How To Reset Amcrest Camera: Easy 4 Step Guide

How To Reset Amcrest Camera: Easy 4 Step Guide

If you own an Amcrest camera, you might be the author of the question of How to reset Amcrest camera at some point during your journey with Amcrest. In this article, I have covered the answer of various terms that are often googled by Amcrest users, including Amcrest hard reset, Amcrest factory reset, Amcrest remote access, and Amcrest troubleshooting.

There might be a problem with your Amcrest camera due to which you want to reset it. Whatever the question is, if you are looking for troubleshooting your Amcrest, you have come to the right place.

The reset processes are simple and easy for you to understand to How to reset Amcrest camera factory reset your Amcrest camera. Two methods can be utilized to reset your Amcrest camera. I have mentioned both of them in this article for you so that if the first one fails, you should head on to the second one. 

But if the problem persists even after performing a hard reset on your Amcrest, you can get it checked or buy another camera. Several reputable companies provide HD quality cameras which you can buy at regular costs.

I will be mentioning some of them at this moment: Hikvision, Swann, Lorex, Uniden, Logitech, Netgear, Vivitek, Axis Communications, Defender, Annke, Netatmo, Nest, and Foscam. we have another topic How To Block Neighbor’s Security Camera.

Above How to reset Amcrest camera are some popular brands to buy a quality camera. Talking about the solution of your Amcrest camera, the following are two methods that you can follow to get an answer to your question on how to reset Amcrest camera.

How to Reset Amcrest Camera: Factory Reset Using Web UI

Reset Amcrest Camera

Through this method, you can easily factory reset your Amcrest camera. Keep in mind that this method will not reset your configured password to the default password on your Amcrest. To reset the password, you need to perform a hard reset of your device. If you want that, head over to the next solution mentioned in this article. Otherwise, follow the following steps.

  1. First of all, you have to need to log into the Web UI for your Amcrest device. You can access by downloading the IP Config software from the web. After the downloading and installation, open it and locate the IP address of your device and copy it.
  2. Enter this IP address into Internet Explorer. This will load the Web UI for your device.  
  3. Enter this IP address into Internet Explorer or Google chrome. This will load the Web UI for your device.

The Amcrest default password is admin, and the username is also admin. If you already use Web UI for your device and have forgotten your password, there is a “forgot password” button available. Through this code, you will get an Amcrest super password which you can use later on to reset your password.if you want to know How To Sync Arlo Camera read our blog.

Reset Amcrest Camera
  1. Once logged into the Web UI, go to Setup.
  2. Now click on the System button in front of you.
  3. After that, open the Default Settings.
  4. Here you will get an option stating “Restore to default settings.”
  5. Click on this button to get back to the default settings. A confirmation dialogue will appear once you press this button. Give your consent and wait for a few seconds.
  6. Log out of the Web UI and log back in again. Your System should reset to its default settings.     

Hard Resetting Amcrest Camera or How to reset Amcrest camera

A hard reset of your Amcrest camera will get it back to its original state by removing all the data stored on your device. It will restore the System to the innovative software of the device with the default factory settings. This will also reset your password to the Amcrest default password which is admin.

how to reset Amcrest camera

Before performing this reset method. you should complete the factory reset using the Web User Interface. It is expected to solve most of the problems you are facing with your Amcrest camera. This method can be useful if you cannot physically access your camera. Because the hard reset method requires you to have physical access to your How to reset Amcrest camera

If you have planned to perform a hard reset of your Amcrest camera, then locate the external factory reset button at the backside of your Amcrest camera. An LED will light the button.

This button resets the Amcrest camera back to its original factory defaults. Be careful with this button in standard scenarios when you don’t want to reset your camera.

In our case, you need to proceed with pressing this button for about 20 seconds. You will notice a change in the light above the button which has now turned red from green. The present indicates that the reset process has started. Now this will completely restore your camera to its factory defaults.

The factory reset will finish when you notice the camera tilting sidewise. The light above the reset button will once again turn green. After that, you can set your new password and username for your camera by accessing the Web UI to ensure the security and privacy of your data.

Remotely Reboot Amcrest Camera

Another question that Amcrest users ask frequently is how to reboot Amcrest camera remotely. Well, if you have, at some point, googled Amcrest remote access to get it restarted, then you are at the right website. I’m going to tell you today how to remotely reboot your Amcrest camera. 

how to reset Amcrest camera

First of all, you need to determine the IP address of your camera using the IP config software. After you successfully learn the IP address of your camera. Enter it into Internet Explorer on your device. Enter your login credentials which are usually username and password. Now navigate to System> Auto maintain > Manual reboot. It will remotely reboot your Amcrest without having to access it physically.


I hope the question How to reset Amcrest camera has been entirely and satisfyingly answering. The process itself was quite simple. If you are having little one troubles with your device. Amcrest surveillance pro software can let you solve some of them. But if the problems persist, follow the above guide for understanding the reset process.

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