How to Stream Nintendo Switch: 4 Important Facts

Elgato HD60 S, External Capture Card, Stream and Record in 1080p60...
  • 1080p60 Capture: share your gameplay in superb viewing quality.
  • True Passthrough: play your console games with zero lag.
  • Instant Gameview: power your workflow with ultra-low-latency technology.
  • Unlimited Capture: record hours of footage directly to your hard drive.

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In this guide, we’re going to explain how to stream Nintendo switch for more videos on setting up and improving your live stream. We get too excited; there’s one thing that I need to make clear there’s currently no way to stream directly from your games consoles to Twitch or YouTube.

 So today, we’re going to look at how to set up and stream your switch content using a PC and an Elgato game capture hd60. Let me say that this setup can be relatively inexpensive. I hope to show you very easy to setup the bonus with this up is it will allow you to stream.

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What is A Video Capture Card?

how to stream nintendo switch
Elgato HD60 S, External Capture Card, Stream and Record in 1080p60...
  • 1080p60 Capture: share your gameplay in superb viewing quality.
  • True Passthrough: play your console games with zero lag.
  • Instant Gameview: power your workflow with ultra-low-latency technology.
  • Unlimited Capture: record hours of footage directly to your hard drive.

Last update on 2023-06-02 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

You are probably asking what is a capture card is. This card is synced between your console and your PC. Acts as a data receiver for your PC when your switch is on and running a game. The card will capture the video output from your console. And make it an available media source for your PC.

Now there are several brands and styles of HD capture cards available in the market. Some of the more popular brands include Elgato HD60 for windows laptops and Elgato Game Capture 4K60 Pro for desktop windows, HD60 S+ for MAc. Almost all of these achieve the same outcome, so make sure you do your research and buy around.

You’re going to need an HD capture card, and you’re probably going to be getting the Elgato HD60 Capture card. It’s the best one on the market for exactly what you want to do. Elgato has pretty much cornered the market on streaming equipment.


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So if you want to start getting into streaming, you’re going to end up with some of their products. I’m going to be showing how to setup Elgato hd60 S. what I use to stream, so stay tuned for that.

I’ve been using the original HD60 S for years now, and it’s done its job very. If you guys are thinking about getting a card capture now that the HD60 S is out, definitely go for the Elgato hd60. The Elgato hd60 S is way faster than the previous version.

It’s a USB three-pointer that allows for much lower leniency. They call it the Instant game footage, which means what’s happening on your TV will match up with what’s happening on your computer.

The Elgato HD60 S can record at a full 1080p, 60 frames per second. Which is the highest possible frame rate in resolution than a Nintendo Switch can do?

Elgato game capture hd60 is an important element of how to stream Nintendo Switch questions.

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Step By Step Instructions How To Stream Nintendo Switch with Capture Card

How to Stream Nintendo Switch
  • Elgato game capture hd60 for Stream Nintendo Switch.
  • Compatible PC. I mean, even a laptop will suffice. You don’t need the flashiest graphics card or overclocked CPUs. Reasonable and reliable should do the trick.
  • Next, you are going to need a broadcaster application. Now I recommend OBS studios or streamlabs OBS.
  • You’re going to need a dockable Nintendo switch. So, unfortunately, Nintendo Switch Lite won’t work in this instance.
  • Stable internet connection.
  • Power source.
  • Twitch account or YouTube account. If you don’t have a twitch app or YouTube account already over to twitch TV or YouTube, .sign yourself up now if
  • set up obs studios or streamlabs obs studio.
  • Right now, we’re going to connecting and adding your Elgato game capture hd60. First, we’ll need to make sure we’ve downloaded and installed the relevant Game Capture drivers and software provided by your card capture manufacturer.
  • Nintendo switch dock connects one HDMI cable into the HDMI out port, and the other end of this cable plugs into the card capture import.
  • Using a second HDMI cable, connect one end to your card capture outport and then take the other part to plug on your TV or monitor.
  • If you have an external card capture, connect it to your PC with the included USB cable.
  • Check the connection of your card capture. Go to your device manager menu in your Windows settings menu. Go to sound video and game controllers, where you should find your card capture. You want to make sure that your card is enabled, disable, and re-enable the card device manager menu.
  • Suppose you are connecting any other console to your card capture. You will need to make sure that you disable the HDCP settings in your console system settings.
  • Now doc your switch and open up your streamlabs obs studio application. You can start by creating a new scene for your Nintendo switch gameplay.
  • Next, let’s find your card by adding a video capture instrument to your source list.
  • Select your card from the device dropdown menu, adjust the volume of your card capture.
  •  In the audio mixer window or right-click anywhere within the audio mixer. Window to open your advanced audio settings. The sound from your card will make up part of your desktop audio. If you are streaming a PC game, Click the Audio Monitoring dropdown menu set your capture card audio to monitor only.
  • If you have a webcam or are already set up in another scene, you can copy and paste these sources into your switch gameplay scene. Alternatively, streamlabs obs studio should have these listed as existing sources if you add these sources again. Once you’re ready, hit the start streaming button in the bottom right-hand corner of your streamlabs OBS window. There now broadcasting your game’s consoles on Twitch or youtube.
  • Now Solve how to stream Nintendo switch with card problems.

How to Stream Nintendo Switch to Pc without Capture Card

How to Stream Nintendo Switch to Pc without Capture Card

Streaming your Nintendo Switch gameplay to a computer is possible without any additional hardware or capture card. Now we explain how to stream Switch without a card. Try to solve the problem of how to stream the Nintendo switch to pc without a card, and we need some software.

Check my step by step easy instructions on how to stream Nintendo switch to pc without a Capture card.

  • You need a hackable Nintendo Switch with any CFW to run this project or custom firmware with Switch.
  • We need to run games that support video capture. So take note of this one. If you want to stream any games you like, use a hardware capture instrument like Elgato or something else. This is optional, but you can use a USB c cable for streaming without connecting the console to the home network.
  • Download the latest version of SysDVR.  If you plan to stream only with a USB cable, you can only download the USB version. If you plan to use the RTSP connection, you don’t have to download the Client.
  • Power off Switch, remove the SD card and insert it into your PC.

But anyway, I will show you all of the methods, And for better understanding, you might want to read the official guide on their wiki.

  • Now check your computer if you have a 64 bit or a 32 bit Operating System by opening the about your PC menu. After knowing a little bit about your OS, you need to download either the 32 bit or the 64 bit .Net  3.1 Runtime.
  • Download the latest version of Zadig.

As for this guide, I am using an MPV media player for streaming purposes. However, you can use other media players, such as OBS or VLC, but not covered in this guide.

  • Download MPV. Follow this guide. Click the Installation button on the top of the MPV website. Then click the Windows link again, choose 32 bit or 64-bit version. Then download the latest version that sits at the top of the List.
  • Download WinRAR or 7zip to extract files from the archive.

Now let’s begin installing and set-up the SYSDVR and stream the Nintendo switch without Capture Card.

  • First, install the .Net Core runtime. To install the Net core runtime.
  • Assuming that you already have WinRAR or 7zip, select the SYSDVR and MPV archive and press the right mouse button. Then extract them into separate folders.
  • Now, you need to open the console’s micro SD card.
  • Open the SysDVR folder and copy atmosphere, config, switch file, and copy all its content into the SD card.
  • Reinsert the micro SD card into the Nintendo Switch console. And boot your custom firmware.
  • Now open the album and run SYSDVR Settings. You can see several options inside the app. For the first one, let’s try to stream the game using a USB connection.
  • Get a USB cable, and connect your console to your computer.
  • Open Zadig software.
  • Then select Stream over USB. If you have connected your console to the computer through a USB cable properly, Zadig will detect it as a SysDVR device. But If you don’t see it, then try opening the Options tab and choose List all devices, and you should see it. If you still couldn’t find it, you may need to check the USB connection, or you haven’t set the SYSDVR as USB.
  • Select the SYSDVR as Video, and Install WinUSB driver for it.
  • Now select SYSDVR as Audio and again install WinUSB driver for it.
  • And you can close Zadig.
  • Open the SYSDVR Client folder. Then run the SYSDVR Client GUI. Since we are going to stream using USB, then click USB as a stream source.
  • Now, we will set the MPV path. Click the three dots button, then navigate to the MPV folder and choose MPV.COM.
  • Then click Launch.
  • Back to your console, press the Home button to exit the SYSDVR settings, then run the game.
  • If everything is fine, then you will see your console’s screen on your computer.
  • Now the job is done on how to stream the Nintendo switch to pc without a capture card.
  • Don’t be surprised if it lags a little bit. It is normal. At least you can stream the gameplay to your computer.

The next section is to stream using the TCP bridge method to stream Switch without a capture card. Let’s continue.

  • If you want to stream using TCP Bridge, then you need to connect your console to your home network.
  • Press the Y button inside the Homebrew menu to find out your console’s IP address. Then go back, and reopen the SYSDVR Settings On the main menu.
  • Select Stream over TCP Bridge.
  • Open the SYSDVR Client GUI.
  • Now select TCP Bridge, then type in your console’s IP address. Again, you need to set the path to the MPV application.
  • Then click Launch
  • Get back to the Home screen and run the game, And you should see the game on your computer screen.

The last method is to stream the Nintendo switch using the RTSP connection. So let’s get going

  • This method is slightly the same as the TCP Bridge connection, but we don’t need to use the SYSDVR Client. Again, you must know your console’s IP address by connecting it to the home network.
  • Then go back, and reopen the SYSDVR Settings.
  • Select Stream over RTSP.
  • Now open the MPV folder.
  • Type in CMD on the address bar, And on the command prompt window, type this make sure you input your console’s IP address.
  • Then press Enter.
  • Back to your console, now press the home button, and run the game.
  • And again, you should be able to see your game on your computer screen.

Connect Capture Card To Your PC

How To Stream Nintendo Switch

Now connect the Elgato to your PC via a USB cable. It will help streamers monitoring your gameplay and control the streaming software installed on your pc, but the gameplay that shows on the pc screen might slightly delay. The capture card is impotent for How To Stream Nintendo Switch.

The HDMI cable that connects the capture card to your pc will offer lag-free gameplay without any delay. You can download the capture software for Elgato through this capture software.

If your pc has reasonable specs, that’s fine, but you need to have a stable internet connection for the stream to run smoothly. Use a wired connection if possible.

How to Stream Switch on Twitch

How to Stream Switch on Twitch

Hey Techrusty lovers, in this article, I will show you how to stream Switch on Twitch. First, I’m going to walk you through the hardware setup. What I have going on here, and then I’ll explain to you the exact settings and configuration you need to set up inside the open broadcaster software. That’s what syncs up and connects with the Twitch streaming service.

How to Stream Switch on Twitch that you need to create a free account at Twitch. Tv to get things started. Let’s go start how to stream on Twitch with the Nintendo switch.

  • So first off, you have to need a PC or MacBook.
  • Install Open Broadcaster Software. It allows you to capture the video from the Nintendo Switch into your MacBook is my HDMI to USB converter.
  • High-quality HD TV or Monitor.
  • HDMI in port and a USB 3 Cables. The connection that I could go into I also used a USB-3 to USB-C Thunderbolt adapter because my MacBook has a USB Thunderbolt, not USB-3.
  • The HDMI to USB converter also has an HDMI output.
  • We’re using the HDMI output of the converter to go into the HDMI input of this monitor. So, as you’re playing, you could have a nice full-screen view of your gameplay without your face overlay locally.
  • Now at the settings that you need to put into the open broadcaster software. In the Open Broadcaster Software, we will add all of the video and audio sources to the scene. We’re going to use to stream on Twitch.
  • Press the plus button in the sources window, then select the video switch capture card.
  • The first one that I’m adding is the HDMI-U3 capture box. Rename anything and press OK.
  • On the property screen, I select the HDMI to USB capture box. The hardware is sometimes detected as HDMI-U3 and sometimes TC-USB60 PRO. Change the preset resolution to the high setting.
  • Press OK.
  • Next, add another video capture device switch.
  • Now I will be the FaceTime camera on my MacBook that I will use for the talking head overlay. Select the high-resolution setting for the FaceTime camera.
  • Then, press know, the FaceTime camera is overlaid on top of the Nintendo switch video. I can resize it a bit smaller and drag it to the exact location where I want it to be.
  • Next, I need to add my audio input sources. Press that plus button again but this time, select audio input capture. I want to capture the audio from the Nintendo switch. The HDMI-U3 capture box supports digital audio through the HDMI input after I press OK.
  •  I’m going to lower the audio input level a bit. So the video game audio does not come down to my voice when I stream.
  • Next, I will add the USB microphone that I will use to capture my voice commentary. I’m using a Blue Snowball mic. Now, both audio inputs appear in the audio mixer.
  • Last, I’m going into the settings screen to add my Twitch streaming key. Select stream from the settings screen, then set the service to Twitch. Leave the server set to auto and paste the stream key from your Twitch creator dashboard. This is where you copy your stream key from.
  • On Twitch, select creator dashboard, then preferences, press the copy button and paste it into the OBS software.
  • When done, press OK. When you are ready to start streaming, you press the start streaming button in the Open Broadcaster Software.
  • We’re using the Nintendo Switch for the demonstration and taking the HDMI output of the Switch running it through HDMI to the USB capture device. I have that hooked up to my MacBook. My MacBook is running Open Broadcaster Software, and the Open Broadcaster Software is hooked up / connected to Twitch for screaming.
  • You can use the same Open Broadcaster Software and connect your stream key to those other services. HDMI to USB converter (product code HDMI-3) works perfectly for this. That HDMI loop output lets you look at a local screen for your local gameplay and capture a 1080p video on your MacBook or use a Windows PC.

Common Issues With OBS

How To Stream Nintendo Switch

OBS won’t capture the game, and Sometimes it happens that streamers are just about to start a live streaming session on OBS, but all you get is a black screen. Well, the common issue of stream labs obs not capturing game can quickly fix. The following are two simple fixes to get this issue fixed.

  • The first thing that might look too simple but is exceedingly useful is running OBS with administrator rights. For this, right-click on OBS and click “Run as administrator.”
  • Another fix you can apply is running the program in compatibility mode. For this, open the properties of OBS and under the compatibility tab, check the option “Run this program in compatibility mode for.” Now choose the operating system you want it to be compatible with this.

OBS Desktop Audio Not Working

How To Stream Nintendo Switch

Sometimes, a steam streaming microphone(mic) in the device manager causes this issue. If you have this problem, follow this simple fix to get things fixed:

  • Go to sound settings.
  • Now disable the “Steam Streaming Microphone.”
  • after that, right-click on properties.
  • Click properties inside the Controller information.
  • There will be a button stating Change Settings. Click it.
  • Go to the Driver tab and click on Uninstall Device.

It should fix the OBS desktop audio not working issue on your computer.


After reading this article, I hope the question of how to stream the Nintendo switch remains in the past. And you might have understood the solutions to the common problems like OBS won’t capture game and OBS desktop audio not working.

Elgato is an excellent capture card available at a reasonable price online store at Amazon and Best Buy. There might be several other cards, but the most suitable and recommended one is the Elgato HD60. Further, you can buy used switch games from Amazon as well.

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