How To Turn Off Discord Overlay:5 Awesome Tips
How to turn off discord overlay

How To Turn Off Discord Overlay:5 Awesome Tips

Method 4: Move the Overlay

In some cases, the sole issue is the location of the overlay. Since you’ll move the overlay around, it’d are the case that you accidentally affected the overlay off the screen. If you’ve got tried everything and zilch has worked, then the foremost doubtless fact is that everything is functioning however you can’t see the overlay attributable to its location.

How to turn off discord overlay

So, the sole resolution here is to relocate the overlay by following the steps given below.

  1. Close the sport and open Discord.
  2. Press and Hold CTRL, SHIFT, and that I key (CTRL + SHIFT + I) whereas you’re within the Discord shift. This could open a JavaScript console on the correct facet.
  3. Click on the >> arrow icon within the prime right corner of the JavaScript console.
  4. Select Application from the fresh created list.
  5. Double click native Storage from the clean designed left panel (or click the arrow beside the native Storage).
  6. You should be able to see a newly created entry underneath the native Storage. This new entry ought to be known as discord app. Click it.
  7. Right-click on Overlay Store (or OverlayStoreV2). It’s within the middle of the Keys column.
  8. Select Delete, Now reboot the Discord.

Launch game. The overlay should be back to its default location, and you will be able to move it again.

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