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Google Birthday Surprise Spinner Games: Best Guide 2020


Celebrate Google 21th birthday with Doodle. Let’s know.

Google has launched Doodle newly to observe its anniversary that released with the Google birthday surprise spinner. It allows you to play the Google birthday surprise spinner game, selecting or spinning to play other.

Google Doodle stocked in its records from this day on earlier years and include a combination of birthday Doodles with mid-Autumn celebration animations. In fact, there have just 12 birthday Doodles with 19 Google Doodles games.

Play 19-games of Doodle on Google birthday surprise spinner having remained little bit patience to spin continuously with the hope of receiving some new. If you get a game, you can save the URL, adding a bookmark for the future.

Info: Google Birthday Surprise Spinner

google birthday surprise spinner

Goggle celebrates its birthday with the most Google way that means a Doodle that allows you to Google birthday surprise spinner game play the fun Doodle ever.

Google now is in 21years old, and so it gathered huge stock to give entertain with a little animation. It included the best and selected a few near years and then integrated them into meta-doodles. They offer you to use a spinner to discover which google doodle games you will play.

The using process of Doodle is so easy and straightforward. How?

  • Go to the Google homepage.
  • Tap on the google birthday surprise spinner.
  • Select google games to play option.
  • Or go for another time.

In some cases, they are the best than other Google Doodle games times. The reason for it that this company made them with full screen and permitted you to see actually what you are doing with no hassle of Google branding google doodle games.

Google Birthday Surprise Spinner Games

Total 19 types of google games included in the Google birthday surprise spinner and all of them are different from each other. When you go for a spinner, you will get a revelation google games for playing. The google doodle games are:

1.Earth Day Quiz

google birthday spinner

The Google earth day quiz is the first kind doodles. That present the Internet preferred amusement a silly quiz. After it let you know which animal the closest to you.

The ‘Earth Day Quiz’ of Google works as updated browsers on the cellphone or windows 10 of your PC, including any Android or iOS Google apps

The first ‘Earth Day Quiz’ celebrated on 22nd April 1970 that was launched by US Senator. The real ‘Earth Day Quiz’ was attracted to about 20 million Americans. In 1990 this game moved in the whole world, and now it has been celebrated about 175 countries globally.

Google has eminent ‘Earth Day Quiz’ by the trendy Doodle last 15-years. In 2014 Google placed six dynamic Doodles on ‘Earth Day Quiz’ homepage with six-diplomat from the animal empire. They are:

  • Rufous Hummingbird
  • Veiled chameleon
  • Dung beetle
  • Japanese macaque
  • Moon jellyfish
  • Pufferfish

This google doodle games first asks you what your actual hobby, and after that, according to your hobby. You will learn which animal will perfect to represent you. They will give you an excellent option for your hobbies.

Mainly they will provide four alternatives for the hobby, and you have to choose anyone of them for which you are right. According to the answer, you will get a chance to know that animal.

2.Google Games Hip Hop Game

google birthday surprise spinner

The next new google doodle games are Hip Hop Game that will find on the Google homepage. About 45-years ago, ‘Hip Hop’ built with its duel interactive music amusement and finished. The ability to combine and graze a ton of evidence as they let you play absolutely on the double floor.

What’s more? Yes, Google introduces the history of Hip Hop google Games. Users with original features that tracked by Prince Paul and three-Feet High And Rising.

This google games capable you to make Hip Hop best beat. These Google Doodles games introduce the 45th anniversary of Hip Hop game with the users.

Through this surprise spinner, the users can choose any song according to their selection. The song structured with some famous Hip Hop singers. It lets you decide on and then arranged the Hip Hop Beats of the song yourself. You also can enable modify the song by using the combination slide organizer. So, now yes, you can try this Google Doodles Games with Hip Hop Beat.    

3.Google Snake Game

google birthday surprise spinner

Google snake game is a popular google games to the game lovers that featured at first for the old mobile phone. But Google renewed this game to memories it with new features with a modern look. Google introduce this latest google games to give the snake game lovers as Google Surprise spinner.

The style of the game for playing is the same and it was played in the older cell phone previously. Like before, this new google snake game follows the arrow keys. instruction and eats the apples continuously. When it eats an apple, it becomes longer, and in this way, it will consume all apples and grow gradually.

But you have to maintain some rules so that the google snake game will save from getting strike with the walls or hit itself. You must instruct the google snake game carefully because the wall built with a simple to the complicated stage so that the snake can’t move quickly.

There are several levels, and each of them isn’t the same format, and the difficulty of them also isn’t equal. So you have to play this game so carefully.

4.Cricket Google Games

google birthday spinner

Google introduced the cricket google with the whole world to celebrate the ICC trophy. From kid to older who don’t want to play cricket in the world as a whole? They love cricket, and they want to play cricket. It may direct or use any animation as the representative of them in online.

As Google birthday surprise spinner game, a cricket google includes some animation features to play the game as your representative. They will play google games for you and fight with the competitor. Especially kid players enjoy this game for its cartoon animation.

The primary function of launching this amusement is to put up the google doodle games installation in the whole world. But one trouble of this game is the scoreboard of it that will show only three digits. The game will end after adding a total of 999. But in front of a fun and enjoy this issue isn’t big, especially for cricket lovers.     

5.Tic Tac Toe

google birthday surprise spinner Tic Tac Toe

Another Google birthday surprise spinner is the Tic Tac Toe game. With this game, most of us familiar with many times ago. Many of us may already be played in this game, particularly in our childhood. We also know how to play this Google birthday surprise spinner game.

If you haven’t any idea about I am sharing it with you. Draw a square box where will make nine space to put the sign of each player. The mark will tic or tac, and the player of this game will be two. The players try to match their tic or tac sign in a similar line. If you can make a line, you are the winner.

But why Google added it to their homepage? Yes, if you don’t get any player with you to play this game, Google will give the company to you and play with you it.

Though it is the oldest game, Google renews it with a new look without changing its features. Now it is a digital game, and it is the most celebrated Google birthday surprise for the game lover and even for kids. 

6.Breathing Exercise

google birthday breathing exercises

Google has given many birthday surprise spinner for its users. All of the surprises aren’t games. There have a few options, just like breathing exercises.

Google tries to give entertainment and enjoy it to its users besides also try to implement them from stress. Yes, you have heard really, and it is not impossible. To make it accurate, Google gives this surprise to us, providing the opportunity of breathing exercises.

To do this exercise, Google gives you some tips and tricks that you have to follow when you will prepare to do this exercise. Otherwise, you won’t get a better result. So, when you need to get relief from any stress, go to Google and practice this 1-minute breathing exercise.

7.Scoville Game

google birthday games Scoville game

Scoville game is also a Google birthday surprise spinner game that made to celebrate the birthday anniversary of Wilbur Scoville. To play this game, the player should have sufficient patience. In this game, the player has to tackle the different types of heat.

To tackle the heat, the player needs to throw different ice balls so that he can address the heat. If the player wants to win the google doodle games, he has to throw the ice ball continuously to ending the weather entirely.

8.15th Birthday Google Doodle Games

15 Birthday google doodle games

Though Google isn’t celebrating its birthday on 27th September all the time, the last few years has been observing the birthday on this date officially.

Of course, the means of it we have got a special Doodle on Google homepage now.

‘15 Birthday google doodle games’ was established on the 15th birthday of google games. And now it is introduced yet again as the 19th Google birthday. It adds the piñata festival of Mexico.

The main theme of this Google birthday surprise spinner game is to collect the points. The points will be collected by alternation star formed piñata exhausted with the stick. Implicit candies released and then can earn the points.

9.Arpeggios Music Lab: Google Games

Arpeggios Music Lab

In Google, spinner Arpeggios google games are built. Especially for music lovers who are more interested in learning music. If you are a music lover, this Google birthday surprise spinner game will be perfect for you. This google doodle games can help you to learn to sing and let you know about melody a little bit more.

Arpeggios are a fantastic technique of music that helps you to come across every time in a ton of different styles. The leading theory of this music term arpeggio. Express the notes of the harmony playing one after another, slightly at the same time. 

Arpeggios allow the creator to write for a monophonic tool that participates single note at a time to voice harmony sequence in melodic pieces. Arpeggios and broken chords both of them are used to help generate musical curiosity.

There have five arpeggios forms for each harmony that categorize have I to learn them? The large object to bear in mind at this point is not to hurry to learn a lot of arpeggio forms that you don’t need to use, you will fail to remember them, and it’ll be a waste of time plus energy.

10. Pony Express Game

Pony Express Game

Before Gmail, pens and papers were the primary way to deliver our message. Before that, means the 1800s, the pony was the primary way to send a message.

In respect of the ‘Pony Express Game,’ Google shaped the energetic google Doodle game that keeps in mind the mail share out services. If any Google consumer press on the ‘Wild West Themed Doodle”, it can help them to deliver pony mail in America.

The ‘Pony Express Game Doodle’ offered for the first time in 2015. It mixes engagingly artfully. It contains a pleasant, quick speed. Long may run. In this game, you have to run on a horse. But you should save yourself where the rocks or cacti will be the main obstacle of you.

If you beat them, you can pitch out from the horse as well as you will lose a few letters that you have collected previously. In this game, you should receive at least 100 letters, and it’ll take a quick reflex on the part. 



Like other Google birthday surprise, Solitaire is the best Google surprise spinner game that has a significant change among the Google birthday surprise spinner game lovers, especially those who wants to play the digital online game.  This game you can play on your personal computer.

This game is featured newly by Google in Doodle as well. If you are not intelligent to play this game on your personal computer, you must play it in Google Doodle.

The latest features of this Google birthday surprise spinner game will work well. So, search the ‘Solitaire’ in Google, and at the top of the right, you will see a play option. Google includes the only standard version of the Solitaire. So, you can play this game with full joy and get a good time from it.

12.Clara Rock More Theremin Lesson

Clara Rock More Theremin Lesson

Today’s Google Doodle not only celebrates the 105th birthday of Clara Rockmore but also marks her musical tools to select the Theremin, a gesture-controlled tool found by Leon Theremin.

A large scare team was designed it adding artists, designers, engineers, the interactive Google Doodle as the digital Theremin.

To start this Google birthday surprise spinner game, the users have to get three swift lessons on how they work with the instrument and can play one-note, two-note and then also five-note tune. When the lessons complete to learn, the users can play any melody that they select using the right key and scale.

13.Galapagos Islands

Let’s know another Google birthday surprise spinner that is Galapagos Islands. This game associated with Google charts. Throughout this game, you can acquire a trip to the ‘Galapagos Islands.’

Google spinner makes this surprise only for the users so that they can take a visit with a new Island. You can play this Google birthday surprise spinner game using any Android phone or iOS or on your personal computer. 

14.Google Halloween Game

google halloween game

Google Doodle games have brought a surprise game for the game lover, especially who love adventure games. Yes, google Halloween game is the adventure type game whose main character’s name is Momo. Momo basically goes for the exploratory mission. His adventure was only to save his school, which was magical.

In google Halloween game, the players have to wipe out the cat’s spirits. The adventure lover must enjoy this game, and it is perfect for them. If you love adventure or, you must love it to play.

15.Valentine’s Day Game

Valentine’s Day Game

To increase the love for wildlife, Google created Valentine’s Day Game and added their ‘Birthday surprise spinner’ game list. The central theme of it is to develop the awareness of people to the wildlife and about the animals.

This step has taken from the ‘World Wildlife Fund’. In this same Valentine’s Day Google birthday surprise spinner game. There have two animals, and both of them are trying to write down a love letter for each other. This hard work tries to inform us what the importance of wildlife for our earth is.

16.Beethoven Game

Beethoven Game

This game has set up to observe the 245th Beethoven Game. It is another surprising game of Google Doodle. If you want to play this game, you have to help a person to rebuild a work. This is the primary subject matter of this game. I think you must enjoy it to play with your Android phone or PC.

17.Pac Man

pac man

Pac man is also a surprising game of Google spinner. This game has set up to commemorate the 30th birthday of Pac Man.

This Google birthday surprise spinner game has provided classical simplicity with cultural impact both of them. But comic or funny riff’s our favourite all the time for the Pace Man Doodle.

18.Animal Sounds

Animal sound is a game that has listed in the Google birthday surprise spinner games. Animal sound, how funny is it!

This game lets you listen to different types of sounds of different kinds of animals. They can be small or the largest one. There was a big collection of the animal’s sounds as well as it is recorded collection.

You allow listening to any sound of any animals. If you think how the echo will listen to, unwrap this on Google and then listen to the animal’s echo that you won’t listen to. But without opening Google, you can’t hear the sound of them.

19.Oscar Visual Music Composition Creator

If you know to make music, this game allows you to explain your skill through this game. It will enable you to modify the music masterpiece by using your faith creativity.

Every music lover must love this and try to show their skill by this Google birthday surprise spinner game. If you think it’ll be joyful for you, you can play it even for once. 

Frequently Asked Questions

People have a lot of queries that they are bearing in mind, but we always try to answer their questions that they may be not express still now before us.

After giving a few significant answers in this article, we try to remove the doubt of them. A few common questions are below: 

1. What is the ‘Google Birthday Surprise, Spinner?

Ans:  Google Birthday Surprise Spinner is the latest Doodle that launched by Google in its 19th birthday. In this, you have to spin the spinner with a surprise game that will come for you. Those games can be mentioned in the 19 years of Google.

2. When is ‘Google Birthday’?

Ans:  Google Birthday has been celebrated on 27th September even though the construction of this company was on 9th September 20 years ago. Google has been celebrating this birthday on this day every year.

3. What is the Google Doodle?

Ans: Google Doodle is the ‘Creativity Start,’ and it was a great chance to use the user’s creativity on Google’s logo. It is one type of contest. The winner’s of this competition will get keep his logo on Google’s logo

4. Who made the first Doodle of Google?

Ans: The founder of Google was made the first Doodle of Google. The Google Doodle was established to give the honour of the Burning man festival of 1998. This event started the scheme of the Doodle.

5. What are the 19-games of ‘Google Birthday Surprise Spinner?’

Ans: The Google birthday surprise spinner is the number of games of 19. It declared due to the conclusion of 19-years on Google.

6. What games may you play on Google?

Ans:  There are 19th games that we already have discussed in this post; you can play Pac Man, Pony Express, Halloween, and anyone of them that you think will make more fun or enjoy for you. 

7. What are the Google’s best doodles?

Ans: In the history of Google, many Doodles have tried to prove their best. Some of them have done to establish them as the best Doodles like Burning man festival, and doodle 4 Googles 2005, Claude Debussy’s 151st birthday, 21st anniversary of the first Japanese rail timetable and so much more.  

8. Is Google Doodle a country particular?

Ans: Country of Google in particular and it made Doodle for the whole world. They added every sort of tradition into the Doodles plan.

9. How many Google Doodles are there?

Ans: The total number of Google Doodles still now is about four thousand. Through the Doodle archive, you can see it correctly.

10.   Who was the 2019 Google’s winner for Doodle?

Ans:  In 2019, the Google winner for the Doodle is Georgia based high school senior ‘Arantxa Pena Popo.’ She was declared as the Google winner on the show of Jimmy Fallon. 

Closing thought

Google is successful in maintaining a funny element on the homepage. Google has already celebrated its recent birthday making a surprise game for every Google user. In this way, every user can get more entertainment from Google Doodle.

All of the games of Google birthday surprise spinner, you can play and enjoy. Seatback and check what will be the right and enjoyable for you.

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