How To Sync Arlo Camera

Get to know the procedure to know, how to sync Arlo camera the information below applies toVMB3000, VMB3500, VMB4000, VMB4500, VMC3030. The directions below for how to sync Arlo camera will work on setting Arlo Wire-Free cameras for both Arlo Pro Base stations and Arlo Base stations.

So, if you are having one of them, find out how to sync it with your camera. The features of Arlo Pro base station, i.e., the siren and USB local backup storage option can be accessible if we sync Arlo Wire-Free cameras with Arlo Pro base station. Let’s start to know all the information step by step.

Setting Up How To Sync Arlo Camera Wire-Free Cameras. 

How To Sync Arlo Camera

First, we have to unlock the battery section. Slide and hold the latch!

  • Once you unlock the battery, sliding the battery door back and lifting will open the battery section.
  • Put the batteries inside and keep the battery cover at its place again. Keep it where it was placed for you!.

Keep the camera within 1 to 3 feet distance of the base station, which is around 30 to 100 cm. It is essential because if it is too far, it will not get connected with the station.

Then, how to sync Arlo camera the Arlo camera should be synchronized with the base station. To do this, you have to follow the steps written below. Read it carefully and do it as it is defined for you. We have others session about How To Hide A Trail Cam For Home Security, How To Block Neighbor’s Security Camera, How To Reset Amcrest Camera, How To Update GoPro Hero 5.

So, press the sync button for a few seconds only. It should not increase more than two or three (2-3) seconds. This button is located on one of the two sides of the base station if you use the Arlo base station.

Reminder: You will stop the sync process of the Arlo camera if the LED under USB symbol shuts on and off amber. It happens because of pressing the sync button for more time than mentioned. This flashing on and off will continue for 10 minutes. It happens because you have pressed the button for too long. Wait until it becomes the same as it was before.

In case, you use an Arlo Pro base station; you have to press the button for two seconds only.

The sync position LED will turn flashing green. The green light will shut on and off just like a blinking light.

Then again, press the button (Sync) on camera for two seconds. After pushing for two seconds, leave the button, so it stays in its right place.

Reminder: One camera must be sync at a time. You should not try to sync all the cameras together. It will not work.

 You will see a blue LED blinking continuously, which is the confirmation of sync.

You will have to do the procedure again in case the LED on the camera blinks amber. It means that sync is not done successfully.

Take a look at the camera LED on the base station. Observe the lighting.

The procedure of sync is done if the camera LED on the base station becomes solid green. It means you have done it correctly.

Follow these instructions for each camera again. It is how to sync Arlo camera step by step.

Keep In Mind: How to sync Arlo Camera

Tap the sync button on the base station again if the procedure of syncing not completed in one minute. So, in this way, repeat the steps and sync the Arlo camera with a base station.

How to sync Arlo camera

If you are aware of Arlo Wire-free Cameras, Arlo Pro Wire-Free HD Security camera is also wire-free and has everything. You are looking to have to get the perfect cinematic shoots and perfect it has the ideal HD Videos systems.

Get you the ideal shoots of HD screens and get the ideal pixels shoots. Weatherproof, night vision clarity, and amazing new features that you are looking to secure your home and workplace.

Rechargeable Batteries  Arlo Battery Life

How to sync Arlo Camera

Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera comes with recharging batteries. You need to charge the batteries and fit into it. Use the cameras properly. You can quickly charge the battery whenever you need not like the disposable one that you need to spend money on.

Also, they are not worthy enough to use them. The cells of recharging abilities are safe to use whenever you need them. You should always charge them indoors. If you don’t want to take your Arlo apron Wire-Free Cameras down while they charge.

Arlo Charging station that should be bought separately can charge your camera in two spare batteries. You can easily change batteries out when they are fully charged so this way you can be safe and protect your home and workplace round the clock with no worries at all.

Go Wired or Without Wired.

How to sync Arlo Camera

Arlo Pro has covered you in both options if you are looking to go wire or if you want to wire-free all depends on you. You can wire them and keep the batteries charged every time according to your preferences. Or you can unplug them unwired them and charge them when needed. It’s quite simple and easy to use.

You need to use different adapter sync Arlo camera and Power Adapter cable separately buy them to use them correctly as the one that comes with it isn’t weatherproof.

Microphone And Speaker. 

Arlo pro-Wire-Free Cameras have both speakers and Microphone that keeps you aware of what’s going on and make you listen to that too it has also had the mic if you are looking to hear something clearly and a speaker that you can use to say anything within your staff or family members whenever it’s needed.


So this is all that you need to know about Arlo Pro Wire-Free Cameras usage for security purposes, and different purposes all depends on your preferences. If you have any confusion about How To Sync Arlo Camera please ask in the comment section.


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