How To Stop Skype From Lowering Volume Of Windows 10
how to stop skype from lowering volume

How to Stop Skype from Lowering Volume of Windows 10

Guide Step by Step Fix: Skype Lowers Volume Windows 10

As you identified the issue, it is time to get into the thing now and find the right aspect that lies behind everything. Moreover, this thing is very much present in the case of Windows 10, and hence, the solution here is need about how to stop skype from lowering volume windows 10.

But before finding a solution, the problem has to be identified at the beginning, and that can be done well when you are going for the right aid. The problem lies in the communication sound setting. Windows 10 has a default setting to lower the volume, and for that, the volume setting keeps in a mode where volume mixer keeps changing and that is the reason why your microphone sound is not taken back after the call is over.

This creates different issues for you where discord lowers game volume, and at times Skype volume too loud or even cases can be seen where Skype muting other sounds. But the thing can be fixed and hence it is time to know the remedy to the fact that Skype lowers volume windows 10.

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