How To Find Instagram URL: Simple Best Guide 2020

How To Find Instagram URL: Simple Best Guide 2020

Finding the URL for a photo or video on Instagram is always useful for various purposes. If you too, like many other users, want to know how to find Instagram URL of a photo or a video, keep reading the article to find the answer to your question.

Some people want to know their Instagram profile URL to share it with their friends so that they can connect on the famous photo and video sharing platform known as Instagram.

After reading this article, the question of how do I find my Instagram URL will never appear in your mind again.No matter what you want that Instagram address. As like Instagram have other social media(Facebook, Tumblr, SoundCloud, Discord,imgur, Spotify).

Instagram URL

How To Find Instagram URL

A good thing about Instagram is that you can get your own Instagram profile URL along with the Instagram profile URL of other users of Instagram without them knowing even if the target account is private.

The Instagram URL of a post can also be acquired easily. Three types of Instagram URL can obtain:

  • URL for an Instagram page.
  • URL for an Instagram photo.
  • URL for an Instagram video.

Well, definitely if the account is private, you cannot get the URL of photo or video posted by the user.

Profile URL: How to find Instagram URL

Here the method of getting the URL of a How to find Instagram URL profile is mentioned. First, go to the profile you would like to get the URL of. After opening the profile, you will see an icon (three vertical dots) in the top right corner.

How to find Instagram URL

Tap on that icon. After tapping on that icon, a menu will appear in front of you with about six different options. The options are:

  1. Block user.
  2. Report.
  3. Copy profile URL.
  4. Turn on post notifications.
  5. Share this profile.
  6. Send message.

Out of these six options, you have to select the “copy profile URL” option to get the URL copied on your Instagram clipboard.

Getting URL of A Photo or Video

How To Find Instagram URL

The method of getting the How to find Instagram URL of a particular photo or video is quite similar to getting the URL of an Instagram page.

After getting logged into your Instagram account, navigate to the photo or video whose URL you would like to copy. When you find that photo or video, tap on the icon located in the top right corner. A menu will appear with different options. Choose the “copy link” option. This option will copy the Instagram URL of that photo or video to your Instagram clipboard.

How To Find Instagram URL From Desktop.

How To Find Instagram URL

Getting the URL of any Instagram post or page is quite easier than getting it from the mobile application. When you are browsing Instagram through your desktop computer, the URL of every post appears in the address bar of your web browser.

If you want to get an Instagram profile URL, navigate to that particular profile using your web browser. Now click on the URL that has appeared in your address bar. Copy it to use it for later use by pressing the keyboard shortcut CTRL+V.

To get the URL of an Instagram post, navigate to the post, whether it’s a video or photo, and click on the URL that has appeared in the address bar of your browser. Copy the address for later use.

Copy the Instagram URL of your account uses the same method that I have described above for copying the Instagram URL of a profile.

Can You Change Your Instagram Name?

How To Find Instagram URL

The answer is yes. If you want to change your Instagram name for any reason i.e., you regret your teenage mistake of setting a weird name that fancied you at that time but does not look appealing to you now; there is nothing to be worried about. Following is a simple method that, if followed correctly, can get your Instagram username changed in no time.

First, you need to log into your Instagram account using the mobile application. Now navigate to your profile. Here you will find various options. The one you need to tap on is the “Edit profile.” This option can locate next to your How to find Instagram URL profile picture.

After entering this “edit profile” section, you can easily change your username, profile picture, and a lot of other credentials that define you. Type the new username to check its availability. If the username is available, then set it and enjoy it. This was the method that can get you to change your Instagram username without any hassle.


I hope the above article answers the question of how to find Instagram URL along with the other one can you change your Instagram username.

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