How to Move Apps to SD Card in LG:[ Accurate Guide 2023 ]

Just like any other android device, LG phones are no exception when you have face problem how to move Apps to SD Card in LG. You could be compelled to move some Apps to the SD Card to free up space in the phone’s internal storage.

This Move could use in case you want to avoid the stress associated with a device that is prone to hanging. Moving apps will make you enjoy your device more since it would be running as intended by the manufacturer.

Before proceeding to how to move apps to sd card on LG, you might also need to know about LG StyloApps. It’s also worth noting that some Apps have been pre-installed in this device, i.e., the machine came with the Apps already installed in how to move Apps to SD Card in LG the day you purchased it from the market. Check out the following when buying LG Stylophone.

How Do I Set My SD Card as Default Storage On LG?

how to set sd card as default storage

Download Es file explorer file manager and go to this file manager setting, and select directory settings. There has some options select /Storage/0c97-9f03 and press the OK button. If you want to more details about how to set SD card as default storage, check-in below.

  • First of all, Go to  Google Playstore and type Es File explorer file manager and search to download those applications to solve the problem. How do I set my SD card as default storage on LG?
  • After downloading the file manager and install those apps, allowing all the permeation.
  • Notice the top left-hand corner. There have three vertical dots. Just tap that dots. After clicking on the dots, tap on the Settings option.
  • After tapping on settings, it’s opened a bunch of setting sections. Now we need to go to Directory settings for storage options.
  • After tapping on Directory settings, now tap on the download path.
  • Now notice the left-hand side of the current tab and tap on the back arrows to reach three path settings, but you will select /Storage/0c97-9f03 to avoid Internal Storage or internal memory.
  • When you tap on /Storage/0c97-9f03 settings, you will get more Download, Android, Download All, and LOST.DIR important folder. Now select one of them or create a new folder for device file transfer.
  • Now we are getting to reach the final stage of how do I set my SD card as default storage on LG? just press the OK button and solve your problem how to set SD card as default storage.

Some parts of this process are left, most of the time, and we use the google chrome browser to download the file. So, the google chrome browser needs to be configured for external storage transfers. How Do I Switch Storage to SD Card On LG? This is how to do it is discussed below.

  • Lunch your google chrome browser and type Chrome://flags on the search bar, after type, the address bar, press enter button.
  • Now type Download and search that option. There have a bunch of settings. Scroll down and find out Enable download progress InfoBar Storage settings.
  • Enable download progress InfoBar these settings to contains default phone memory.
  • Now tap on the default drop-down menu to select the Enabled option. Now exit the google chrome browser or restart the browser.  
  • Relaunch the browser and notice the right-hand corner have three vertical dots. Now tap on the vertical dots; it will open a bunch of settings options.
  • Now click on the settings options and wait a moment. Scroll down, find out the download option and tap that section.
  • The download section has three options: Download location, asking where to save files, and Downloading articles for you. Now tap on the top option Download location section.
  • After tapping that section and select SD Card.
  • Now tap on the Done button.
  • Remember one more thing,all downloaded file available at Android/data/ location in memory card.

How to Move Apps to Sd Card on LG

How to move Apps to SD Card in LG

One of the things you should consider before learning how to move Apps to the SD Card in LG Phones is the choice of the SD Card themselves. You should take note of the SD Card’s compatibility with the phone, the reliability of the SD Card to the task at hand, and what exactly you would like to do with the storage in the LG phone among others. The following SD cards can use in LG phones. We discussed how to Open a Galaxy S7, How to Remove Sim Card from Galaxy S7, How to Move Pictures to Sd Card on Galaxy S8.

LG G6 SD Card: How To Move Apps To SD Card in LG

How to move Apps to SD Card in LG

LG G6 was launched sometime in 2017, and one of its qualities that excited prospects was the ability to expand its storage capacity by inserting an SD Card. The device has an internal storage capacity of up to 128GB and can have its memory developed up to 1TB when an SD Card is installing.

How good is that? If you want to know how to move apps to SD Card on LG, it’s equally important to know the best SD Cards to use in LG G6 phone. This phone uses SD Cards from Samsung, SanDisk, My Memory, and Lexar. Samsung 32GB Evo Plus Micro SD is deemed to be the best overall in terms of performance.

It supplies to read and write speeds of up to 100MB/s and 90MB/s respectively. My Memory 32GB V30 PRO Micro SD is relatively cheap and provides read and write speeds of up to 100MB/s, while Samsung 512GB Evo Plus Micro SD provides quite a large capacity for storage of more content on your device. This one offers transfer speeds of up to 100MB/s. 

Having looked at the SD cards to consider when buying LG G6, below are the steps on how to move Apps on LG.

  • Launch Settings.
  • Select General.
  • Tap on Apps.
  • Select the App that you would like to transfer to the SD Card.
  • Tap on Storage. You will see a Change button at the top.
  • Tap on the Change button. If the App does not support moving its data, the Change button will not be visible.
  • Select SD Card.
  • Proceed to press MOVE.

It is necessary to note that not all Apps can be moving to the SD Card and that a computer may not be able to read data on some of the Apps transferred to the SD card unless the Apps are moving back to the phone’s internal storage.

How to Move Apps to Sd Card?

How to Move Apps to Sd Card
  • At first of all, make sure your phone has installed an SD card.
  • At present, the smartphone has a different section for storage. Now find out the storage section and check out your SD card or portable storage status.
  • If you find out the storage option, then click on storage.
  • Notice at the top of the right-hand corner, and there have three vertical dots.
  • When you tap on three dots, it will show many sections. one of those options, tap on Storage settings.
  • Now on the tab, have an option that’s name is Format as internal. Tap on this option. You will be getting a confirmation screen and press the FORMAT SD CARD button. Remember: Before taping that button, if you tap on that button, you will lose all your kind of data, but it’s essential to move apps to an SD card. So, press the Format SD card button and format your SD card.
  • After taping on the format SD card button for preparations to move apps to SD card, wait a couple of moments. When you complete the format process, then you will get new tab Move content to SD card.
  • If you want to move to exist external storage transfer to SD card, then press Move content. Otherwise, you don’t want to move the existing external storage transfer, and then press the Move content later button.
  • Finally, press the Done button and solve how to move apps to an SD card.
  • Now Sd card is your default storage.

How to Move WhatsApp to SD Card in LG

How to move Apps to SD Card in LG

WhatsApp is a platform that provides instant messaging services, as well as sharing of videos, photos, and many more. You might reach a point where you receive too much information, particularly from WhatsApp and are looking for a possibility to transfer the data safely to your SD Card, without a risk of losing them.

WhatsApp is one of the apps where you could receive too much information which may end up taking a large chunk of the phone’s internal storage, consequently causing a lag in your phone’s performance. The process of transferring WhatsApp data in LG is made possible by the existence of Android Data Manager in the device.

Below are the steps on how to transfer WhatsApp to your SD Card.

  • Launch Settings.
  • Select General.
  • Tap on Apps.
  • Select WhatsApp.
  • Tap on Storage. You will see a Change button at the top.
  • Tap on the Change button.
  • Select SD Card.
  • Proceed to press MOVE.

Moving Google Photos to SD Card in LG Phone.

How to move Apps to SD Card in LG

First of all, you require to save Google photos in your phone’s Gallery to make the transfer process more comfortable. Once you’ve done that, follow the steps below.

  • From your Home Screen launch Management.
  • Select File Manager. A screen may appear asking, “Allow File Manager to access photos, media, and files.
  • Tap Allow.
  • Proceed to the folder or data from which you saved the Google photos that you would like to move to the SD Card. In this case, we’re interested in the pictures.
  • Select Pictures.
  • Click on the three vertical dots that seems at the top of the page, and choose Move.
  • Select the images that you would like to move the SD Card, then tap on Move
  • Choose an SD Card.
  • Locate the specific folder in SD Card where you would like to store the photos and choose OK. It completes the transfer of Google photos from the internal storage to the SD Card. 


In a nutshell, that usually is how to move apps to SD Card in LG, alongside other items. You don’t have to be stressing another day on how you are going to create more space in your phone’s internal storage.

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