How To Call Canada From US: Smart Best Guide

Getting to know the difference between international calling is effortless these days. It seems a bit hectic, but it’s as easy as you call someone from the same country.

How to call Canada from US (USA). We all have a few reasons to make a call internationally. You all have to make sure that you are doing it for a specific and not just like that because you are bored.

Some do phone calls to their family member while others make mobile calls to attend an important meeting; we all have particular reasons to do it.

Fact: How do I dial from US to Canada?.

how to call Canada from US

You will realize that international mobile calling is the most amazing thing you would find this way. So we should be doing that quite often. If you are looking for a way, how do I make a call to Canada from the US? It would be best to avoid this because you don’t know how to call to help you thoroughly with this thing.

We will help you learn things properly to easily understand how you can call Canada from the US (United States of America). Before we talk about this, let’s about the advantages and disadvantages of calling internationally. Most of them are merits, but there are few demerits of this thing so let’s take a look at it first.

Advantages of Internationally Calling

how to call Canada from US

We are aware of the fact that how and why we need this thing so badly. As we all are aware that this is so important we also those good things come with the side-effects. If you are making a call internationally, you might be doing it for a few reasons.

The international call facility is incredibly beneficial for families who are living apart. Like some member is in the U.S., and some of them are in Canada. It’s one of the most amazing things because they can only understand how much the mobiles call help get the connection feels. It can only be known if you have any family members living abroad, so this facility is fantastic for those people.

It is great if you an online business, online meeting going on, and whatnot. It also makes the person feel professional if you have a business worldwide and instead of using call apps. You are making the call directly internationally from the U.S. to Canada.

If you have meetings, you can always make the calls and get things done rightly, while WhatsApp and other applications might interrupt some way. But internationally roaming calls is as smooth as you are calling from the same city.

So here are a few essential benefits that we all know why it’s a crucial thing to learn and why we all should know how to make calls the US to Canada.

Disadvantages of Internationally How To Call Canada From US

how to call Canada from US

The only downside is I can see; you will have to learn calling Canada from US (United States of America) the process thoroughly to make the international calls. It’s not hectic but learning it and correctly is compulsory.

These steps can be followed with these mobile phones worldwide, Google, Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, OnePlus, Huawei, LG, Nokia, Sony, HTC, ZTE, and Motorola!

While the other thing is the recharge for services, as we all know, international calling charges a lot, other than that. It’s amazing. There are also few packages of the carriers that they offer to U.S. and Canadian people.

So now let’s talk about the way of how to make calls from US to Canada.

Suppose you are looking to make the calls. You will need to learn how to make calls from the US to Canada thoroughly, and then you will realize it’s not that difficult as it seems to be.

While if you are calling any country, you are required to enter the country and exit country code while this isn’t the case with Canada as you can call directly here is the process:

Canada Phone Code: How do I call Canada from my cell phone?

how to call Canada from US
  • Begin dial “+1 before phone number “as this is the Canada country code if you dial Canada from the US.
  • Now let’s check which area you are calling. Canadian three-digit area code 780 will connect you with (Northwest Territories) northern Alberta, while 514 will get you to connect with Montreal.
  • Dial the seven digits number, and the call will be connected.
  • Suppose you want to call Canada from the USA and have the City / Region Area Code. Then you are trying to reach it. It’s a hell out of a natural thing to make a call to Canada from the USA.
  • Just see the country area codes’ list to see which area you are looking to connect with, and you are ready to call with this natural process.

If you are looking to make the calls, you will need to learn to dial Canada from United States process thoroughly and then you will realize it’s not that difficult as it seems to be.

While if you are calling any country, you are required to enter the country and exit country code while this isn’t the case with Canada as you can mobiles call directly, here is the process:

Canadian Area Codes You Should Know.

Canada geographic location name with major area codes. Check our list of Canadian country code. Make sure city codes before calling on landline phone or mobiles. Now check below the Canadian rea code.

Location Area Code Location individual area codes
British Columbia 250, 604, 778 Southern Alberta 403
Edmonton 780 Quebec City 418
New Brunswick 506 Thunder Bay 807
Sherbrooke 819 Toronto (Metro) 416, 647
Toronto (Greater) 289, 905 Prince Edward Island 902
Vancouver 778 Manitoba 204
Nova Scotia 902 Ottawa 613
Newfoundland 709 Yukon & NW Territories 867
Montreal 514 Quebec 450, 819
Alberta (Northern) 780 North Bay 705
London 519 Saskatchewan 306

Example of dialing format Canada from the US.

Looking to call home or business calls in North Bay.

  • You would use dialing format: 1- 705-123-4567.
  • If you are looking for calls to landlines phone in Manitoba, you will dial 1- 204- 123-4567.

It’s as simple as it seems like to how to call Canada from US.

Now Let’s Talk About the Process of How to Call Canada from US by a Cell Phone.

Calling landlines in Canada is simple and with follows and get done with the same process. While you need to follow these few steps and you are good to go. You can also be assured that these are helpful with these carriers.AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile US, Sprint Corporation.


It is the same and easy steps that you will follow in both of the cases. Here you go with it, let us know if you like the information about how to call Canada from US (United States of America) and if it can be helpful for you in any way.

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