Best Ways How To Charge Nintendo Switch[2023]

Nintendo Switch is one of the best gaming consoles, which is first rapidly growing up in the gaming world. Someone new games lover buys the game consoles and doesn’t know how to charge Nintendo switch. We have to bring this essential guide for those people.

Way to Recharge Nintendo game consoles is not rocket science. It’s a normal process that other electrical consumer products. The Nintendo Switch does not support a micro USB c cable charger. Okay, let’s start a step-by-step process; how do you charge a Nintendo switch for the first time?


  • Switch Game Consoles.
  • Nintendo Dock.
  • USB c plug.
  • Power Connection.
  • Nintendo Switch Ac Adapter.

If you have upper listed requirements, now your Switch games consoles are ready for a recharge.

  • USB plug your USB c plug charging cable into the Nintendo Switch Ac Adapter.
  • Take your Nintendo games consoles.
  • Take your Nintendo Switch dock.
  • Your console into the Nintendo Switch dock.
  • Hold the Type C cable and put the charging port into the Console dock charging port.
  • Now solve the problem of how to charge the Nintendo switches.

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Can I Charge a Switch With a Phone Charger?

how to charge nintendo switch with android charger

Switch game consoles launched in 2017, and at present, it has lots of fan bases. Nintendo games consoles or lost their original charger when someone gets a new brand, but they have a portable charger. Those switch users are looking for the answer to can I charge a switch with a phone charger?

Today I’m going to explain. Can you charge a Nintendo switch with a phone charger? Okay, let’s start that process. Can you charge a Nintendo switch with a phone charger?


  • Type C Cable USB cable Charger or Samsung fast charger.
  • Nintendo Switch Console.

Step by step process Can I charge switch without dock?

  • Take a good quality Type C charger and USB plug with a power supply.
  • The charging port connects with your gaming console.
  • Now check your console charging status; yes, it is working.
  • Now solved your problem of Can you charge a Nintendo switch with a phone charger?

I play the Subnautica game for about five minutes; then, I will notice my console is on the way to Recharge. Android charger doesn’t fast faster Recharge your beloved Nintendo gaming console, so if you choose to avoid the android phone charger.

How To Charge Nintendo Switch Without Dock

how to charge nintendo switch without dock

Lots of Game lovers want to know how to charge Nintendo switch without dock. Now I am going to explore about step by step easy process charge Nintendo switch without dock.

I’m not familiar with the switch’s power and which charger it needs. I believe an iPhone charger would be okay, but I would use a 2 amp or 2.1 amp or 2.4 amp. If you’re going to use a Nintendo game console device while charging, use higher amps. If you want to charge Nintendo switch without dock, use the apple official adapter and follow my process.

I have a USB port C cable. I’ve got this one at five dollars or below five dollars, plug Type C Cable into the charger power adapter. You don’t have to use an apple power adapter for any 2.1 version. A higher version adapter will be excellent for the Switch console, even a smaller 1.0 amp version.

If your power adapter is cheap and says like a 0.5 amp version, don’t use that adapter for the Nintendo console. Let’s start step by step process of how to charge Nintendo switch without docking station.

  • Take a Type C cable.
  • Select Apple adapter 2.1 amp version.
  • Connect cable and Nintendo Switch Ac Adapter.
  • Plug adapter with the wall outlet power source.
  • Hold Type C cable charger port and connect the bottom of the Nintendo console.
  • now you will Notice the switch game consoles charging light indicator, and the Nintendo switch should be charging
  • Now solve your problems how to charge Nintendo switch without dock.

When your Nintendo console gets a notification about your switch battery 100%, it doesn’t need to charge.

How To charge Nintendo Switch Joycons

how to charge nintendo switch joycons

Nintendo game consoles joy-con controllers come with a Switch gaming console. It’s making the console more perfect for enjoying the game. When the switch game console’s charge is finished, the switch pro controller power is finished. Brand new console users look at the solution of how to charge Nintendo switch joycons.

In this section, I will discuss the easy process do Joycons charge when switch is docked? Okay, let’s start this guide.

  • Take a type C cable with an adapter and plug outlet power source. Now your dock has power, and it’s ready to charge a Nintendo console or controller.
  • Put on joy con charging grip with Nintendo game consoles.
  • The last step is the console put on the dock.
  • Now check the Nintendo game consoles charging light indicator, yes it’s will be work.

Simply just going to turn on your switch. Well, it doesn’t have to be turned on and just keep those slid in dock charge. So slid in all the charging time, they will be charging. Let’s check the Switch game consoles and Joy cons power.

  • Go to Nintendo game consoles console Home menu.
  • Go to controllers.
  • On the controller’s option, you will get three charging icon. The left-hand corner side has a blue controller, the middle icon is the Switch console, and the right-hand corner site has an orange controller.
  • Controllers describe charring details. 

How To Charge Nintendo Switch Joycons With Joy Con Grip

How To Charge Nintendo Switch Joycons With Joy-Con Grip

Nintendo game console controller accessory is handy for console users. Typically Joy cons battery life has about a 20 hour. Sometimes gamers use game consoles switch controller pro then they are want to charge Joycons with JoyCon Grip.

In this section, I will explore how to charge Nintendo Joycons with Joycons grip. Let’s start this guide and nonstop enjoy the console gaming experience. I will tell you, the switch is enough Way to recharge your gaming console. My advice uses a Nintendo gaming console for charging Joycons. Although you want to know the exact Way, OK, stay with us.

  • Hold Joy con grip and put on Joycons controllers.
  • Take a Type C cable.
  • Hold the usb port in connection with the gaming console dock. Now your dock is ready for recharge Joy cons with grip.
  • Another part of the Type C cable (Type c cable charging port) connects with your Nintendo grip.
  • Now check the Grip Nintendo game console charging light indicator.
  • Your problem is solved how to charge Nintendo switch Joycons with joy con controllers and grip.


I hope solved your problem charge your Nintendo switch. If you have any problem with the Nintendo switch ac adapter or Nintendo switch charging and Nintendo switch lite, please ask in the comment section.

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