How To Improve Fire Emblem Heroes?: Best Gacha Games Guide

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Basically, to improve in fire emblem heroes, there are two variables that the more we raise them, the more they will help us achieve it: Level and rarity.

The rarity is the stars, ranging from 1 to 5, and mark the base statistics of the fire emblem heroes characters and the skills they can acquire. Obviously, the idea is to raise the fire emblem heroes characters to their maximum stars since they will have better base statistics and more skills.

We can get 5r fire emblem heroes directly, although the probability is quite low. And the usual thing is that we have to make them progress through feathers and objects.

The levels range from 1 to 40, and to level up player has to gain experience or use objects.

We could summarize the hero improvement options in 3.

Level Up The R Fire Emblem Heroes

fire emblem heroes

It is the fastest and easiest way the mobile game gives us to improve our heroes.

There are two ways to raise the level of our heroes:

Getting experience: There are multiple ways to gain experience in the mobile game. All these methods will also help us to get skill points. 

Using objects: This method will not allow us to gain skill points in parallel, but to raise the experience and level quickly. We will need places to reach level 19, and from there, we will only use the gems to continue climbing.

Lascas and gems are obtained in the Practice Tower

Raise The Rarity of Fire Emblem Heroes

fire emblem heroes characters

As we mentioned, it is not very common or probable that we will directly get a hero with five stars. So to raise the rarity, we will have to keep in mind that we will need particular objects:

  • Increase rarity from 1 to 2 stars: 5 stamps and 20 hero pens
  • Increase rarity from 2 to 3 stars: 10 stamps and 200 hero pens
  • From 3 to 4 stars: 20 stamps and 2,000 hero pens
  • From 4 to 5 stars: 20 badges and 20,000 hero feathers

Maybe player are interested in knowing where to get these objects:

  • Here the player can see the guide of the hero feathers.
  • Here you can also see where to get stamps and badges. We understand that the practice tower is a fundamental place to improve our heroes through rarity or the level.

An essential factor is that the levels are reset every time we raise the rarity. So unless you are a 5-star hero, it is not recommended to increase the levels above 20 as it is a waste.

Merge R Fire Emblem Heroes

r fire emblem heroes

And this is the last method to improve in R Fire Emblem Heroes. It really is not a merger, since of the two units to merge, one disappears in favour of the other, empowering it.  there are quite a few factors to consider for better results

Although as a summary, the ideal is to merge only 5-star heroes

And these are the main ways to improve heroes in Fire Emblem Heroes. We hope the guide has served you, and you can take your heroes to the top.

Trick To Get 5-Star Fire Emblem Heroes Reddit

r fire emblem heroes

This is a trick posted by Reddit users. And basically, it consists of not linking our Nintendo account and repeating a process until we get the heroes we want. And from that moment, we can connect the accounts.

  1. We start a new game without linking the Nintendo switch account. We must not do it until we are happy with our first group of heroes.
  2. We download the updates and complete the tutorial for 15 Orbs, which more than 2 for login add 17 orbs. We could reach the 20 Orbs by completing the first three prologue missions if we want. 
  3. Let’s invoke the r fire emblem heroes. If we spend all the Orbs that we have achieved at once and invoke five heroes, each one will cost us 4 Orbs (in total, 20). In our hand, it will be to invoke 4 or 5 (if we decide to do the first three missions)
  4. If we do not like the set of 5 heroes that have touched us, we delete, uninstall (X on iOS and Uninstall on Android) and reinstall
  5. And we repeat the cycle until we are happy with our group of heroes. At that time, to link with the Nintendo switch will give us ten orbs.

It may seem a bit mean, but a 5-star hero shows a lot. And the chances of getting to the first one are 3%, so it is unlikely that without using this trick, you will get a starter.

Here you can see how the invocations work and their probabilities. But to get an idea, invoking 5 in 5, they would need about five attempts to get a 5 star.


You want to know how you can improve in Fire Emblem Heroes. We’ve got it all here for you! In this blog post, we’ll show you the best ways to get better at playing and some tips that will be good for your gameplay as well. Keep scrolling below this section of text and see if any of these things are helpful to improve your skills with either a new or old favorite strategy RPG title from Nintendo.

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