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Sometimes you want to inject some flavor into your daily discord text formatting in discord chats. For some, style is everything to add something as familiar and, in some cases, necessary as Discord Bold Text in their discord messages. It should be a quick and straightforward process.

If you resonate with this statement, then you are in luck! I will show you some neat and discord discord strikethrough formatting tricks that will help you make your discord text formatting messages stand out.

Discord Strikethrough Enough Options

Discord uses the ” Discord Markdown Text” format system to create Discord Bold Text, discord italics letters, and when you need to cross out one of your words or sentences. Checkdown is a plain text editor to HTML (markup language) conversion tool written in Perl that uses a plain discord formatting syntax highlighting.

Discord markdown formatting was designed as a more natural alternative to HTML while achieving the same result. The most significant difference would be that with Checkdown. You don’t have to concern about opening and closing labels or to deal with several menus. Instead, Checkdown has chosen to use punctuation marks and more familiar symbols to discord formatting the text.

We will go into the discord markdown options available with Discord and use it in the discord text formatting future. Let’s start with how to format the letters in bold.

Discord Bold Text Chat Formatting

As with most discord text formatting options in this tutorial, creating bold text in Discord is a very easy process. Using the “Discord Markdown Text” format system mentioned above, in just four touches on a single key on your keyboard, you can have all the bold letters you may need.

Adding double asterisks symbol (**) to both sides of your text will make it appear bold.

Write **Discord Bold Text** would appear in the chat as:

discord text formatting

Discord Bold Text

You can even choose to highlight only the most critical word by typing it since I am the **Discord Bold formatting**! That would then appear as:

Discord Bold Text formatting

discord text formatting

Super simple and intuitive.

Discord Italics Chat Format

Sending a message in italics is even easier than sending a bold one, but it comes with two methods to choose from discord strikethrough. The first of these methods is to use asterisks (*) as we did for the bold format, but instead of using two per side, you only need to use one per side.

Citing your message like this *italics in discord* I would spit a message that appeared as:

discord text formatting

italics in discord

Like the bold format, you can place them around single words. * italics in discord discord text formatting* Then it becomes:

discord text formatting

discord text formatting

The other method does not necessarily make it more comfortable since it is as simple as the first. I guess that the position of the hand on your keys or the need to memorize a separate key so as not to confuse italics in discord with bold would make you opt for this method instead. Replace the asterisk (* *) with underscores (_ _) and your message will read the same way it becomes _ discord italics strikethrough_

discord italics strikethrough

italics in Discord Chat Format With Discord Bold Text formatting

Not in bold or italic doing the trick? What if you combine the two? Since you can write discord messages in italics in discord with a single asterisk (* *) on both sides of the text, and messages in bold with two (**), it should not surprise anyone that to format both, you only need an additional asterisk (*** ).

Write your message as *** Discord Italics Chat Format With Discord Bold Text formatting!*** And see how magic develops. Your message should now read in bold italics:

discord text formatting

Discord Italics Chat Format With Discord Bold Text formatting

Of course, like the rest, you can place the asterisks around a single word or short phrase within a sentence (or paragraph). It’s leading me to be the best of all. And it turns it into:

There is nothing easier than that, folks.

Discord Underline Chat Format

The combination of bold and italic text may not be enough for some people who want their position to be heard. Checkdown Text has it covered. It is where you learn to underline your text to make your message “explode.”

Maintaining simplicity – quote your message with a double underscore (__ __). It will have _ _ discord Underline!! I _ _ (remove space from _ _ underscore  otherwise discord underline not working) appear in the chat as:

discord text formatting

Discord Bold Text, Discord Italics, Discord Underline With One Place

If you want to Discord Bold Text, discord italics, discord Underline with together. Yes, it possible if you type of formatting.

__*** Discord Bold Text, discord italics, discord Underline ***__

discord text formatting

Discord Bold Text, discord italics, discord Underline

You can also have a little fun with the text and choose to mix everything up to this point. I am the greatest of all! Quickly publish as:

Okay, that can be a bit confusing if you’re not paying attention, but it’s still an easy to use formatting system.

Chat Format Crossout As Discord

From time to time, you may have said something that you want to be omitted, and you need to edit your message. You can always delete and start over, but perhaps you are the type of person who prefers to show his work. Or you like to correct people. It is where practical and practical strikethrough comes into play.

To add a discord strikethrough to your message, all you have to do is quote it with two tildes (~~). The tilde is located just below the ESC key on almost PC keyboards and is shared with the accent key. You will need two of these on both sides of the message to appear as:

~discord formatting crossout~

discord text formatting

discord formatting crossout

As usual, put a pair ~ on each side of a single word, and you will make ~~discord formatting crossout formatting~~~

discord formatting crossout formatting

Ways To Code Block Messages Of Discord

To my knowledge, Discord has not yet added an official built-in function that allows its discord users to quote what others have said. Instead, we have to use the Code Block feature, which, in appearance, is something like the same.

The type of formatting single line code backticks with a quotation mark (` `) this code appears in backticks.

Example: `discord formatting.` 

It appears in discord


Code blocks in discord are generally used for one of two reasons. You want to writing in color code or make the messages appear more colorful. It is how you can do that in Discord.

Single Line Code Block Discord Markdown

The code editor blocks of a line are a chat dialling function, normally used to highlight code that allows it to be read more easily. It can also be used as a viable replacement for a quote feature in Discord. It works very well to highlight a specific part of a chat message that you would like to highlight.

Applying a serious accent (`) on the opening and closing of a text in Discord will create a single line code block. By writing, “I am the best!” You will receive:

The one above is the code block, while the text below is a basic message.

A block of code from a super single line code block. Isn’t it smart enough to know how you expected the date to appear? Then you are probably looking for a multi line block quote code editor.

Multiple Line Code Blocks Discord Checkdown

The fondest method of replicating an appointment is using multiple line code blocks. Create one by citing the desired message with not one but three serious accents (“`  “`) at the beginning discord text formatting and end of the text. Turn,

“`  Multiline code block“`

discord text formatting

Discord Text Formatting Quote Or Use Bot For It

Server administrators can add a bot to each channel they want to enable to quote. This method may be more or less convenient than the manual writing method. Everything will depend on the administrator and how convenient you want to do the process for other members who are not familiar with the discord markdown Text format.

There are a lot of bots available that can quickly provide a message quote function. QuoteBot can definitely help you with this effort, and if you are interested, for developers who want to see the coding for the bot, here is the Source Code.

Add a New Line Within a Message: Discord Text Formatting

Some people may want to be polite (or not polite, depending on how you feel about the walls of the text) and divide your discord text formatting into easier paragraphs to digest before sending your message. It is easy to achieve and easy to do.

Pressing the shift enter key or holding down the SHIFT key and then pressing ENTER will create a new line to start sending text messages without your message being sent. It works for both Windows and Mac enthusiasts and for all other operating systems that exist today.

As far as I know, discord strikethrough is all Checkdown discord text formatting options that Discord currently has enabled. Please let me know if something has been lost, and I hope this has helped you with your Discordia messaging experience.

How To Use Discord Spoiler Tag

The good news is that to discuss the most controversial issues. You will not have to create a separate channel: you have to take advantage of the discord spoiler tag or spoiler tag discord feature.

A function is as simple as it is useful that it will allow the reader to access any detail or disclosure. No more

How Do Discord Spoiler Tags Work?

Discord Spoiler tags don’t have much explanation. Anyone who writes a line of text has the possibility of marking individual parts of their message (or the entire message) and, with a simple gesture, mark it as a Discord spoiler. The most Discord straightforward system to mark a message as Spoiler is based on something as simple as:

  • Highlight the text
  • Right-click with the mouse
  • Mark as Spoiler (the top option)

In case we want to participate in the conversations from the mobile, the process is similar, except that the selection of the text must be done by holding down the screen, showing the option of discord Spoilers on the digital keyboard.

Two alternative systems do not require a mouse:

  • It is possible to tag spoilers manually using the syntax highlighting (Example: || you write the spoiler ||).
  • It is also possible to mark all the text by typing/spoiler before the message we are going to share.

How to reveal the content? That is the most natural part: just click on the area marked with the spoiler tag discord or swipe over if we are on a touch device.

Besides, the area covered by the label will be easy to distinguish once the discord text formatting is revealed.

What Else Can I Do With Discord Spoiler Tags?

The discord spoiler system does not only cover texts. You can also share revealing images on any channel, allowing anyone who wishes to access the content to do so freely.

The process is exactly the same that we use when sharing an image; only this time, we will have to check the lower left box (Mark as Spoiler). Additionally, we can accompany the image of a discord text formatting.

What the connected members will see will be a blurred image that they will be able to reveal in the same way as the texts: by clicking on it or swiping over it if we are from a touch device.

Pass Discord Spoilers Tag

Discord provides facilities for anyone to take unnecessary surprises but also takes into account those who neither care nor are afraid of spoilers. And with a couple of adjustments, the latter will be happy and several unnecessary clicks will be saved.

If you want to disable the spoiler tag function, the process is as simple as:

  • Access user settings> Text and images
  • From there we will have three options just at the end: (reveal on click, inform on servers where I am moderator, or always explain)
  • Finally, we choose the option that best suits our predisposition and save changes.


If you are staying in the last section of the discord text formatting article. I hope you have no confusion in discord formatting. Please share this article to stay with us.

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