How To Stop Skype From Lowering Volume Of Windows 10
how to stop skype from lowering volume

How to Stop Skype from Lowering Volume of Windows 10

Lowering the sound of your system after a call on Skype makes you ask the question – how to stop Skype from Lowering volume?

Skype and other video or audio calling apps are greatly influencing while you go through the audio settings. In some instances like that of using discord, you at times put the voice in the calls on the audio files, but you will find that discord volume too low at the time, you receive the calls from Skype and even from other calling agents like that of Google Hangouts, ooVoo, WhatsApp, Viber, and anything.

Now, this is an annoying factor, and you need to get things out of the way. Hence you need a solution regarding how to stop Skype from lowering volume. The fact is very much annoying for sure, but this is not any fault and is an entirely natural thing. Hence you need to get the right thing regarding the same and also note the time when the audio sound diminishes.

To get the details and find a way out of the situation where Skype lowers volume, here is a complete guideline of the same.

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