How To Fix Discord Camera Not Working: Lazy Ways

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Gaming social network discord is a popular platform for almost all gamer. Sometimes, discord application users are facing the problem of the discord camera not working on windows 10. Now I will explore the various solution to discord camera black screen problems.

  • Go to settings and then open up Camera Privacy Settings.
  • Once you open up the Camera Privacy Settings and Click to Change, turn on the camera used for all apps.

Now check its the discord camera not working on windows 10 or not working, so let’s move on to the next solution of the discord camera black screen on any windows.

  • Go to your device manager.
  • Once you open up the device manager, you will find a camera.
  • Click on your camera and go to uninstall the device.
  • Now it will give you a prompt ensuring that you want to uninstall the device but do not check delete device software from this computer. I repeat, do not check the cautions, and click OK.
  • The camera should disappear from your device manager.
  • Now just go to action and click on scan for hardware changes, and your camera should appear.
  • Back into the device manager, now check if it’s working properly or not.
  • It may require a restart for it to work properly.

Moreover, you can do you can update your drivers as well for your camera.

How to fix discord camera not working
  • Go to your camera and then click to properties and then go to the driver and then click on update driver.
  • Select Search automatically for updated driver software. If it says that your driver is already up to date, you can manually go to your device manufacturers’ website and then download the drivers from his website. Then install them to solve the problem of the discord camera not working on Windows 10.
  • You might need to restart your PC.

Solved the problem or not and then lastly addressing the most stupid cause of this problem. If

You’re on a laptop or any other keyboard which has functions shortcuts. Check whether you have allowed the camera to record or not for me. The shortcut is on the f8 key, so whenever I press FN.

F-8 enables and disables my camera, and this does not show up on that settings menu. I told you about earlier, so make sure that you have enabled your camera to check your discord camera is now working.

Discord Camera Not Working On Mac

discord camera not working on mac

Sometimes discord camera not working on MacBook, you’ll open up a photobooth. You won’t see the light turn on and won’t see yourself in the photobooth icon. You’ll know obviously the discord camera is not working, that little image is going to come up. It’s going to say there’s no connected camera or some other like that, and you might feel like this that’s okay.

Most of the time, when you have this issue, if you reboot your MacBook, it will discord webcam not working fix itself. But when it doesn’t, there’s a simple solution to fix those problems.

  • Open up your Terminal. It’s located on utilities, Go there and find out Terminal.
  • Copy and paste the “sudo Killall VDCAssistant” command.
  • Press ENTER.
  • If you have a password, it will pop up when you type it, and it’s not going to show up, so just type it in and press Enter.
  • Within like five-six seconds, your discord web app webcam will reset, and it will work again in photobooth and discord camera.

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How to Fix Discord Camera Not Working on Android

discord camera not working android

Today I gonna talk about how to fix the discord camera not working with the android problem. Now in this guide, I’m gonna show you the method I hope using this method your issue will be solved. So without any further delay, let’s start this guide to fix the mic not working on discord in various ways.

Method 1 for Fix Discord Camera Not Working

  • Restart your Smartphone.
  • To restart your smartphone, press, and hold on the power button on your phone. When you press and hold on the power button, then that option will come.
  • Click on the restart option and click on the restart to restart your phone.

Second Method

  • Go to Google Playstore and check that your discord app is updated or not. If your discord app is not updated, then you will get the update option there. You will see no update option means your discord app is updated.
  • Check your internet access on your smartphone. Go to your phone browser, and then you go to the internet speed checked website and check the internet speed. Make sure that your internet speed strong for discord video calls.
  • Go to settings and scroll down, click on Applications.
  • Click on the application manager. When you click on the application manager, then the application details page will come.
  • Click on the discord app, and you will notice the option CLEAR CACHE.
  • Click on OK.

Make sure that the date and time on your phone are correct at your location. Update the time and date on your phone.

  • Go to settings, then scroll down, click on date and time. There you will notice the option automatic date and time and automatic time zone. You make sure that two option is ON. If any option is off, then turn ON that.

How To Fix Camera Black Screen on Windows 10 Problem

discord screen share black screen

In this guide, I will tell you how do I fix a black screen on the discord stream on Windows 10 or any other windows. Let’s begin with this guide fixing the discord black screen problem on Windows.

  • The first step is to go to Windows settings.
  • Go to camera privacy settings. Once you’re there, make sure that all the permissions are enabled. Like all kinds of approval given to the camera, and all the apps can use camera settings.
  • Now the next thing that can solve the discord share screen black problem.
  • Reset the camera app, and for that, you can go to Windows Start and search the camera app.
  • Click on the Camera app and click on settings. Once you search settings, make sure that you give all the app permissions to the camera app.
  • Scroll down you will see a Reset button. Just click on it to reset your camera app and fixes how do I select a black screen on discord stream? Problem.

Now follow my next step to fix discord screen share black screen or mic not working on discord. We are going to update the drivers of camera software, so follow my process.

  • Go to the device manager on Windows 10 PC or laptop. When you open up the device manager, you will see a camera. You will find the camera under the Camera Tab, and I also heard that some people could not find their camera under the device manager.
  • When you notice the camera on the device manager.
  • Click on it and go to camera properties.
  • Go to drivers, and first, you enable and disable your device.
  • Click on uninstall the device. Remember, do not check the button to “delete the driver software for this device.” (Once you do this, go to the action tab in device manager, and there you’ll find an option for scan for hardware. Click on that, and you’ll find that your camera reappears in your device manager. Go to the properties and then the driver’s tab of the camera. Go to update drivers and then search automatically on the web for the latest drivers. If it says that you already have the best drivers installed and it didn’t still fix the problem, then again uninstall this device).
  • Make sure tab on uninstall button

If that discord camera is not working or discord screen share black screen problem is not solved. Then we’re going to try troubleshooting the camera problem.

  • Go to your Windows search bar and then search settings.
  • Click on settings.
  • Search troubleshoot.
  • Click on troubleshoot settings. Just follow all the steps that troubleshooter advice to do for black screen share.

I am now coming to my final suggestion for solving the black screen share problem on the discord camera on windows.

  • Go to windows search.
  • Search and type Regedit.
  • Open Regedit press the OK button. It will open your computer registry.
  • Please select in the left corner HKEY_local_machine under its software. Now under software, just scroll down until you find Microsoft.
  • Select Windows Media Foundation, just clicks on that, and select that and under windows media foundation.
  • Select that platform folder and then in the white space this right-click and add a new D word of 32-bit. Just Rename it EnableFrameServerMode, and when you right-click and edit that file and put a hexadecimal value of zero into that file.
  • Restart your PC, and if you notice, that problem black screen share doesn’t fix. Try putting the hexadecimal value to one and then again restarting your PC.

I hope now have not black screen share problem


I hope this blog post has helped you to fix your discord camera not working problem. If any of the solutions didn’t work for you, please feel free to contact me at my email address below, and we’ll find a solution together! Please share with friends if it helps solve their problems too!

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