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When you are here, I guess you want to know how to discord screen share on discord server. Most of the users search how easy the process has to share their entire screen on Discord. Yes, it isn’t difficult to share your windows screen with audio, even game streaming.

Well, Discord is a free, full-screen sharing feature communication software like (Facebook, google hangouts, Imgur, SoundCloud, Spotify, Tumblr). It allows you to arrange voice chat servers for gaming and even the social and business group. There are a lot of uses and features of this platform. But through this piece of writing, we talk about with you how to share screen on Discord.

Ok, let’s start with us and know the steps to discord screen sharing. I hope you already have a desktop discord client. If you don’t have one, go to the discord official site and download and install it. Then learn from our article how to screen share on Discord.

Step By Step Discord Screen Share in Server

Discord Screen Share

Discord server share screen is has a couple of methods. If you want how to screenshare on discord, try those tips and tricks step by step.


How to screen share on Discord

Open discord application click left side sidebar and discord screen share in the server if you want more details about how to screen share on discord below.

  • Click on the left sidebar to notice of your wanted friend to share your screen on Discord.
  • In this step, you go to the phone icon at the top of the page. Now find out the name of your friend with who you want to share your separate window screen.
  • Here a page comes where you will get two options. Click on the discord icon on the left side to begin your activity.
  • Now we have come to our last step after clicking the discord screen sharing option. You will get a screen sharing window that wills pop-up. Click on the screen image that is staying in the right of the middle into the page.

Yes, you are ready to share your screen with the desired friend, called the first step. Now, the friend will able to see each action that you have shown in real-time.

You have seen a high-resolution option with a higher frame rate in the above of the photo. You can see it if you subscribe to the Discord monthly with an upgraded version.

Anyway, it’s a simple process on how to screen share on discord with the friend. It doesn’t take a lot of time t to complete this job, and also effortless.


Set up a Discord Video Share With Friends.

Discord Screen Share

To start screen share discord, You have to ensure that the video and audio hardware properly work with OS. Set up on your partner’s Discord with a master system.

Video or camera set up for discord video share.

Let’s start.

  • At first, access the setting page. You should complete it by clicking on ‘Cog Icon.’ It is located at the right of the username at the bottom of the left side of Discord.
  • Go to the left side Screen menu button to see the ‘App Setting’ option and tap this application option.
  • Choose the ‘Voice & Video’ voice channel option and click on it to adjust the setting. The video & voice channel if the screen share discord.
  • Scroll and then turn into the Video setting option. Then reach the drop-down and choose the video camera.
  • Turn to the right side and go to the ‘Test Video’ option to ensure that everything is working well.
  • If you want to use a discord device, you have to enable camera access.
  • To active ‘Allow Discord access to your camera’ option, click on the ‘Allow’ button. It will give you permission to access when you can’t hear anything on Discord on the phone microphone with a camera. It ensures that everything is working well discord video call screen share.


Add Friends into the ‘Discord Video Call Screen Share’

Discord Screen Share

Due to discord video call screen share, kick off the video call screen. You should make a friend list on Discord tools, with everyone into the calling group. Go to the Discord icon and click on it to open. Follow the steps below one by one to add friends into the ‘Call List for discord video call screen share.’

  • Go to the bottom of the page and press the ‘Friends’ option to open a friend list.
  • Here, you will take the games’ username or float over the partner’s name. It will show the option to begin a ‘Video Call.
  • Press on the desired partners’ name and open on the Dm window. You can select to start a ‘Video Call’ by tapping the Video icon. You should manage it if you didn’t hear anything on Discord. .’

When you use iPhone, you may begin a Video stream by pressing the ‘triple dot icon’ on the right side at the top of the screen when choosing ‘Start Video conference‘ from this section.


Discord Screen Share

Use Video Call & Discord Share Screen Features

When you start a discord video call screen share, you will see several functions at the top of the page. You will arrange any options from here that you need to share screen discord in server.

Below we will show the screen sharing feature.

1. Down Arrow

In the left corner of the page, you will see a ‘Down Arrow‘ icon. If you want to expand your webcam video screen at the time of discord video call screen share, click on the Arrow and expand your screen.

2. Swap from Discord Screen Share and Video Call

There have two icons at the bottom of the windows page that will give an option to swap from a discord screen share and video call mode. Look at the Video Call icon with an arrow middle of the page staying beside the screen share icon. For Discord, screen shares are not working. You should click that icon to share your screen.

3. ‘Leave call’ button

‘Leave Call’ button is the next option. It is situated middle of the page at the bottom position. You should not click this button until you don’t want to finish your meeting. If the discord screen share audio not working, you can leave your call and make again. 

4. ‘Mute’ button

‘Mute’ button you will see at the right of the ‘Leave Call‘ button. This icon looks like a microphone. It is the ‘Mute Toggle‘. You can use it to mute or unmute the Microphone when you want to screen share discord.

5. ‘Setting’ button

Next to the switch is the ‘Setting‘ button. You may know the setting icon and what is the actual function of it. You have to use it when you need to set up any activity properly to screen share discord.

6. Full-Screen button

Like other video pages this includes a ‘Full-screen‘ option. If you need to use a full screen to share your data with your friends, you can use this option by pressing. But when you want to exit the whole screen, you need to press the ‘ESC‘ button on your keyboard.


Voice setting to share screen discord

Discord screen share

If the discord screen shares no sound, you should try the following tips. It will happen that when you are sharing your screen share discord audio not working. Your partner discord can’t hear what you are saying.

To solve this issue, you should rearrange the Voice Settings in the Discord. How to allow Discord to use Microphone?

Follow the steps.

  • Open the discord Users Setting option. See the left sidebar and choose ‘Voice & Video’ into the ‘App Settings.’
  • Now scroll the mouse and go to the down of the page. Here you will see a red button. This red button includes ‘Reset Voice Setting.’  Then press these settings for voice option.
  • Now you have to test the Microphone by scrolling the way up. Then it would be best if you pressed the ‘Let’s Check’ button. You should do this task to check your Microphone if Discord can’t hear or can hear. You have to notice that you can listen to back what you say into the Microphone.

Still, you can notice that your Microphone doesn’t work or Discord can’t hear. You don’t need to worry. There have more options to solve the share screen discord issue in a short time effortless.


Discord screen share audio

Can’t hear anything on Discord? Or screen share discord no sound? It’s not a severe issue. Yes, you can resolve this so quickly. How to allow Discord to use the Microphone? Let’s see.

  • Go to the ‘Application Window’ menu bar option.
  • Here you will see two options with a few buttons. One is discord Stream Quality on the right side and other option ‘Frame Rate’ on the left side.
  • Frame Rate includes the Sound option. It would be best if you hopped on the pc to take more benefits from this powerful feature. It’ll do when the discord screen share audio not working.


Screen Share Discord with Video call

Discord Screen -Share

Does discord screen share no audio? It can happen sometimes, and it is a simple matter. If you can use a Smartphone or Android mobile device such as Linux mobile screen share, use the Discord mobile application for screen share.

The feature and some things others will differ.  You can follow the tips if you want to discord share screen audio & video call will work well.

Discord screen share not working? You can try it.

1. Audio output

The audio output stays at the top of the right side and alongside the ‘Switch Camera icon.’ It allows you to swap the Voice and Audio output. It can use any devices or microphones or any wireless headset—this icon you can see at the bottom of the right with a speaker.

2. Switch camera option

To select this option, you can take help of the icon. The icon of this option is staying with a double-headed arrow as a camera icon. If the discord share screen not working, you can try it by tapping.

3. Toggle camera option

Center of the bottom of the Android device, the left-most icon is toggle camera option. Press this icon to toggle the camera to view on or off.

4. ‘Mute’ option

If you see the discord share screen no sound, you have to select the quiet toggle option—this button is located on the right side of your Android device’s bottom. You will mute or unmute when you need it.

Final words

Discord screen share is a free and straight forward communication option. This post will help you when you see how to allow Discord to use Microphone or how to screen share on Discord.

Following the advice listed above. You can set up the Discord in your device. Share Microsoft software screen with your desirable person or partners.

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