Discord Notification Sound Not Working: Tricks 2023

Discord is known as a VOIP app. It is designed to relieve the contact of gamers. But now, everybody uses the Discord App on any OS or device.

When you use the Discord desktop app, you can face the central problem of discord notification sound not working. The chat server notification sound won’t work that make a ton of issue like communication settings problem.

Discord notification not working. It can be a significant problem for users. The users can’t know that someone (any person) massaged or tagged him because of the server’s mute sound of notification.

These discord desktop notifications not working can create some other problems. So, I decided to discuss a few solutions that will work well to solve the trouble.

This post will help you to know how to fix discord push notifications not working android 2020.

Why Can’t I Hear Discord Notifications

Why Can't I Hear Discord Notifications

This section will tell you why I can’t hear discord notifications and give you a solution later. Just open the app setting and check automatically enable disable option. If you want more cause for can’t hear discord notifications check details below.

  • Open app user settings and click on the gear icon.
  • Scroll down with click on streamer mode.
  • Check the Automatically Enable/Disable option. This option another reason for no discord notification sound. If your PC has to install OBS or Xsplit, then enable or disable this option.
  • Now go to the App settings option and click on Voice & video section.
  • Go to voice setting and check it’s has a default option or not. Make sure to select the default option to enable.
  • Exit or close apps.
  • Go to Windows settings and search Sound mixer options. Open this option and check their app list, discord have or haven’t. If there have not to discord, uninstall discord apps with a fresh install.

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How To Fix Discord Notification Sound Not Working

The popularity of Discord is increasing day by day. Plus, various issues such as Discord Mic Not Working, discord notification sound not working. Discord Screen Share also grows these problems you may face with Steam.

A ton of solution is available for discord no notification sounds, but they will depend on why you should know precisely what types of problems you have faced and what problem will be right for this.

Below we have discussed our top five tips for discord desktop notifications not working. One of them must explain the discord no notification sounds if you don’t get an answer from one of them. Other tips must work and solve your discord notifications not working windows 10.

Solution: 1 (Set Output Device)

discord notification sound

Many of the time, this problem discord notification not working might be created with the output of the invention if you can’t hear most of the sounds from your Discord. You have to set it with a different output device.

So, immediately change the notification settings of the output device and solve the problem smoothly.

The Steps below will need for default notification settings the Discord App to disable discord @everyone.

  1. Unlock your Discord App (Desktop version).
  2. Open the discord app settings or User Settings button. Where? It is located at the left of the bottom and the top right of the avatar. You may know the notification sound settings icon that you need to press.
  3. Go to the next page and tap on the ‘Voice & Video’ option notification icon.
  4. Select the “Output Device” option from the drop-down menu in the output section. Now you might opt for the process, or you may choose the ‘Default Device’ from the drop-down menu.
  5. Finally, press the Close or (X) cross button that you will see at the top of the right corner.

Read on and try another solution. Suppose it doesn’t work discord, no notification sounds. Or you can try Twitch.

Solution: 2 (Turn Off the ‘Streamer mode’)

discord notification- sound

There has a discord streamer mode option in your Discord channel icons. This option is basically for streamers. It is designed to get the streamer’s personal information. It contains a few options such as disable the sound of discord @everyone, disable notification, and hide info.

Suppose you want to turn off discord notifications. You should turn off the streamer mode to fix discord desktop notifications. Read to learn more about How to Turn Off Discord Overlay.

Follow the below steps for changing the streamer option in the Discord App.

  1. Unlock the Discord App.
  2. Press the User Setting option. You will find it at the bottom that is known as the special setting icon.
  3. Tap the ‘Streamer Mode’ option in the mobile App Setting section.
  4. Now verify the ‘Enable Streamer mode‘ option is ‘On’ or ‘Offtill, this offtill on is on, toggle the ‘Enable Streamer mode Off‘ option to turn off discord notifications.
  5. To finish the task, click on ‘Close‘ or ‘Cross‘ button situated at the top of the right corner.

Still, if the sounds haven’t been fixed by turn off discord unread indicators, you can use Streamlabs.

Solution: 3 (Server Setting)

discord notification- sound

If you download and install the Discord App, but the discord call sound is not working, you need to go for server settings. The default setting of the Discord App can give music any time that you mentioned. But if you won’t get any sound of discord @everyone when you get any messages. At this time, you have to change the server setting.

In this situation, you can follow the below steps for the server setting.

  • In the first step, you have to unlock the Discord channel icons.
  • Then, go to the ‘Server Icon’ and then right-click on this option. These are the essential servers that might create the problem. If you want to find a notification with sound for the server list, you should repeat the entire server list steps.
  •  Go to the menu and need to choose the “Notification Setting” option from the notification icon.
  • After all, finishing those jobs, you should press on the “All Message” option. You can see it in the “Server notification setting” option.
  • To finish the job, you have to press on the option “Done.”

Now you can recreate those steps for all types of servers or only ones you need to get a notification with sound. This solution will work for discord notification sound not working. If you see that this solution won’t work, you can follow the next option.

Solution: 4 (Update Windows)

discord notification.edited

If you see discord desktop notifications not working, you must update the windows to solve this problem. How? Let’s see the details.

  1. Press the ‘Windows’ key to open the page and update discord desktop notifications.
  2. In this step, tap on the ‘Update & Security.’
  3. Now you will get a new window. Here, you have to click on the “Check for Updates.”
  4. In this step, you will see the update option. Now you can download and install discord @everyone.

If you still see that the discord desktop notifications not working, you can try the next step to fix discord desktop notifications.

Solution: 5 (Update Discord App)

In this solution, we can discuss how to update the Discord App to solve.

  1. Open the Discord channel icons to begin the process.
  2. Keep the cursor of the mouse on the Discord App. Then press the CTR + R key.
  3.  Now update the Discord App by downloading and installing it. You won’t see any significant change or difference in Discord because it is a minor change. 
  4. At last, refresh the Discord App and check the problem discord notifications not working is still present or not.

If those solutions don’t work for discord notification sound not working, you can try another app like TeamSpeak that also works well for team communication. In this case, you read how to delete Discord Account.

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Ending note

We have covered a few solutions to fix the issue of discord notification sound not working. The following solutions may help you to fix the problem. Some common reasons can be solved with those solutions.

We hope you will be thankful for using those solutions and can fix the problem. After solving the problem, you need to log out of the app. If you don’t have an idea about log out, you should know How to Logout of Discord.

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