer and it also gives you some instructions there. As well so you can follow along with them or read them over quickly. So I’ve downloaded the update. Here the first thing you need to do is unzip it.
  •  We’re just going to extract the GoPro firmware update.
  • You’re going to notice to make a new folder that called update. If we go in there, it’s got all the update files needed for the GoPro Hero 5 Black camera.
  • We’re going to be copying the update folder to the memory card.
  • Remove the memory card from your PC.
  • We’re going to put the memory card Gopro hero 5 black.
  • We’re going to put our battery back in Gopro hero 5. So now, we have the memory card with the Gopro firmware update.
  • Just going to power on like generally by pressing the mode button. As the cameras turned on, it should recognize the GoPro firmware update on the memory card.
  • The process of updating it needs a couple of minutes.
  • Throughout the update, the camera will turn on and off a few times, and according to the website.
  • We’ll see you in a few minutes, so we just got a notification that we had a successful update, and now the camera is ready to go.
  • Now enjoy yourself.

Hello, Gopro fun today I’m going to show you how do I update my GoPro Hero 5. Now there are certain situations where sometimes you just have to update the camera manually. Either the cameras can’t boot up anymore, or the update keeps failing.

I have a problem, and according to GoPro technical support, they recommend that I do a reinstall of the firmware manually. So that’s what I’m going to do, and I thought I’d explain that guide. So show you how to do it. In case you have to do it in the future.

Follow Instructions: How To Update GoPro Hero 5

How To Update GoPro Hero

The GoPro software version 3.1 or higher of the GoPro app can let you update your GoPro wirelessly without any hassle. First, make sure that you are having the latest version of the app on your smartphone before you start with the updating process.

  • The First Time, you need to download the GoPro app on your smartphone. You can do it easily using the play store on your Android device. The application size is about 25MB, so you can easily download it to update your GoPro using the cellular network. Now almost solve the problem How to update GoPro hero 5.
  • Another thing that you need to consider is that your GoPro should have at least 2 bars of battery remaining. Otherwise, the wireless GoPro software updating process for getting the latest GoPro update might not occur.
  • Hence, it is advised to plug in your GoPro hero five chargers that you got with the GoPro hero five bundles during the whole update session. Another must thing to do for the update to occur is having your SD card in your GoPro.

Step by Step Gopro Software Update Guide.

  • First of all, make sure your mobile device connects to the internet. It is advised to use a Wi-Fi network with a stable connection for an uninterrupted GoPro GoPro software firmware update session.
  • Enable Wi-Fi hotspot on your GoPro hero 5. Use your LG phone to connect to this network by navigating to the settings of your mobile device.
  • If you are having an old GoPro software version of GoPro, you will also need to enable Bluetooth.
  • Now navigate to the GoPro app that you have installed on your device and open it. Make sure you are having the latest GoPro app installed in order trigger to the GoPro software update session successfully.
  • There you will see the option “Control your GoPro.” Tap on this option.
  • Now select your camera from the menu that appears in front of you.
  • The system will check for an update. If an update for you GoPro hero 5 is available on the server, then you should be asked to update your camera.
  • Now the app will show you the release notes in which the new features added to the GoPro software latest firmware. Along with general improvements and bug fixes will be mentioned.
  • Read the release notes and tap on the continue button in the lower right corner of your device for the GoPro firmware update to commence.
  • Read the disclaimer presented to you and click accept and continue.
  • Now the GoPro app will start the updating process. The GoPro latest firmware will be transferred wirelessly to your GoPro after being downloaded. During the software update process, your camera will display the following message “Transferring Files to your camera.”
  • During the update process, the camera will automatically turn off and again restart several times. You don’t have to worry about it. Some files require the reboot process to get properly installed. Just wait for the camera to turn on again after getting power off.
  • When the camera turns on back, the Wi-Fi would have possibly disconnected. Re-connect the Wi-Fi for the update process to continue.
  • When the camera turns on back, the Wi-Fi would have possibly disconnected. Re-connect the Wi-Fi for the update process to continue.        

By this simple process, you have successfully installed the latest GoPro update on your GoPro camera.

 Fail: How to update GoPro hero 5

If you are, due to any reason, unable to update your GoPro, then you might consider going through the following steps.

How To Update GoPro Hero
  • Make sure the internet connection that you are using is working fine.
  • Turn on the Wi-Fi on your GoPro and connect your smartphone device to the network of your GoPro.
  • Now you need to select your camera from the list of devices you see in the GoPro app.
  • After that, connect to your local Wi-Fi network.
  • Go to your phone’s settings to force stop the GoPro application. Restart it.
  • Now, wait for 5 minutes. Software update files will be download in the background.
  • After 5 minutes, connect once again to your GoPro’s network.
  • Now, go back to the app and select your device. Now you should see the update menu. Proceed with it.


I hope after reading the above article. The question of how to update GoPro hero 5 remains in the past. If you are unable to install the GoPro latest update, go through each step carefully once again. You have any questions about How to update GoPro hero 5 please ask in the comment section.

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