How to change your nickname in discord

How To Change Nickname On Discord: 3 Quick Tips

One of the best things about Discord is the ease and freedom you have to jump and be part of multiple server communities for an assortment of various purposes. Perhaps you are the type of person who uses it to play strictly. Even then you can have multiple gaming communities, guilds or groups with which you like to communicate daily. Someone looking guide How to change nickname on discord.

There may come a time when your current nickname no longer defines you and you want to make a change. You may just want to add something for a special occasion or party. The beauty of Discord is that it allows you to discord change nickname for the one you want, as long as the owner of the server has granted you the appropriate permissions.

Guide: How to Change Nickname on Discord

how to change nickname on discord

There are some ways you can alter or edit your current discord nickname. Keep in mind that you can change your nickname and what everyone else sees in the user list for each server in which you are a member. Also, changing your nickname does not change your account username and people can still locate you using it if they wish.

Of the three options, you have how to change nickname on discord, we will start with the most detailed method.

Start the Discord application and, if prompted, log in with your email and password. If you do not have the desktop version of the Discord application on your computer, you can use the Discord web application in your Internet browser. Use the URL and enter there. Once everything is loaded and launched:

  • Click on the white cogwheel icon next to your username at the bottom left of the screen. This is your User Settings icon and it will open your User Settings page.
  • Click the Edit button in the upper right corner of the “User Settings” page, located under the heading “MY ACCOUNT“. Here you can edit information such as your username, email, and password.
  • Within the text field just below “discord nickname“, your current nickname will be displayed. Delete your old nickname and enter the new one. If you wish, you can fill in the field «EMAIL» with a new entry or click on «Change Password?
  • Once you have finished with the changes, you will have to confirm your identity by entering your password before you can save the newly edited information. Then, click on the Save button in the lower right corner of the “MY ACCOUNT” section to save all the modified information.

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Short-Path Guide: Discord Change Nickname

how to change nickname on discord

A faster way how to change nickname on discord than the previous one, especially on a server that does not belong to you:

  • Click on the server configuration menu bar at the top of the Discord window. It will have the name of the server on it and a down arrow to the right of it.
  1. In the drop-down menu, click Change nickname.
  1. Here, you can enter your new username in the field where your current name is located. Once you have written it and are satisfied, click on the blue save button.

The Shortest Guide: How to Change Nickname on Discord

How to -change your nickname in discord

If you feel like using the slash commands to click and scroll, typing $0027 / nick $0027 in the message entry area (followed by a space) and then entering your new discord nickname, you can change it. A solution is much faster than those mentioned above.

You can do this for each and every server you have access to, as long as your current role within that server group allows you to change it.

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Name Management on Multiple Servers

If you are the owner of a server, you have the option to change and manage the nicknames of anyone who joins. There are two permissions dedicated to the use of the discord nickname.

Enabling “discord nickname ” will give users permission to change their nickname on their server. This is also the case if you are on a server that belongs to another person. If this permission has not been verified, you keep the nickname you had when you entered. That is unless the owner chooses to change your nickname.

By enabling “Manage Nicknames” on your server, users are given permission to access only the “Members” server configuration. This allows anyone to change the nicknames of other members within that server while they are members. Of course, if you are the owner, you have this power intrinsically, but permission must be granted by the owner of a server if you are on a server other than yours.

Changing the nicknames of other members is quite simple:

  1. Just access the Members tab in Server Settings.
  2. In the “Server members” area, hover over the member whose username you want to change. This will raise three vertical points to the right. Click on the dots to open more options and choose Change nickname.
  3. Fill in the member’s new username in the box provided and click Save when finished.

Everyone who accesses the server will see the newly updated nicknames on the right in the Members Section.

If the server owner has denied you a role with the “Change nickname” permission, then you will not have access to your own nickname or any member. Even with a bar command, Clyde will only give you a sad message:

Remember that, even if you are trying to keep a low profile or go incognito with a new nickname, anyone who wants to, can click on your user profile to discover your real name.

Interestingly, you can still make mentions @ using both the new nickname and the original. Normal Discord features that require you to know someone’s username will continue to apply normally.

Final Thought: How to Change Nickname on Discord.

Therefore, even if the new nickname has nothing to do with the original, you can mention it in @ mention. An example would be $ 0027Konquezt $ 0027 as the original name but opting for $ 0027I M A Gawd $ 0027 on the current server you are trying to mention.

Visually, the name would be displayed as $ 0027I M A Gawd $ 0027 but you could type @Kon (or the full name) and still appear. Discord will always remember and refer to the original discord nickname. This function is also applied when searching for users in the Members tab of the Server Configuration.

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