How to Track Internet History on Cell Phone: 3 Best Tips

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Internet histories on Google’s internet search history details are among the most visited things ever because parents are worried about kids visiting illegal sites or unethical sites.

What are they seeking innappropriate websites? What are they spending time on for unacceptable sites? Also, the company’s employers that are afraid and have to see what is they surf the whole day are they download movies? Usually, parents want to know about how to track internet history on cell phone history.

Watch Out Your Kids

Are they using social media or what? We have all the right to check the android internet history, what is they do, and what is using the Internet to search if it works or something else.

How to track internet history on cell phone

Kids are these days spend every time on the phone, and millions of parents want to know internet searches history on a cell phone. They spend time on the phone only and work, and not do anything else.

Need app to track internet history Kids have to be watched for what they are searching for/out the Tracking Internet History. On the other hand, lots of bosses want to be checked thoroughly and mobile browsing history.

Reasons: How to Track Internet History on Cell Phone

How to Track Internet History on Cell Phone

Nowadays, these android internet history tracing is a thing we should all know how to do it. When it comes to parents that they see what kids are doing on the Internet, it’s not about breaching the privacy kids do deserve. But it’s about the Internet that it’s not safe to phone without an internet browser place to be there for a longer time.

 Every website has ads on it, and people are searching for different things. Even if you click the ad, you will go to some inappropriate websites which you don’t want kids to see inappopriate content.

Of course, in this era where the rape cases number is getting higher and especially when there are schools educating kids of different adult things.

Also when the kids are young, and they better learn how to track internet history on cell phone think that they know everything and can do everything in their teenager’s parents have to take care about the kid’s education.

See what is doing, and a question arises can you track a prepaid phone and monitoring. What they are searching for /out. Social media websites have many inappropriate things that kids are seeking these days. There are electronic devices available on the market for parents to see and enable and see things that their kids are watching on the Internet.

Learn How to Track Internet History on Cell Phone

There are a few methods that we can see what your kids are doing and waiting when you aren’t with them. The same thing goes with employees, you need to check your employees, especially when they pass on deadlines and they don’t bother to work on time. See what the thing they are surfing on the Internet is.


When it comes to tracking history, both parents, employers, and wives have some serious concerns and no control at all on the individuals. Not because they are searching for the out Internet.

But because the bait clicks ads on, they can get things on its graphics and adult elements. You don’t want your kids and husbands to see, and you need to think you can track a prepaid phone watch it. So we have written a handful of methods to trace the internet histories of the cellphone.

Methods to Track Internet History on Cell Phone

How to Track Internet History on Cell Phone

Use a Cellphone Monitoring App. This parental controls software is a perfect solution for seeing what your kid is watching. This app lets you know what your kids or smartphone users are watching without even touching the phone. Isn’t it amazing?

You can also download this history tracking software and browser history tracking it for your employees or family. Viewing web activity what they are doing and see how they are doing and surfing all those working hours of the company’s smartphones.

Google Web History or My Google Search History.

Every day billions of people search on Google web. There is no end of searching from a desktop or smartphone. Thousands of websites, images, videos, we try to find on the Google web. Our all kinds of search activates Google saved in their storage. It’s called my google search history. We can easily view search history if anyone wants.

How to Track Internet History on Cell Phone

All types of searches can be found by going to my google search history. In this situation, you need to log in with your Google account. Then go to My Activity. Here you can explore what kind of search you’ve done in the Google Chrome console. It will also show up here. How many apps are available on Android devices.

Let’s see and watch how to track internet history with cell phone monitoring app

These apps work completely fine with Android and iPhone. Great with all smartphones and works excellent with all these devices. To learn how to track internet history on the cell phone.

You will need to see the perfect application to work for you, and nothing is better than XNSPY. It’s one of the most fantastic apps that let you monitor every messages and browser history and everything your kids are watching.

XNSPY track phone history isn’t available at the Play Store or App Store. You will have to manually download this onto your device to see how it’s working correctly and save all the browsing history and let you know how you can watch what others are doing.

  • Make sure that it only works on Android and iOS target phone. You are accessing tracked Internet history.
  • Once you have the app downloaded on mobile devices, here is how you can do it manually to start it working.
  • All Internet can be accessed through the XNSY control panel, and you can browse the browser-based control panel. So no need to install installation process hassle.

Steps to Learn How to Track Internet History on Cell Phone

How to Track Internet History on Cell Phone

Step 01.

Visit the Cp spyware monitoring application, enter the login details credentials, and explore the XNSPY Dashboard.

Step 02.

From the user-friendly Xnspy menu to your left corner. Choose the “Phone Log” for outgoing calls or incoming calls with detailed phone calls. Now start choosing the “internet history” or search history as a drop-down Option For Tracking.

Step 03.

From there, you cannot track the phone history of the target device list and history but also the pages they have bookmarked. Cp xnspy web history tracker has a unique analysis log where you can see a list of websites that they have been working on and understanding from the last time. This way, you can track the internet history that they have been surfing on or user activity.

We hope this post has helped you with how you can see the history of the phone without touching the target cell phone and see if it’s working. If you are looking to see internet histories and learn how to watch internet history, it is designed with all the necessary control features.


The best possible ways to do it have/had been written above for better quality of the things. You will be required to follow the words to make it best for you! How to track internet history on a cell phone Watching history has never been comfortable for you.

Nor can it be better in any way, but few steps can make it done quickly and get the best possible ideas written for you!

Suppose you have any questions about how to track internet history on cell phones—Fell free problem in the comment section.

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