How to Insert SD Card in Galaxy S7 – [Epic Top Secret 2023]

If you are an owner of Samsung Galaxy S7, then you should be quite ecstatic when you heard the news that Samsung has reconsidered its initial decision of doing away with expandable memory cards in its previous products, namely Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

This plan was to effect in Samsung Galaxy S7. How to insert sd card in galaxy s7 edge, this decision registered well with customers loyal to Samsung products since some of them prefer storing some of their Apps and data in SD Cards.

Sometimes, people prefer moving data to SD Cards inserted in their Samsung Galaxy S7, to free up some space in the phone’s internal storage. This is a measure taken to ensure the gadget runs its operations optimally and without lagging. That said, as an owner of this lovely product, do you know how to insert sd card in galaxy s7 edge? Read further to find out more.

Before learning how to insert micro sd card in galaxy s7, it is advisable to consider the reliability of the SD Card to the task that you would like it to perform, the compatibility of the SD Card with the Galaxy S7, what you would like to do with the storage among others.

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Below are some of the things you requirement to know about the galaxy s7 edge SD card.

  • It is almost impossible to Move some Apps as a Whole to the SD Card. As stated earlier, one of the reasons that people fancy moving Apps to the SD Card is to create more space in the phone’s internal storage system. It is important to note that some Apps may not be moved to the SD Card as a whole, i.e., the phone may show that the process of moving the App from the internal storage to the SD Card has been a success, yet there could be traces of data from the moved App in the internal storage. 
  • The Apps moved to the SD Card may not function in a computer when the SD Card with Apps has been inserted. Some Apps may not work when stored in the SD Card due to their making. If you would like to access the Apps from the computer, you should move the Apps back to the phone’s internal storage. The computer would then be able to read the Apps.
  • It’s Possible to Save Videos and Pictures by Default. Once the SD Card into the Galaxy S7, the first time you use the camera app, you will see some information suggesting you could now save your photos in the SD Card. That is because the moment the SD Card gets in, the phone is programming so that it starts making use of external storage.
  • It’s Possible to Encrypt the SD Card Using Galaxy S7. Every person having a smartphone would appreciate a certain degree of privacy. SD Cards are buying without security assurances. Hence whatever is store in them is readable anytime and anywhere, as long as the card inserts into a device that supports it. If you are using Galaxy S7, you don’t have to worry about that.

Apart from you finding it necessary to know how to insert sd card in galaxy s7 edge, you should also keep private data private and secure. Galaxy S7 has its internal storage encrypted.

You can encrypt the SD Card by going to the Settings on your phone and select the viable option from there. Once the card is encrypted, the content on it cannot read on any other device. That’s one enormous privilege you can cherish as a Samsung Galaxy S7 user.

Where is SD card on Samsung S7?

How to Insert SD Card in Galaxy S7

Yes, you want to know how to insert SD card in Samsung Galaxy S7, but do you see where the SD Card slot is on the phone? Look at the galaxy s7 edge phone’s right-hand side, and they’ve located an SD card eject point. Now, if you want to know where is SD card on Samsung S7? Now check-in below.

  • If you use an old smartphone, you should know that the previous phones had an SD card under the rear cover. Nowadays a time has changed, most of the manufacture the sim card holder moves on top or bottom even besides.
  • Find out the SD Card slot, locate a tiny circular aperture at the top of the phone.
  • Insert the ejection pin tool into the eject hole, which in turn ejects the sim card holder or expandable memory galaxy s7 tray. On the galaxy s7 memory card tray, you will see the SD Card slot and Sim Card slot together. 

How to Insert SD Card in Galaxy S7 Edge Without Tools

How to Insert SD Card in Galaxy S7 Edge Without Tools

Hold your phone and needles or safety pin and put them in the eject hole with a little press. Remove sim card tray and install SD card galaxy s7. Again, put it on the right point. If you want more about how to open sim card slot, follow step by step on how to insert micro-SD card in galaxy s7 edge without the tools guide below.

  • If you want to, how do I open the SD card slot on my galaxy s7 without tools? Then you will need something that looks like a sim card holder remover tool. Arrange paper clip or needles and safety pin also working, and if you have strong copper wire, it will be work.
  • Find out the galaxy s7 edge SD card eject point. It is located right-hand top of the phone corner. There has a little tiny hole. Yes, there have an expandable memory galaxy s7 slot.
  • Now grab your phone and bring a safety pin or needles in eject point with a gentle press.
  • Now pull down your external SD card tray and notice there has a two-point. One point much bigger than others. The bigger point is the Expandable storage or Micro SD card point, and the other point is the sim card point.
  • Now grab your external card and put it on the Samsung micro-SD card tray, Now inserts adaptable storage location and turn the power ON your phone. You don’t have to use a micro-SD card. Samsung galaxy s7 and Samsung galaxy s7 edge come with 32 gigs of internal storage, and the system takes up a lot. So, you can go up to a super-fast 200GB card.
  • Now go to settings and click on storage to check your Adoptable storage working or not. If these settings show up the actual size of Micro SD size, then everything is fine. If you use an incompatible card, then it will not work.

Galaxy S7 Sim Card Size

How to Insert SD Card in Galaxy S7

It’s also important to note that Galaxy S7 uses a Nano-SIM, which is believed to be the smallest SIM available. You can request your mobile operator for one if you need it or use a SIM Cutter to cut down the SIM you are applying for to fit into the tray.

How To Insert Galaxy S7 Memory Card Edge

How to Insert SD Card in Galaxy S7

Remove Samsung s7 sd card slot by using Edge ejection pin. Insert sd card Samsung s7 with sim card holder and put in the right place. Now, if you want to more about how do I insert sd card into Samsung galaxy s7? Then check the details below.

  • Start by switching off your phone.
  • Samsung micro SD card ejector will help you want how to insert Galaxy S7 Memory Card.
  • If you already use an old model smartphone, I think you remember that the old model smartphone has a sim card holder inside from the rear cover. At present, a sim card holder is located at the top or beside an eject hole and has a galaxy s7 sd card slot. On the top galaxy s7 edge of the phone, locate the tiny galaxy s7 edge microSD card eject point.
  • Now grab your phone, take your galaxy s7 memory card remover tools, and put them in the sim card removal tool eject hole.
  • Now remove the Samsung micro memory card tray and notice the s7 edge Nano-SIM card position. There has some space for insert sd card Samsung s7.
  • Now install sd card galaxy s7 into the galaxy s7 edge memory card tray. Make sure that the gold contacts face lay down.
  • Insert the galaxy s7 memory card tray and grab your galaxy s7 edge android device.
  • Switch on the galaxy s7 edge phone and ensure the phone can read the SD Card. Now go to the Galaxy SD Card Storage settings menu icon and tap on the external memory card. If you Tap Device storage or select the correct memory card, it will be shown actual memory space.


In conclusion, you are now conversant with how to insert sd card in Galaxy s7 edge. Implement the guidelines outlined in this piece and enjoy a phone that functions at its best without lagging in performance due to limited internal storage space.

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