How To Hide A Trail Cam For Home Security: 5 Amazing Hacks

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If you are worried about random people hanging around on your property while you’re away, you can take notice of the situation by placing a hidden trail camera on an unnoticeable location near your house. The question is how to hide a trail cam for home security.

Well, in this article, I will tell you some methods that you can help you in successfully hiding a trail camera for security. The main thing is not to get the camera detected. For this purpose, you can set a mailbox camera or any other hidden outdoor camera that nobody notices.

Buying a Camera How to Hide a Trail Cam For Home Security

How to Hide a Trail Cam For Home Security

Before making your home secure from burglars and intruders, you first need to buy a famous trail cam, or a better option is purchasing an Arlo camera.

Game cameras are quite useful when it comes to security. Most of them contain IR flash. They take up to 4MP photos in the day and up to 2MP images in the night, which is enough to recognize the face of a person. There are tons of game cameras readily available in the market.

The one I would recommend you to use is the wild game innovation terra 12. This camera will surely do the trick. You can easily buy it online via Amazon or Best Buy. The recommended one in trail cams is the carpark trail cam.

Otherwise, if you want more Amcrest Camera categories, then you can choose from the following top-notch brands: Full light tech, GoPro Hero5, Stealth cam, Moultrie, Browning Trail Cameras, Design, one view, and Spy Point.

Setting Up Your Camera

How -to Hide a Trail Cam For Home Security

After buying your game, the next thing you need to do is to set it up. Use the manual that came with your camera to easily set it up. If your security camera is without Wi-Fi or need to connect the wires correctly to it. Keep the lens clear from any wrapping so that the angle caught on the camera is visible.

After you get your camera successfully set up, the next how to hide a trail cam for home security. The thing you need to do is to protect it somewhere unique where only you can notice it. Hence, now we’re getting to the central part.

Hiding Your Camera

The following are some ways that will let you know how and where to protect your trail or game cam for noticing any illegal activity on your property.

Your Home Building

How to Hide a Trail Cam For Home Security

The best place to hide the camera.It will always be your home as you can quickly get the camera charged through the electricity port. You can easily conceal your camera somewhere outside the garage because most robbers get into the house by first coming to this area.

If a burglar comes to your place, the trail cam how to hide a trail cam for home security on your garage is likely to show you their face.

Plants Near Your House

How to Hide a Trail Cam For Home Security

A proper hiding place that the burglars will never notice plants. You can place the camera somewhere hidden in the bushes and point it directly at your driveway to get a precise angle of the person who tries to break in.

Just keep in mind that no leaves come in front of the angle caught on the camera.

Right Inside Your Home

How to Hide a Trail Cam For Home Security

This method might prove useful if your camera has a flash. IR flash is mostly found in-game cams, as mentioned before. Wild game terra 12 or any other similar game cam will be the best choice in this case.

If the flash of the camera is on and its places near a window, it will warn the intruders, and they will walk back and drop the idea of breaking in.

How to Hide a Trail Cam for Home Security On The Ground

The most common places always ignore. The earth probably is a place where nobody is expected to look for a hidden trail cam. Mailbox camera is undoubtedly a good one. But placing a hunting video camera right on the ground covered with some decoration piece is a better idea.

The lens of the camera should be facing upwards how to hide a trail cam for home security so that the angle caught on camera is unobstructed. 

On The Light Post 

How to Hide a Trail Cam For Home Security

This one can also serve as a warning to the intruders to step back from your property. While placing a trail cam on your light post, you need to make sure that the light is not too much to ruin the security pictures caught by the camera.

Having a wireless game camera, in this case, will be perfect because you can’t have wires are hanging around from your light post during the wired security camera mounting. 

Birdhouse Camera

How to Hide a Trail Cam For Home Security

If you don’t have an enclosure, make one. Not only for the birdhouse camera but for your hidden trail camera for security. This place is best and will never be noticed quickly by the intruders.

You have to select the best place to construct a birdhouse camera. After that, you only need to place your trail cam there pointing straight at either your driveway or front door.


I hope you won’t be worried now about your property as I have answered the question “how to hide a trail camera for home security?” with some useful tips. You can utilize any one of the above six ways mentioned for hiding a trail cam for security.

A game cam, as said before, is going to be a better choice. Well, it all depends on your situation. If you want a game cam, then buy the wild game terra 12. Otherwise, if you fancy trail cams, the recommended one, as said before, is the carpark trail cam.

Whether you use a game cam or a trail cam, both cams capture the security pictures how to hide a trail cam for home security of your properties easily to let you know who was wandering around on your property while either you were asleep or away. Make sure completely hide your security camera.

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