Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List: Best List 2023

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Fire emblem heroes tier list has no specific official grade list. But all of the interested players have played online together, finding the best fire emblem fates into the Fire Emblem Heroes list.

This list has included the peak options so that you can keep in mind that you have an ally and can work well with your team members. So, don’t miss them anyway because they don’t enlist it into this grade list.

Below we have listed taking more time with Fire Emblem Heroes gamepress. They definitely can be changed if Fire Emblem Heroes will release more options.

A ton of powerful Heroes there are available, and we have tried to cover Tier-1 to Tier-5.

Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List

fire emblem heroes tier list


Tier-1 is a unit that consists of a few heroes who do extremely well in the current Metagame. All of them are the strongest with the game and can bring excellent power towards their particular roles if it can be fault, resistance, or support.

There have many Heroes of Tier-1 who are extremely powerful and can often wield strength with unique power and exclusive weapon with skills. On the other hand, most of the Heroes of this unit contain exceptional matchups that stand again she built.


Tier-2 is a unit built with the most influential game and characters. These units consist of a ton of incredible matchups that work against much more common threats. They make the game so much stronger choice for their function.

With complete resource speculation plus synergistic teamwork and most of the unit is the most powerful than those of the Tier-1


Tier-3 is another powerful addition to other groups. It works with immense matchups that are against the standard units. These Tiers heroes are more capable than their privileged actions. Many methods of them are such a stringer with stat-lines with more powerful and unique arms.

Though some of the Heroes into the above team composition to allow more benefits, these Heroes will perform remarkably well give perfect support.


Tier-4 is another unit that highly regarded heroes with the best matchups that work against other standard groups into the above tiers. They can be more and more dependent on exclusive skills, but they are still working well and good with their specific role.

A few heroes will be somewhat dependent on the substantial resources outlay, additionally unite, plus synergistic group to perform and unit with the higher team composition.


Tier-5 units consist of passable matchup’s power to perform against the most groups but tend to struggle ultimately against the selected heroes. These heroes will suffer more from prominent weaknesses and demand the most considerable investment. They also may be reasonably lower to units into the higher tiers.

These fire emblem heroes tier listed heroes aren’t much weak but are not less inconsistent in most team combinations. However, with a substantial investment, these heroes also can work well effectively.

Fire Emblem Fates Character Tier Lists

Best Characters: Red

 Tier-1 – weapon

  1. Lucina – sword
  2. Leo – Magic
  3. Ryoma –Sword
  4. Takumi – Dragon Stone
  5. Eirika – Sword
  6. Hector-Axe

Tier-2 – Weapon

  1. Karel – Sword
  2. Lon’qu – Sword
  3. Eldigan – Sword
  4. Sanaki – magic
  5. Lyn – Magic

Tier-3 – Arms

  1. Chain – Sword
  2. Corrin – Sword
  3. Draug – Sword
  4. Lillina – Magic
  5. Ogma – Sword

Best Characters: Blue

Tier-1 – Weapon

  1. Cordelia – Lance
  2. Robin – Magic
  3. Azura – lance

Tier-2 – Weapon

  1. Abel – Lance
  2. Corrin – Dragon Stone
  3. Linde – Magic

Tier-3 – Weapon

  1. Hinoka – Lance
  2. Ctaria – Lance
  3. Donil – Lance

Best Characters: Green

Tier-1 – Weapon

  1. Camilla – Axe
  2. Fae – Dragon Stone
  3. Hector – Axe

Tier-2 – Weapon

  1. Cecillia – Magic
  2. Merric – Magic
  3. Nino – Magic

Tier-3 – Weapon

  1. Arthur – Axe
  2. Minerva – Axe

This fire emblem heroes tier list has complied using an average score from the multiple team composition lists via the following factors:

  • Average them according to their awarded score.
  • The number of the files of the Heroes.
  • Following Heroes rated grade lists.
  • An average heroes rating.
  • Outlines the score set.
  • The normal attitude of the hero has observed commonly.

To sum up, enjoy the game, and this fire emblem heroes tier list helps you with your skill community members. And, keep your eyes on the updated list always.


The Fire Emblem Heroes tier list is updated with the latest information and heroes available. Check out what we found below to see if your favorite hero made it into the top 12! If you’re looking for a specific character, click on any of these links to jump down our list.

Do you have strong feelings about this ranking? Let us know in the comments below! Not only that, but there are five new characters added to serve as potential allies in battle – so read up before heading into combat. Happy reading!

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