How To Stop Skype From Lowering Volume Of Windows 10
how to stop skype from lowering volume

How to Stop Skype from Lowering Volume of Windows 10

Skype Notification Sound Not Working On Android

How to Stop Skype from Lowering Volume of Windows 10
  • Go to android smartphone settings.
  • Click on the application manager.
  • Find out skype application and tap skype apps.
  • Scroll down and find out Manage Notification.
  • If disable, allow notification option; just let the notification.
  • Again open skype apps.
  • Open skype profile icon.
  • Go to profile settings.
  • Click notification.
  • If disable notification sounds, enable notification sounds.
  • All of the notification available there, manage it as your choice.

Skype notification sound not working on android. Even though the notification sound is enabled, then let us see how to fix this issue. Now suppose if you are not receiving notification sound from a skype.

Suppose you are not able to receive the sky notification sound, then what you do? Now I am explained step by step guide in this article.

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