Discord mic not working

Discord Mic Not Working: Best 15 Ways To Fix

Discord MIC not working? Have you frustrated about this issue? Don’t panic. It becomes a common issue, and most of the users also face the same problem daily.

Today a lot of gamer like to use Discord communicate platforms. Talk with each other using the main communication app. They think that the edge got them on board.

When you come to a discord channel, you will hear speak of others. But sometimes it will happen, you will try to say anything to others but Discord can’t hear anyone. It can happen when you see that the MIC not working on Discord.

This issue is increasing day by day. But, the solution to it is not so difficult. You can solve it by following a few proper steps yourself. In this guide, we will go to share with you how will you fix when the discord MIC not working.

Why is My Mic Not Working On Discord?

So you’re having trouble getting your mic not working on discord. There are a lot of different things that could be causing why is my mic not working on discord? Well, in this section, I will list why is my headset not working on discord?

  • Microphone access.
  • Voice Setting.
  • Input & Output Device.
  • Log out & log in.
  • Discord Administrator.
  • Automatic Input Sensitivity.
  • Disable Exclusive Mode.
  • Push to Talk

Complete Guide: How to fix Discord MIC not working

Tips: 1

Enable Microphone access

If Discord not recognizing mic, you can apply this first tip. Before going to change the setting of the Discord. You need to sure that your microphone access enables in the Windows. How do you fix when mic not working on discord, let know it from below:

1.  Steps for Windows

This is the first step to recover the microphone if discord sound not working.

  • Go to the Windows setting and select the Privacy option.
  • Now, select Microphone into App permission from the left corner sidebar.
  • Here, you have to turn on the switch into the Allow apps to access the Microphone.

2.  Steps for MacOS Sierra or Mofave when Discord not recognizing mic

To fix the issue is discord can’t hear others, you can apply the tip.

  • Open the Mac and select the Apple menu. Then choose the System Preferences.
  • Now, press the ‘Security & Privacy’. Select and click on the Privacy option.
  • In this area, you should click on the Microphone.
  • You have to make sure that you have chosen the checkbox next to the Discord. That it permits Discord to access the Microphone.

Tips: 2

Voice Setting

Discord Mic Not Working

If discord audio not working, you also can try this tip. After enabling the Microphone access into your Windows, you have to go to the next methods below. The tips will work if your discord audio not working.

Now, rearrange the ‘Voice Setting’ in the Discord window. How? Follow the followings steps.

  • Go to the ‘User Setting’ option. See the left sidebar and select Voice & video into the App Settings.
  • Well. Now scroll your mouse and go to the down of the page where you will see a red button option. This red button contains Reset Voice Setting and clicks on this option.
  • Now you should try the Microphone by scrolling the way up and press the ‘Let’s Check’ button. You do this job to prove your Microphone and if it works. You have to notice that you can hear back what you say into the Microphone.

Still, you can notice that your Microphone doesn’t work or Discord can’t hear, you don’t need to worry. Keep reading the piece of writing and discover more options for the solution.

Tips: 3

Discord Mic Not Working

Input & Output Device 

Alright, don’t you get the right solution till now for MIC not working on Discard?  Doesn’t your Microphone still work by applying the following tips? So, you can apply some other methods. You will select the Microphone under Input Device that you will see at the top of the page.

  • Make sure to select the correct Input & Output Devices.
  • After setting up both of the devices, make sure that they include enough volume. Now check the performance of Mic Test by clicking on the Let’s Check button.

Tips: 4

Log out & log in of Discord

Discord Mic Not Working

If you want to fix – Discard no sound and want to hear from your friend what he says. You can Logout of Discord and log in again as a usual trick. But it is not an everlasting solution. To get an excellent answer for a long time, you can follow this method.

What? Let’s check.

  • To log out, press the User Setting icon at the bottom of the left-hand corner.
  • Scroll the down and press the ‘Log out’ button. Keep in mind; here, you may have to click two times to register. Don’t scare to click repeat and repeat.
  • When you see that you have logged out, you should log back in. Now check, you can hear your friend that he says.

If you can’t hear him or discard audio not working, you are staying the same issue till now. But don’t worry and move to the next tips. You will succeed here. Stream Elements or twitch discord community will also help to chat with each other. If you want to think you can go to use it.

Tips: 5

How to turn off discord overlay

Run the Discord as Administrator

If the Discord app doesn’t work or Discord can’t hear the Voice across the internet connection. Run the Discord with administrator privileges. It will work for discord mic not working, and Others Discord mic problem.

What are the tricks?

To run the Discord as Administrator, click the right button of the mouse on the desktop. Here, you can see a few options. Go to the Run as Administrator and press it.

Tips: 6

Try Automatic Input Sensitivity

Discord Mic Not Working

You discord can’t hear, try Automatic Input Sensitivity as a solution. That tips of mic not working on discord. The ‘Automatic Input Sensitivity’ is also recognized as buggy. When you are on automatic, the indicator bar won’t light up while you are talking. So, you should go manually.

Here are a few quick steps to set up this option.

  • Click on the ‘User Setting’ icon in the bottom of the left corner into the Discord windows.
  • Next, you will get Voice & Video option under the App setting and click on this option to go to the next steps.
  • Scroll the mouse into the down to Input Sensitivity. If you are not able. Try to enable your toggle next to ‘automatically determine input sensitivity.’
  • Now, talk into the headset and test the below bar and see it lights up with a solid green color. If it works with green light, go to the next step to activate your Discord mic.   
  • Disable your toggle and then make sure that the manual slider took the middle position.

Still, the following tips don’t work to fix the issue is ‘can’t hear anyone on discord’. You can try steam chat with your friend to hear him instantly.

Tips: 7

Set up Input & output devices

Discord Mic Not Working

When the voice reset doesn’t produce any good result. You can try Discord with proper Microphone as the first option.  It has a habit to make a weird selection the Input Device as Default. The discord no sound will happen with gaming including microphones.

You are not sure which Microphone ought to use by Discord. It may happen that the app used the internal MIC. It happens to connect with the headset if discord mic not working.

Let’s check a quick guide to use the correct Microphone with Discord.

  • Go to the Discord app and then click on the ‘User Setting’ icon at the bottom of the left corner.
  • Then click on the Voice & video option under App Setting.
  • Now, you have seen the Input Device option. Use the drop-down menu, and then choose the Microphone (Wireless Stereo Headset).
  • If you are not sure that which Microphone should choose to input the device. Click on the audio icon at the bottom of the right corner. Then press the recording device.
  • Next, test by talking in the headset and see what level icon is lighting up. Set up the level of the icon.
  • Finally, you have to ensure that the ‘Input Volume Slider’ for the Microphone mixes out.

If can’t hear people on discord and you want to grow or create the most natural way to communicate or join with other friends, you can choose the discord community on player.me.

Tips: 8

Disable Exclusive Mode

There have a few applications into the Discord windows when can’t hear people on discord. They will organize for taking special control over the audio device. Allowing the devices drivers to do son will cause issues with discord can’t hear others. The Microphone with headsets in Discord can quiet down. If the stetting related with Exclusive mode enable.

How? Let’s see the quick guide to disable them.

  • Press the right button and click with the sound icon into the right corner of the bottom. Then select the ‘Recording Devices’.
  • Select Microphone from the headset. Press the Properties option.
  • Go to the Microphone Properties and choose the ‘Advanced’ tab.
  • Go to the Exclusive Mode on the same page and deselect the checkbox.
  • Press ‘Apply’ to make a confirmation.

Now, check the Discord MIC is working or not. To communicate with other users. You also try Muxy that allows customizing alerts for twitch your discord server. And now you can know how you are doing your communication.

Tips: 9

Reset Voice Setting:Discord Can’t Hear Anyone

This tip includes the highest chance to succeed to fix when Discord can’t hear anyone. Come across this problem over the Discord desktop app. It can resume the main functionality of the Discord. The following tips will help you to overcome the issue if you discord audio not working.

Let’s know-how will you reset the Voice Setting in Discord if your Discord MIC not working.

  • If your Discord no sound, go to the User Setting icon in the bottom of the left corner of your Discord windows. Click on the icon to open the next page.
  • Now you will get Voice & Video option under App setting. Press on the ‘Voice & video’ option.
  • Enter the new page with the Reset Voice Setting option. Scroll the mouse at the bottom and click on that button.
  • After that, you will see two options ‘cancel’ and ‘okay.’ Press the okay button to confirm and wait for the Discord to reinitialize.
  • If the glitch removed, reconnect the headset and see discord audio not working or work. In this way it won’t work, you can try the TeamSpeak window.

Tips: 10

Push to Talk:Discord Can’t Hear Anyone

Have you seen that all the methods that are discussing till now. All tips aren’t working against the issue discord, not recognizing mic? So, let’s try to apply this last method. It has a great chance to succeed in solving the issue that Discord can’t hear anyone. Adjust the Input mode such as ‘Voice activity’ plus ‘Push to talk.’

How? Go through the quick guide below to use Push to talk in the Discord.

  • Discord MIC not working? First, find the way to the ‘User Setting’.
  • Now click on the Voice & video option under the App setting menu.
  • Now you have got the ‘Push to talk’ option at the bottom of the page. Press the button.
  • Here you will get the Input Sensitivity bar to the Shortcut box.
  • When you hover on the box, it will permit you to press Edit Keybind.
  • As a result, it’ll start recording that is the signal to press the mouse button as the Push to talk key.
  • At last, click on the Stop recording, and your task is finished.
  • Now you have to check the issue mic not working on discord has solved or not.


In this guiding post, we have shared a few useful solutions to solve the issue Discord MIC not working. After applying the following tips and tricks. If you don’t have the right answer, you need to reinstall the Discord app and check still the issue stay or not. If you see the same problem, you have to get official support.                                 

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