How To Connect Nintendo Switch To TV: Easy Guide 2023

Most gamers want to play Fortnite or other video games with a giant LCD screen or big screen TV. Nintendo switch screen size 6.2-inch, so it’s not much bigger than the smartphone screen size. In this case, most gaming console users want to play with TV.

If you are a new user of the Nintendo Switch gaming console, follow my step-by-step guide on how to connect Nintendo switch to TV. Are you want to connect the Nintendo Switch to TV? Arrange the requirement and explore the switch gaming world.  


I hope you have the upper listed requirements, and you have to ready to solve the problem of how to connect a nintendo switch to a tv. You just follow my step by step process.

  • First, we have needed the HDMI cable with the working input button and output.
  • We need the original Nintendo Switch charger to charge the switch console.
  • Hold dock and pulled the back cover.
  • Grab your HDMI wire and plug it in the input button where it is located dock HDMI out. Which HDMI input button garb you? It’s doesn’t matter which side was exact. HDMI cord OUT and input button port are the same.
  • Now plug with TV the other side of HDMI cable input button port.
  • Take the original switch charger, grab the charging port, and connect with the official Nintendo Switch dock.
  • Now close the dock back part.
  • Plug the Nintendo switch Ac adapter with the wall outlet power source.
  • Grab your Nintendo switch controller and notice the TV screen. There have some options. Just ignore them and click on HDMI1.
  • Grab your Nintendo switch and put on the dock. Notice Nintendo switch charging light indicator. If you can see it is working, you are on the right track.
  • Now click the power button for the ON Nintendo switch.
  • Yes, your job on how to connect Nintendo switch to TV is done.
  • Login to your Nintendo account and play.

In this guide, I will explain with many ways to connect a Nintendo switch to; stay with us and get the new experience. Can a Nintendo switch connect to any TV?

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How To Connect Nintendo Switch To TV Without Dock

how to connect nintendo switch to tv without dock

In this section, I want to solve a fundamental problem with how to connect Nintendo switch to a TV without having to lug around the big dock. Now designed the Nintendo switch to be a very versatile console they made it.

So you can take away the switch from the dock, and it will be handheld. Basically, the Nintendo looks at the home console for his dock. Now I will be described step by step how to connect Nintendo switch to TV without a dock.

Why You Need Connect Switch To TV Without Dock?
  • The first reason the eye sorting looking into the dock; it’s not looking fashionable. Its design can annoy you.
  • Most users like to switch friends to play games on their TV and always drag the longways. It’s a bit of a hassle to carry it as it’s a little bigger.
  • The back of the dock seems to be open at the time of connection. If all its connection ports were on the outside, it would not be relaxed.
  • When you go outside and do not have to carry a bag, it would have been easy to carry smaller.


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My choice is a small dock to solve all the above problems, and that product name is  RREAKA USB Type C to HDMI Digital AV Multiport Hub. It has a special chip in the dock and special social hardware to output an HDMI signal.

So this is the main point everybody’s been not to need lug around carrying to the original giant dock which comes with Nintendo switch. Just use the RREAKA travel switch dock input button.

How To Use RREAKA Travel Switch Dock.

  • Plug your Ac adapter with the outlet power source and connect with the input button RREAKA travel station dock.
  • Grabs your gaming console and hold your Type C cable.
  • Connect Nintendo switch with Type C cable.
  • Grabs the HDMI wire and connects with RREAKA USB Type C to HDMI Digital AV Multiport Hub and others input button connect with TV.
  • Login with credential to Nintendo account.
  • Now play and enjoy Nintendo Switch’s gaming world with Joy con.

How To Connect Nintendo Switch Lite To Tv

How To Connect Nintendo Switch Lite To Tv

I’m sure you’re already well aware and probably know why you clicked on this How to connect Switch lite to TV guide. The Nintendo Lite is basically the same as the original switch but stuffed into a smaller shell with a smaller screen and no detachable Joy con.

One prominent missing feature the ability to dock the switch and play on TV. This reason came as a shock to all switch fans. Obviously, this reason was done as a cost-cutting measure. So Nintendo could offer a more portable option for those.

Who prefer portable consoles or are looking to upgrade from the 3ds rift 3ds. When I first saw the Nintendo lite advertised. I just assumed Nintendo switch online wasn’t promoting the docking feature as they weren’t. Including a dock with the unit and intended it to be a primarily handheld mode console. Again, I assumed that many others did if you plugged in the switch lite to an original switch dock, and it would just work.

After the Nintendo lite was released, I searched all over YouTube to see how To Connect Nintendo Switch to TV, and it was indeed. Many prominent YouTubers tried to connect Nintendo switch to TV and no success.

Switch lite was unable to fit into the original switch dock because the joysticks were closer together. Many third-party companies made Nintendo accessory. Due to a smaller form factor, so the logical next step was to try  RREAKA USB Type C to HDMI Digital AV Multiport Hub input button.

RREAKA Nintendo switches portable dock offer all the same functionality as the original dock. When the actual switch is connected, such as charging the console and supplying and working with USB plug 3.0 ports. But video output to a TV function was not still available.

Many hardware experts discovered the video output chip in the switch lite was removed entirely. It was obviously done as a cost-cutting measure, and as that results, video output to a TV via the traditional docking standard was impossible.

I accept a feat, but for some reason, my urge to find a docking solution didn’t end. Who is going to play any multiplayer game on a 5-inch screen? Nintendo lite has no video output chip installed.

Ok make sense; it has to be an extremely low cost, easy to access by anyone solution. Otherwise, why not just buy an original switch. The requirement device we are using is owned by almost every man, woman, and child on this earth’s face, and that would be a smartphone.

We will be using the Smartphone’s camera to capture gaming footage. Directly from switch lights 5-inch screen and outputting that footage to a TV and using the same Smartphone’s video output features. We are using a mid-range phone.

Step By Step Process How To Connect Nintendo Switch Lite To Tv

Requirement How To Connect Nintendo Switch Lite To Tv


How To Use RREAKA Nintendo Switch Portable Dock

  • Grabs HDMI Wire and connect with TV.
  • Grabs USB C cables and hold USB input button to connect Smartphone RREAKA Nintendo Switch Portable Dock.
  • Hold Type C cable charging input button port and connect with Smartphone.
  • Screw up Nintendo lite and Smartphone with Universal Tablet Stand Holder and login Nintendo account.
  • Open smartphone camera and record gameplay from Nintendo lite.
  • Open TV Cast.
  • Now Nintendo switches lite, ready to fly.
  • Job is done.


I hope this article helped you learn how to connect your Nintendo Switch console. If you have any issues, please feel free to reach out, and we will be happy to help!

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