How to Open a Galaxy S7: Easy Repair Guide

If you are an owner of a Samsung Galaxy S7 and want to know how to open a Galaxy S7 for battery replacement, I’ve got you covered. On the post, I will tell you how to remove the Samsung s7 sim card or s7 edge sim card. To remove the galaxy s7 sim card, you need to follow several simple steps.

It can be frustrating sometimes when you have bought a used galaxy s7 without an instruction manual. If this is your case, then how to open galaxy s7 you surely want to know how to open a galaxy s7 so that you can insert your sim card in it to use it properly.

The process of galaxy s7 sim card removal is quite easy and straightforward. If you have been a user of many other android powered smartphones that have similar sim card jacket, then you will be able to fast locate the galaxy s7 sim card location.

However, if you never happened to have the same phone like the galaxy s7, don’t worry as I will teach you the Samsung s7 sim card insertion and removal technique.

The galaxy s7 sim card removal is quite similar to the How to open a Galaxy S7  sim card removal process of Google, iPhone, OnePlus, Huawei, LG, Nokia, Sony, ZTE, Motorola, and other Samsung smartphones. Let us get your Samsung s7 sim card or s7 edge sim card removed by the following simple cover removal instructions.

How to open a Galaxy S7

How to Open a Galaxy S

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  • Try this guide at your own risk.

Requirement tools.

How to Open a Galaxy S
  • The first step to remove the sim card and memory cards. The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge both are water-resistant. Hence, the sim card tray or memory cards have a tight seal that prevents damage. The sim card tray or memory cards of the galaxy s7 are in the same spot as the galaxy s6. It is on the top edge of the phone. There is a tiny pinhole as well next to the rectangular slot. If you have a brand new Galaxy S7, you should have noticed a small ejection pin within your Samsung S7 box. You can use this pin to get the card slots out. We also discussed how to Move Pictures to Sd Card on Galaxy S8, How to Remove Sim Card from Galaxy S7.
  • However, if you don’t have a new Samsung Galaxy S7, don’t worry. You can use a small metal paper clip to get the job done in no time. All you have to do is find that paper clip to remove your Samsung galaxy s7 memory card tray.
  • Now next step is to Power off your Samsung galaxy s7 edge.
  • The Samsung galaxy s7 back cover is attached with glue and is a tight fit with the Samsung s7 mainframe. If heat is needed, carefully apply a heat gun to soften the heat.
  • Remove The gum materials with the precision knife and make space to insert a playing card or credit card. Now use credit cards or playing cards to slice the gum space and carefully separate the back cover from the galaxy s7 edge phone. Apply additional heat if the back cover did not Separate from the phone frame.
  • With the spudger tools, pry up and remove the three modular pieces. These individual parts are connected to the Samsung galaxy s7 edge motherboard by way of tiny wires. They include the Samsung s7 antenna, loudspeaker, and wireless charging coil.
  • Detach the s7 Edge battery from the motherboard. The battery is well wedged and glued within the frame. Use a plastic opening tool to work around the battery. Set it free from the gum, securing it to the frame. Remove the 3000 milliamps galaxy s7 edge battery from your phone.

How to Insert Sim Card in Galaxy S7 Edge?

How to Open a Galaxy S

Once you open galaxy s7, the next thing you might want to How to Insert Sim Card in Galaxy S7 Edge?.

  • To add a sim card to your galaxy s7 smartphone, place the sim card on the smaller slot of the Samsung galaxy s7 sim card tray. If you wish to insert a microSD card, you can find a pinpoint on top of your Samsung galaxy.
  • Take a sim card tray remover tools or needles. Please put it on the pinpoint and press push to remove the tray.
  • Now place your sim card as well as the memory card on the sim card tray. You now have to insert it back into the phone. Once you put it accurately, please give it a gentle push to insert it back in its place.
  • It would be best if you gave a gentle and careful push to the tray. It is because it is a little bit finicky, which means your sim card or memory card can fall out of the plate. Avoid jerky movements. Push the tray in until you get it securely sealed again.

If you have a Samsung galaxy s7 or an s7 edge, you can follow the above process How to Insert Sim Card in Galaxy S7 Edge?The process is the same. You can easily remove your galaxy s7 sim card or s7 edge sim card by this useful yet straightforward process in no time. Now you no longer have to waste your time by googling “sim card Samsung galaxy s7 removal” or similar terms to sort this problem out.


After reading this article thoroughly and carefully, I hope how to open a galaxy s7 for sim card removal remains in the gum. With a few simple steps mentioned above, you have learned to open galaxy s7 for either removing or inserting a sim card in your Samsung galaxy s7. Furthermore, you will be able to successfully determine the galaxy s7 sim card location for any purpose after following the simple process mentioned in this article.

The process itself was quite simple and straightforward. You no longer have to spend your time watching YouTube how-to videos for your galaxy s7 sim card removal. Just follow the simple process to replace your sim card in your Samsung galaxy s7.

However, the only thing you need to be careful about is giving a gentle push to the Samsung galaxy s7 sim card tray after inserting your sim card. If you aren’t alert, you might end up with your sim card and memory card on the floor rather than in your Samsung galaxy s7. 

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