How To Block Neighbor’s Security Camera: [Secret Tips 2024]

If you are annoyed by your neighbor’s camera always spying on you. While you get in or out of your house and are fed up by it. I’ve got some tips for you that you can follow to get out of this frustrating situation. Many people have been searching google on how to block neighbor’s Security Camera. it has become an international issue.

A whole lot of people are annoyed by their weird spying neighbors. If you are one of them, then keep on reading this article as I have suggested some ways to get rid of such neighbors. We have other surveillance cameras discussions about How To Hide A Trail Cam For Home Security.

Tips: How to Block Neighbor’s Security Camera

 How To Block Neighbor’s Security Camera

Get yourself some security cameras on your property How to block neighbor’s security camera. If your neighbor is pointing a camera at you, the best thing to do is to serve them with the same sauce. Get a surveillance cameras and put it on your property looking just the same way at your neighbor as they have looked at you.

There are several brands that you can keep in mind when buying a camera. They are WinsafeCCTV, HDCCTV, 2mCCTV, Magic tele systems, CA, Hikvision, Planet Security USA, and Milesight. You can search for the best camera dealer near you on Google. How to block neighbor’s security camera  If you want to buy the camera without getting out of your house directly, use Best Buy to get the job should check How To Sync Arlo Camera

Check Camera Real or Fake: Live Cameras in People’s Homes

How to block neighbor's security camera.

The next thing you might want to do before taking any action is to determine whether the camera pointed at you by your neighbor is real or not. Many people play pranks using fake cameras to get a laugh. Well, this isn’t funny, but it happens.

You can quickly determine whether your How to block neighbor’s security camera is real or fake by looking at it in the night. If you see a visible, infrared light emitting from it, then the camera is real. Otherwise, you can judge it by determining whether there are some cables connected to the camera or not.

Blind the Camera

Another method to get out of this situation is to blind the camera. You can do this by either pointing something at it or by physically sneaking into their property and putting something on it to block the camera.

The best thing is to use laser light. Put a laser inside your window pointing at the camera. This will disrupt the camera feed and make your neighbor think about how to block the neighbor’s security camera that the camera is faulty. You can do this multiple times until the guy gets fed up with changing the surveillance cameras.

Hack Live Cameras in People’s Homes

 How To Block Neighbor’s Security Camera

You can temporarily switch off the camera of your neighbor by hacking the camera’s network. It is not going to be easy if you don’t know anything about Wi-Fi hacking. But, there are several methods available on the internet to hack and block security cameras. 

You have to put some effort and search for the correct method of Wi-Fi hacking to get the job done.

Talk To Your Neighbor

how-to block neighbors-security-camera

Yes, I know you won’t like this one, but you have to swallow this bitter pill to get this mess settled. It is the most straightforward method to get your privacy back.

First, talk to them in a pleasant tone and tell them that their camera is disturbing your privacy. Ask the authority for pointing the camera in another direction. If they don’t take notice of it, threaten the controller that you can take legal action against them. It should do the trick. But if it doesn’t, head over to the next tip.

Talk To The Police Or A Lawyer

 How To Block Neighbor’s Security Camera

If your spying neighbor doesn’t understand your pleads of moving their camera to another angle for getting your privacy back, and also the surveillance camera jammers are not doing the trick if it is a wired camera, maybe you should talk to the legal authorities.

First, make sure that the camera has a clear view of the interior of your house. If it does, you can sue your neighbor for the invasion of privacy by talking How to block neighbor’s security camera to the police or a reputable lawyer. If someone doesn’t understand the easy way, you have to do it the hard way to get things settled.

In this section, I have tried to explain all the possibilities on the topic of how to block neighbor’s security camera. Try each of the methods, and I hope at least one will work for you. The surveillance camera jammer tool can prove useful for you to get rid of the situation quickly.

Just keep in mind the cam jam distance before mounting the security camera jammer. Otherwise, you can put the laser light on a tree or something else in front of their house, continually pointing at the camera.

Buy Camera Jammer Device

How To Block Neighbor’s Security Camera

If you think you can’t block the security camera of your neighbor by hacking it, another effective thing is to buy and use a surveillance camera jammer. It’s a small device that you can easily use to disrupt the camera recording. You can search for CCTV jammer on Amazon and get one.

Surveillance camera jammers are lightweight and portable. You can carry one of them in your bag wherever you go. The signals will disrupt, and the camera recording will be disturbed for you to do whatever you want by maintaining your privacy. Although there are no wired camera jammers available.

you can try the laser method for them instead. You can also block the camera by anti-spy security equipment like the Bug detector. Usually, the cam jam distance for most of the security camera jammers is 20 feet.


Though CCTV jammer method is high recommend before trying any other purpose. If all fail, talking to the police for using your neighbor is never going to fail. You have to understand the pros and cons of it before following any tips.

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