How To Unmount Sd Card: 5 Rich Ideas

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As a smartphone user, I am almost sure you have come across the term Unmount SD Card if you have been using your SD Card to expand the phone’s storage capacity. Before learning how to unmount SD Card, it’s also good to know what the term Unmounting SD Card means.

Unmounting SD Card refers to the act of the phone or computer’s operating system, giving up control of the SD Card. In this state, the SD Card can safely remove from the phone or computer without the risk of causing damage.

Mounting SD Card, on the other hand, would imply that the phone’s or the computer’s operating system can read the SD Card, hence having control of it in terms of reading and writing operations to it. In this state, the SD Card is fully integrated into the device, and it is ready for use.

Types of SD Cards 

There are three major categories of SD Cards. These are the SD, SD High Capacity (SDHCTM), and SD Extended Capacity (SDXCTM). SD capacities range from 128 MB to 2GB and are capable of working in all devices that support SD, SDHC, and SDXC.

How To Unmount Sd Card

SDHC capacities range from 4GB to 32GB. It is also worth noting that SDHC cards are not compatible with all devices. SDXC capacities, on the other hand, range from 64GB to a whopping 2TB.

 When it comes to Android smartphones, the Samsung Evo Select card is way ahead of the rest. It is due to its peculiar qualities such as high speed and reliability, which is almost unquestionable.

This card is available from capacities of 32GB to 512GB. San Disk Ultra has an ability ranging from 8GB to 512GB. Many folks opt for this because it is relatively affordable and has read speeds of up to 100MB/s. Lexar Professional 1000x capacity varies from 32GB to 256GB. It’s isn’t using or storing game data and shooting of 4K videos.

SD Card Mounted.

How to-Unmount SD-Card

Apart from learning how to unmount SD Card, let’s look at what leads us to the “SD Card Mounted” statement. There are several ways you can use to Mount SD Card in different gadgets. The various methods are outlining below.

Mounting SD Cards in Galaxy Phones

How to-Unmount SD-Card

The procedure below is an overview of mounting SD Cards in Galaxy phones, and it may vary depending on the Samsung model.

  • Insert the SD card into its slot in the phone.
  • From home, Screen, go to Apps. Tap on Settings.
  • Tap the three vertical dots that appear.
  • Locate Device Maintenance, then tap on Storage.
  • Tap on Mount SD Card and wait for it to be Mounted. You will see a notification that the SD Card is Mounted. If not, tap Unmount the try tap on Mount SD Card again. If the problem persists, you can attempt to check with another device.

How to Unmount SD Card in Android Phones.

  • Insert the SD card into your Android device.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap on Storage, then proceed to SD Card. 
  • Click Mount SD Card to complete the process.

It is also worth mentioning that you can reformat your SD Card before going ahead to mount it in your device. It will create the space needed for you to transfer files, folders, or even apps to the SD Card.

SD Card Won’t Mount

How to-Unmount SD-Card

Apart from knowing how to unmount SD Card, you might come across a situation where you try mounting the SD Card in your device but to no avail. It means that your device cannot read the SD Card. It could be as a result of some issues such as.

  • The SD Card could have damaging.
  • The process of formatting the SD Card isn’t done correctly.
  • The SD Card could have corrupted.
  • The SD Card could be having a virus. 

How to Go about SD Card won’t Mount Problem

  • Try inserting the card into another device.
  • Connect the SD card to the PC using a Card Reader.

If the two methods don’t work, then the probability that the card has been corrupted or infected is quite high.

SD Card Unexpectedly Removed 

This situation is very frustrating because you can’t forecast its occurrence. It is causing a loose connection between the SD Card and the device. Hence the update SD Card unexpectedly removed. It could have resulted from updating your device to a new android version, or the device might have fallen so badly. You can solve this by.

  • Formatting the SD Card using a computer.
  • Restarting your phone.
  • Clear Caches.
  • Unmount and mount the SD Card.

Galaxy S8 SD Card Slot

If you are using Galaxy S8, then you should know where the SD Card slot is so that knowing how to unmount SD Card would be beneficial to you. The Galaxy S8 SD Card slot is at the top of the device. You will need to insert an Ejection tool into a tiny circular aperture at the top which would then eject a tray having both SIM and SD Cards slots.

Galaxy S8 SD Card Capacity

Galaxy S8 can have its internal Storage expanded by an SD Card to a capacity of up to 256GB by inserting an SD Card. That should be quite enough to create sufficient space for the effective running of the phone.

Galaxy S8 Micro SD 

In spite of having to learn how to unmount SD Card, it’s also wise having an idea of the best Micro SD Cards to use in Galaxy S8 depending on the purpose you want to use them. For example.

how to unmount SD Card
  • If you wish to SD Cards with the highest reading speeds, then you should consider SandiskExtreme Pro, Sandisk Extreme and Sandisk Extreme Plus.
  • If you want to SD Cards with high writing speeds, then you should find Sandisk ExtremePro, Samsung Pro+, and Samsung Pro Select.

Having looked at that, let’s see how to unmount SD Card. Follow the steps outlined below.

  • On your Home Screen, go to Apps then go to Settings.
  • Go to device maintenance.
  • Proceed to Storage.
  • Tap the three vertical dots and go to Storage settings.
  • Tap SD Card and select Unmount.


In conclusion, you are now familiar with how to unmount SD Card from your device. In case you encounter challenges in methods failing to read the SD Card, you could refer back to the discussion in this article and rectify the issues. 

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