You can learn how to insert the galaxy s7 memory card for getting extra storage space for your photos, movies, and music.

If you are an author of the question of how to remove sim card from galaxy s7, I have got you covered. Removing the Samsung galaxy s7 sim card is a quite easy and straightforward process that you can understand without any difficulty.

If you have just bought your Samsung galaxy s7, you might want to know its sim size to insert your sim card. The galaxy s7 sim card size is Nano. It means that you need to have a Nano sim card if you want your Samsung galaxy s7 to receive calls and send your text messages.

In addition to inserting or removing the Samsung galaxy s7 sim card, learn to inert or remove the Samsung galaxy s7 SD card. Adding an SD card into your Samsung galaxy s7 is a great idea.

Although the galaxy s7 has a lot of built-in space, you can always insert an SD card to increase it. Your galaxy s7 memory card can store your photos, movies, music, documents, and much more known formats.

You can easily buy an SD card for galaxy s7 and How to remove sim card from galaxy s7 from your local mobile shop or through online stores like Amazon. The s7 SD card won’t cost you much. It all depends on the storage size. The bigger the storage size, the more expensive the card is.

How-to-remove sim card from galaxy s7

The galaxy s7 SD card slot is right next to the galaxy s7 sim card slot. Both are on the same tray, which is at the top of the phone. How to remove sim card from galaxy s7 If you have a Samsung galaxy s7 SD card, you can follow my guide to insert it into your phone. In addition to this, I will teach you today how to remove sim card from galaxy s7.

Before going the details on how to remove sim card from galaxy s7. I would like to inform you that the process is similar to the one on Google, Samsung, iPhone, OnePlus, Huawei, LG, Nokia, Sony, ZTE, and Motorola smartphones. Hence. We have another discussion about How to Open a Galaxy S7, How to Insert SD Card in Galaxy S7.

if you have been a user of one of the latest phones of these brands, the process will be quite easy for you to understand. Here is how to remove sim card from galaxy s7.

Removing Sim Card from Samsung Galaxy S7

How-to-remove sim card from galaxy s7

The sim card of your galaxy s7 is in the sim tray which is on the top of your galaxy device. If you notice, you will find a small rectangular plate on the head with a small hole next to it. This hole is currently the main topic that you need to focus on.

This small hole right next to your galaxy s7 sim card tray can get the plate out for you to remove your sim card from it. All how to remove sim card from galaxy s7 you need to do is to grab an ejection pin or a metal paper clip and insert it into this hole gently. Once you enter this pin entirely into the hole, you will feel a soft pop, and after that, the sim tray will pop out.

Gently grab the tray and take it out entirely from your galaxy s7 device. Once you get the plate out of your device, you will have access to the sim card that had is inserted into your phone. Take the sim card out and shove the tray back in with a gentle push.

How to Insert New Sim Card in Samsung Galaxy S7

How-to-remove sim card from galaxy s7

If you have previously removed your galaxy s7 sim card, you might want to add a new one to keep using your phone. Before proceeding to the insertion of a new sim card, you should always know the galaxy s7 sim card size. Samsung galaxy s7 accepts a Nano sim card. If you have a Nano sim card on you, you can go on with the process of inserting it in your galaxy.

Get the galaxy s7 sim card tray out of your phone using an ejection pin or metal paper pin. Once you get it out, you will notice two slots on the sim card tray. One will be a large slot while the other one will be comparatively small. The large one is for the inserting Samsung s7 SD card while the small one is for the sim card galaxy s7.

In the present case, you want to insert your galaxy s7 sim card. Hence, you will go to the small one. Put your sim card on the small slot carefully with the logo of the sim on the top. Now, gently insert your galaxy s7 sim card tray inside your phone.

Be very careful while shoving the tray back into your phone. If you give it a jerk, the chances are that your sim card will fall onto the floor rather than getting into your phone. Just give a gentle push, and you are good to go.

Inserting a Memory Card into Your Samsung Galaxy S7

How-to-remove sim card from galaxy s7

If you have a galaxy s7 SD card. You might want to put it to get that extra storage space. Well, the process is simple. Place the galaxy s7 SD card on top of the sim card tray in the galaxy s7 sd card slot. Once you get it all set, shove the dish back into the phone gently. Avoid jerky movements, and you are good to go.

Conclusion for How to remove sim card from galaxy s7

I hope the above article answers your question on how to remove the sim card from galaxy s7. In addition to this, you might have also learned to insert the galaxy s7 memory card into your phone. The processes are quite simple and easy-to-follow. If you are having any problem in any means, repeat all steps carefully, and you will get the job done in no time.


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