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How To Add Bots To Discord Server: 10 Easy Step

Failure to add bots to your discord server? Know the definitive guide about how to add bots to discord server and then take the proper steps. One of the serious options of having discord server is to have known to add a lot of new and exciting bots that will create so much fun.

Discord gain success with millions of users around the whole world. Like others, if you have run a new Discord server, you have a ton of options to provide great features for the players. One of the superior features is additional bots.

In this sample, we try to cover step-by-step on how to set up discord server and also try to explain how to add bots to discord server. 

Essential Guide: How To Set Up A Discord Server

how to add -bots to discord

Setup a discord server isn’t terribly hard exactly. It is indeed so simple and even free. Discord is also accessible on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux.

For example, I’ll set up a discord server on the Microsoft windows of PC or desktop. If you have downloaded set up file, run Discord setup. This setup program can download a dozen, and they can be updated.

After downloading they can be launched with an opening screen. So, if you don’t have any Discord account still now, you have to register now, and it is a quick process. There was a full post on Discord such as Discord Notification Sound or Discord Mic Not Working.

Have you completed the job and login, now click on the “Create a Server” and then add a server name with select a state. But keep in mind, you have to select the state name in your geographic area in the world. You also can attach your custom icon if you love to add.

Then you can test your original version of this server. Now enjoy several games like game boy manufactured by Nintendo 64, a master system made by Sega, or Amiga introduced by Commode. If you wish to know more about Discord, you can read How to Delete Discord Account or How to Logout of Discord.

How To Find The Best Discord Bots: Essential Guide

how to add-bots to discord

Best Discord Bots? They are just plain computer programs. They work together with interesting human beings even sometimes with another bot. They play their role to complete certain activities that they will do automatically.

There have several types of bots that can be used, and they can be useful depending on their purposes and their design actually how they organise. On the Discord server, several bots have, and they provide a ton of productive and sometimes non-productive features to your community.

In the example, the discord server world is entirely a bots world. Thousands of free bots are available there good bots such as notsobot, pokecord bots, and so on. Now you have to find out the best discord bots from this sea and add it with your discord server.

But you should remember that some bots are semi-useful where some are so serious that you will get Carbonitex website. So, if you want to make a serious community, you can visit Carbonitex website from where serious Discord bots meet with you that will be useful to Discord invite activity.  

To learn more read on:

How To Add Bots To Discord: Easy Guide

how to add-bots to-discord

Gathering knowledge on Discord setup and Discord bots meet hope now you are ready to make a plan to add discord bots.

How to add a bot to Discord? Let’s see.


Open your Microsoft windows and go to the Discord website or Carbonitex website where you will get the best discord bots.


Here, a long list of discord bots will show in front of you. From this list, you find out your desirable bots searching using wishing keywords. You also can browse more and more or search following the category or fixed the popular bots like notsobot.


Click on the selected discord bot and a new homepage will display on the screen of your device. Continue your task with relevant details, containing the description of the bot’s features, following command syntax. 

Next, a link will into the creator’s screen that is often listed too when the operator stays in action with the bot. For adding the selected bot with your discord server, select Discord invites option. After an excellent satisfaction, you can return the profile page and let know other users it by choosing vote.


Browse Discord website and open the server using the right username and correct password. 


The screen will show ‘Select a server’ option. When the drop-down menu will visible into the screen, select the name of the Discord server where you desire to add this discord bot.


Go to the next section by scrolling down “Allow the following permission”, and it may be including a list with a few options that accompanied by the checkbox. If you see a checkmark here, you can think that the page has permitted you to set up the granted bot.

In this step, you will get an opportunity to go back and if you don’t want you will change your decision and don’t add the selected bots to your discord server. But if you agree, follow the next step.


Choose the checkbox to go to the next stir and click here on the button of “I’m not a robot”.


Now select the ‘Authorized’ option.


At last step, a message will be shown in your display; it’ll come to get confirmation the selected discord bot. So, the authorised can be added the bot to your discord server.


Finally, select the browser tab or Microsoft window to finish the process to add bots to discord server.

How To Add Bots To Discord Server On Mobile

how- to add-bots to-discord

Let’ see how to add bots to discord server on mobile. Below we have shown a complete instruction that will help you inform how to add bot to discord server.


Download Selected Discord Bot

  1. Open your Android mobile and open an internet browser. You can open Google Chrome, Firefox, opera, anyone.
  2. Find out the best Discord bots. There are several bots that you will discover from the Carbonitex website or follow Discord website because both of them are so popular to get the best discord bots to add your discord server.
  3. Now install the selected discord bot on your mobile. Depending on the website plus bots, the installation process can vary. Most of the sites will offer Discord Invite “install” or Add Bot to Server button. They will redirect your browser to Discord website.
  4. Now if you can’t log indirectly, you have to log in.
  5. When you reach on the Discord by installing the selected discord bot, press ‘Select a Server’ on Discord.
  6. Choose a server for the bot. The bot can be installed on the server. Now include the bot in text with voice chat channel according to a member.
  7. Click on the “Authorized” button. This button is blue that will stay at the bottom and right corner of the display of your mobile. This button will authorize your selected bot and will add it to your discord server.


Transfer A Role To Discord Bot

  1. Open the Discord app on your mobile. Now you will see a Discord icon on your mobile screen into the app list.
  2. Click on the app. If need, now you have to log in using your username and password.
  3. On the profile page, you will see a three-line icon at the upper of the screen. Press on it to open the navigation panel.
  4. Here you can see a list of each text and channel to the right side. Click on the server where you installed your selected Discord bot.
  5. On the menu ‘Server Setting’ option will show before you. Click on it to open the server menu by a new page.
  6. Scroll down the drop-down menu and tap the ‘Member’. This button will take you a new page where you will see a list of discord bots that you installed before.
  7. Press the bot from the list. Select the role for the bot. Some bots will get their role automatically when they installed. If your new bot has no server role, you need to make a new one.
  8. Tap arrow sign that will work to save your setting and return you to the navigation panel.

Last Option

In summary, it is clear to you that you have got a clear idea of how to add bots to Discord server. Now you will add your choose able discord bot even on your mobile or any android within a short time.

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