How to Make Your Phone Untraceable: 4 Best Practices

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These days, we all have smart devices, carrying them everywhere, anywhere we would like to take them. Phone Taking with other cell phone owners is a legit thing nowadays. You can’t step out of the house without having your smart device with you — so many reasons for tracking with that.

It would be best if not tracking your phone. But you are anxious about the fact that your phone tracking. It can be how to make your phone untraceable through the sim cards — the carrier or the IMEI the phone has location tracking.

There are many ways. People are even discovering the other person through different means. Like apps, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, even Instagram. So many apps that can also trace the location, so you better be safe at your side. “That’s why I figured what’s one thing you can’t hack, and that’s a piece of plastic,” said Sorrentino.

Burner Phone Meaning

burner phone meaning

I want to introduce Burner phone meaning. It’s a kind of prepaid phone that is an Unhackable phone. This phone is not be bound to contract with the carrier. A burner phone idea comes from criminal jargon, these are all pre-paid cell phones, and one of the best facilities is disposable phones.

Just buy a prepaid card in cash from a convenience store or online site. They give you minutes. There are a lot of prepaid providers that aren’t, you know, AT&T or Verizon. When you go into one of those service providers’ stores to get your smartphone, they do a credit check, ask you to provide your phone activities, etc.

Often, in Asian countries, people will have a work personal device and a play phone, like a Home phone. Sometimes they will have an Android device with two different SIM cards to keep two different numbers active at all times.

People get many calls from Scam, and sometimes they will want to texts messages back, but they don’t want to give them the actual phone number. I use an app called Burner phone app. You create a new burner number.

That’s cool. Though that actual Untraceable phone burner phones have over the Burner app. it’s much more difficult to trace these activities. Because on these phones, depending on which one you select, TracFone is the most popular and often interchangeable jargon for Burner.

An Untraceable phone doesn’t have GPS, and they don’t even have 3G or LTE. They’re run by MVNOs, or mobile virtual network operators, these prepaid companies. And what they do, is they buy up space on an existing large-scale provider like on Verizon’s network or AT&T., and the NSA has admitted that it is tough for them to track burner phones.

Once they get your Untraceable phone number, they’ve got your number, and they can track you. One guy had two burners, and they used the positions of both of them to triangulate and find out where he was.

Buy minutes from a different place than you buy the Untraceable phone. And change them regularly. That Untraceable phone is cheap. Would you please not give them the same number to latch onto? Switch it up every few weeks is what the professionals advise.

It doesn’t just have to be for criminal activities like you were saying. You can also use it for, say, you’re selling something on Craigslist, or having to input information on an online form, or something like that. Also, let’s say you’re running multiple businesses, and you want to answer sounding more professional.

Reasons: How to Make Your Phone Untraceable

how to make your phone impossible to track

There are many ways that you can see how to make your phone untraceable untraced by the location on your phone. But before jumping on that topic. Let’s talk about why it’s necessary to block tracing and why you should be aware of doing this.

“We all carry a smartphone, we carry a tablet, we carry mobile devices, and they’re in our hands wherever we go. Would you please stop and think about that? How to make your phone location untraceable. It has two microphones, and it has GPS. It has my email.

“There have near-field detectors that can detect not only where I am. But who I’m sitting close to,” said David Perry, threat analyst at F-Secure.

Phone Untracing Importance.

How to Make Your Phone Untraceable

Why do you want the phone to be safe or have privacy controls? We all have this question in mind that why we do need Location reporting and location history.

We need this because it is unsafe if you are travelling with a family or anyone. Even if you are alone and if someone random people tracing your location. I can discover you, and you can be in a precarious position. They can do anything they want to if you aren’t in a safe place and people aren’t there to help you.

Get these facts right that we can’t be in a safe position if someone has your location with them. Everyone uses their mobile phones to the fullest. I am taking it out using it all over. We have phones that can be accessed everywhere, anywhere.

How It Can Be Safe Through Untraceable.

How to make your phone location untraceable

Everyone has their reasons to make their phones untraceable, as we talked about the fact. That is why we need this to be done and the above written few examples. Said that why it’s also necessary to be safe than precautions.

The traditional method of using an Untraceable phone is dialling *67#, and then it will be turned off. But the ANI is the automatic number identification. It can be traced through the sim carrier communications provider if they send this to anyone.

How to make your cell phone untraceable? They have this information saved with them all the time and to be on the safe side. It would be best if you got to have more things, different phones and different numbers. Other precautions to be taken and other permission to use this phone.

“I was being assigned to stories where laptops were being hacked into through webcams. It wasn’t government officials or celebrities. One story was kids in school in Pennsylvania. Some creepy IT guy was hacking into their laptops at home,” said Sorrentino, creator of the iPatch case.

Few Steps that can help Untraced the Phone.

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  • Step 01:To get to know how to make your phone untraceable, and You need to buy a GSM network prepaid sim. Ask the services provider if it’s still actually the GSM sim. Confirm with them and buy it. It is also called “ghost chip phone card or Ghost chip sim card”.
  • “Your privacy is vulnerable in a couple of different ways. I’m connecting to local nonsecured Wi-Fi hot spot internet connections. So amateur hackers can detect me there. Android phones App or other phone are gathering information about me and selling them. Social networks are gathering online activities information. The searches engine I use is gathering information and the phone. Perry said Itself is gathering information,”
  • Step 02:There might be a manual that comes with it that will be given you a better idea of how to activate the number. When you are enabling your number, don’t share your address and name. This will end up tracing up your identity and then the address that can trace you.
  • Step 03:Make your calls shorter, make sure you rent at home, or some hangout spot makes regular calls. Otherwise, the triangulated thing will trace you ( when a network services provider. phone towers satellites are on, cell towers can determine the number you call from). Make sure to turn it off, be in a safe place, and don’t make longer calls. This way, they won’t be able to trace you.
  • Step 04:Remove the sim card that’s underneath the battery. How to make your phone untraceable? So that makes sure when you throw away phones. The information connected with a sim card doesn’t go with some unsuitable person.

Most all these brands can have these things to be set up. Google, Samsung, iPhone, OnePlus, Huawei, LG, Nokia, Sony, HTC,zte and Motorola!

How to make your iPhone Untraceable

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How to make your iPhone Untraceable, go to settings, enable content restrictions, and disable location history. Use face ID, Fingerprint, and password (password will be mixed with the alphabet with a numeric sign). Now, if you want details about how to make an iPhone untraceable, check in the details below.

  • Go to your iPhone settings menu to make the untrackable phone.
  • Tap on settings, and go to cellular and Wi-Fi radios (Wi-Fi settings).
  • Tap on the Screen Time option and now click on Turn on Screen Time.
  • Click on Continue and tap on This is My iPhone.
  • Back to the Screen time option and click on Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  • Enable Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  • Tap on Content Restrictions.
  • Please scroll down and tap on Share My Location Settings, and select Don’t Allow Changes.
  • Back to the Settings option and scroll down to tap on privacy settings.
  • Tap on the Location Services tab. Scroll down the location services tab to the bottom of this page until you notice System services.
  • Now tap on the System Services tab.
  • Please scroll down and find out to open the frequent Location Settings and disable them.
  • Back to the System Services settings and disable Share My Location.
  • I was hoping you could scroll down and disable Diagnostics & Usage, and Apple has millions of users who already supply this information and don’t think they need I’ve chosen to disable for Untraceable phone.

You can do this to make sure your iPhone is a little more never to have shared your location history. Now, if you have any questions about how to make your phone untraceable, ask me in the comment.


It’s quite impossible to get to know about make phone untraceable when you know someone can trace it. Let’s make it clear you can’t get untraced it. You can get untraced for a while but not for a longer time.

It’s also not for something good that you are doing that can hit you back. If you want to be safe and want to make your phone location untraceable, the location should be on.

So that family members can trace you. So here are the things that you should follow. Watch if it can help you with the significant fact of having a good thought of untraceable the phone.

Making it enjoyable while using it for a more extended period. At last, if you have any questions about how to make your phone untraceable, ask in the comment section.

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