Unlock The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Room In Subnautica: A Step-By-Step Guide

Are you playing Subnautica and trying to figure out how to unlock the multipurpose room? Look no further! The multipurpose room is a great addition to your base as it can be used for a variety of purposes. It’s not only a place to store items but can also be used as a living space or even an aquarium. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps on how to unlock the multipurpose room in Subnautica.

So, grab your diving gear and let’s get started!

Exact Steps on How to Unlock the Multipurpose Room in Subnautica: A Comprehensive Guide

how to unlock multipurpose room subnautica

Subnautica is an immersive open-world game that allows players to explore vast underwater environments on an alien planet. Throughout the game, players will come across a variety of structures and buildings that will aid their quest in staying alive. One such structure is the Multipurpose Room, which is an essential component for building a functional base.

In this article, we will discuss how to unlock the Multipurpose Room, and how to use it to build a base that can support the player’s needs.

To unlock the Multipurpose Room, players must first unlock the Habitat Builder tool. The Habitat Builder is an essential tool that players will use to construct their base.

It can be found in the Aurora wreckage, which is situated in the middle of the ocean. The wreckage is filled with dangerous creatures and other hazards, so players must be careful.

Once players obtain the Habitat Builder tool, they can start building their base.

To build the Multipurpose Room, players will need to gather resources. The necessary resources include two Titanium and four Limestone. Titanium can be found in metal salvage, which is scattered throughout the ocean floor.

Limestone can be found in small, white rocks scattered throughout the environment. Players can use the Scanner tool to locate these resources.

After gathering the necessary resources, players can start building the Multipurpose Room.

To do this, players need to select the Habitat Builder tool and select the Multipurpose Room from the build menu. Players must place the Multipurpose Room on a flat surface; otherwise, the structure will not be stable.

Once the Multipurpose Room is built, players can use it to create a functional base.

The Multipurpose Room can be connected to other rooms with corridors to create a larger base. Players can also add windows, doors, and other structures to customize their base. The Multipurpose Room can be used as a hub for the base, allowing players to move from room to room without having to leave the main structure.

One of the most significant advantages of using the Multipurpose Room is that it provides plenty of space for building various structures. Players can use the room to create storage areas, workstations, and living spaces. The room is also large enough to accommodate vehicles such as the Seamoth and the Cyclops.

This makes it an ideal location for players to park their vehicles and work on upgrades.

Another benefit of the Multipurpose Room is that it provides a stable environment for the player’s character. The room is airtight and pressurized, which means that players can stay inside without having to worry about the environment outside.

This is particularly important in areas where the pressure and temperature are harmful to the player’s character. The Multipurpose Room provides a safe environment in which players can rest, recharge their resources, and plan their next move.

In conclusion, the Multipurpose Room is an essential structure for players looking to build a functional base in Subnautica.

To unlock it, players must obtain the Habitat Builder tool and gather the necessary resources. Once built, the room can be used as a hub for the base, providing space for storage, workstations, and vehicles. The Multipurpose Room also provides a stable environment for the player’s character, making it an ideal location to rest and plan their next move.

How do you unlock the Multipurpose Room in Subnautica?

How do you unlock the Multipurpose Room in Subnautica?

The Multipurpose Room is a valuable station in Subnautica that players can use to store resources, build equipment, and even grow food. However, players must first unlock the blueprint before they can construct it. The Multipurpose Room is essential because it provides a lot of space for players to place other important equipment like Fabricators, Power Cell Chargers, and Water Filtration Machines in the same room.

Players need to first venture deeper into the ocean and explore further until they find an area called the Floating Island, which is located to the northeast of the Aurora. Once on the island, players should explore and search for the Abandoned Seabase at the highest point of the island. Inside the base, players will find the Multipurpose Room blueprint scanning device located near the scattered beds.

After locating and scanning the blueprint for the Multipurpose Room, players can build it with the right resources. To construct this room, players usually require three Titanium Ingots and two Hull Reinforcements.

Whether the player wants to construct a better base or make room for additional equipment, unlocking the Multipurpose Room is essential.

Fortunately, finding and unlocking the blueprint is quite simple and straightforward for players willing to venture deeper into the vast ocean world of Subnautica. Players should unlock the Multipurpose Room to get extra space in their underwater base and create a more extensive and efficient base for all their operations and equipment that they need to survive in the game.


Subnautica provides a vast underwater exploration experience, and unlocking a multipurpose room can prove to be a significant boon during exploration. To unlock a multipurpose room, gather blueprint fragments by searching wrecks and scanning everything you come across. Once you have all the required fragments, head back to your base and craft the room at the habitat builder station.

With enough storage and ample living space, a multipurpose room can help you streamline your Subnautica gameplay.

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