how to pronounce Imgur.

There has been much debate going on about the correct pronunciation of the word “Imgur.” Linguists argued a lot about how to pronounce Imgur.

 This debate arose abruptly when Stan Carey, a famous writer, and editor, wrote that “Imgur” of was pronounced “imager.” He commented on a page of pseudo translations.

We all make mistakes when it comes to the pronounce thing; it’s all okay to declare something that you don’t know wrong. But when you do mark anything with your friends and family members and when they do that you aren’t pronouncing it right.

It can be a disturbing thing for you. Also, it doesn’t feel good when it comes to pronouncing something wrong. We all should read and learn imgur pronunciation on how to pronounce difficult words.

There are few brands people always pronounce it wrong like Hermes, Givenchy, and much more not able to write all the names but we all do mistake for example if you talk about Louis Vuitton To pronounce “Vuitton” first say “vit”, rhymes with “fit”, and follow that by saying “then”, which rhymes with “brawn.” For the French pronunciation, Louis is pronounced as “wee” kind of like a one-syllable version of “Louie.”

how to pronounce Imgur

So we all are making mistakes, and its exceptional nothing to be shamed off, or something learn so that you don’t get embarrassed in front by others to pronounce it not so right.

The mentioned website describes the pronunciation Imgur pronunciation in these words. Imgur is pronounced “imag-er/ imijer” The name originally comes from “ur” and the extension “img,” giving the meaning “your image.”

In the words of Stan Carey, when he first came to see the site, he considered it “im-gur” or “im-grr.” Because the ‘g’ is followed by “a,u.” He did not think of the soft |dz| sound. When he talked about it with other people, some agreed, but others could not utter it as a whole word. Imgur pronunciation it is understandable because of the tricky pronunciation of the word Imgur.

Stan Carey took this technical issue to a whole new level. On the social media website Twitter, Carey wrote.

“When I first saw Imgur, I pronounced it “imgrr,” because of the ‘u.’ But now I say “image-er,” which is the official preference. What you say?”

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One of his audience replied to him saying; “I have to correct myself constantly from saying “im-grr.” Some linguists came up with their opinions on how to pronounce Imgur and pointed out the hard-g variation. It captured the attention of many users because it sounded good to ears.

Stan Carey got quite interesting replies in his Imgur pronunciation Twitter post. One account named Kenny said; “I mentally skip over it in the lazy hope that someday I’ll catch one of my kids pronounce it properly.” It was a bit funny because Imgur July 29th it means they won’t be able to say it correctly. Though, it’s their limited or personal opinion.

Another Linguist Laura Baila showed her opinion in these words: “I pronounce it Imgur with an awkward vowel and r (I’m non-rhotic). For this reason, I never say it out loud and won’t use it.” Her remarks are insightful because it represents how a nonrhotic would see it.

The Argument On How To Pronounce Imgur.

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So, this argument on how to pronounce Imgur put the linguists also in checkmate for some time. Most of the people showed different reactions. Some were not happy with the awkward mismatch between the desired pronunciation and accurate spelling. In the opinion of some persons, the grammar should be ‘imager’ or likewise.

In Carey’s words, he liked to call “im-grr” because of how it is pronounced. Later, when he learned the proper way of pronunciation, he was quite satisfied with it. For the first time, he got a logic behind this official usage and knew that it made sense.

Among other technical issues, one was the hard vs. soft g. The sound argument varies in many pronunciations. So, the topic, how to pronounce Imgur is a recurring one on the website. Some users of language keep in mind with whom they are involved in the conversation.

Many users of Reddit called it “image U R,” probably because of img= image. Some don’t put schwa before it and use a soft g – “im-jer.” It sounds better because of the soft g pronunciation.

In this regard, Stan Carey has made a poll to know the public opinion on how to pronounce Imgur. One can go for any of the options available there. It involves all of the language users to see where the majority stands. After all, it depends on the language users where they take it and how they pronounce it.

This way, the dominant usage of this word will become its identity.

So apparently the content above dictates and lets you know how to pronounce Imgur correctly like we all do pronounce it a bit not so good so here it has proved that we need to work on ourselves to proof and learn the right pronunciation.

Make sure to learn all these things beforehand, so that you can inspire others and get them also get into these things; people who learn and make others learn are the best ones.


Imgur Debate is still although going on, let’s see how far it will go. Basically imgur is photo-sharing social media as like Facebook, Tumblr, Spotify, Discord, SoundCloud.

Better you teach yourself the way it should be so that you don’t have to get embarrassed in front by your fellows learn basic pronunciation as many channels are providing the teaching of how to pronounce specific words; you can always.


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