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Disable DNS Lookups: 02 Amazing Tips

Introduction of Disable DNS Lookup

The DNS lookup function only helps users that have a router that uses a DNS server. So it is not the case. It usually causes delays, and this can be detrimental to users. For instance, if you were to type an incorrect URL.

The DNS lookup function would first try to locate this URL on the DNS server. If no results are finding, it usually causes the machine to hang if the DNS server is not configured. It is the main reason why users disable DNS lookup function on their routers.

If you have a router who’s DNS lookup function is enabled by default. To learn how to disable DNS lookup of the router’s DNS outlook. Additionally, you will learn spectrum DNS servers. How it works, and the online tools that are used for DNS lookout.

So that you can understand how the process works, finally, I will also explain DNS isn’t resolving Xbox server names. Lookup on cox servers. All these servers support it, such as Blue Host, iPage, HostGator, InMotion, and Hostinger. StableHost, SiteGround, GreenGeeks, A2Hosting, Webhosting Hub.

Why You Are Would Like To Disable DNS Lookup

DNS is an abbreviation for Domain Name System. It is also referring to as the Domain Name Server or Domain Number System. It can be defined as a complex hierarchical protocol to translate the words. Or address you input in your URL into numbers an internet Protocol (IP) address. It is a series of numbers that help the computer understand the commands you input (the word you type in the address bar).

disable dns lookup

To put it, DNS translates human language into computer language. It also makes it simple for users to use computers since we can input words instead of having to type a series of numbers, which can be challenging to remember every time to want to visit a specific website.

Conversely, servers can work faster and efficiently. Since by translating the address into IP, the server can now understand this computer language.

How To Disable DNS Lookup, Lookup Function On Your Router

Learn how to disable the DNS lookup function on your router using the following simple steps.

disable dns lookup
  1. First, you will need what is referring to as a terminal emulation application. For this article, I will use the HyperTerminal app.
  2. On HyperTerminal, on the command line, input the word “enable” and tap enter. After you have done this, you will the router command prompt denoted as “router>.”
  3. Now key in the password for the network administrator and tap enter. After you do this, you will have the “router#’ command prompt. However, in the case during configuration, you had changed the hostname, instead of on the word “router,” you will see the hostname you had used.
  4. The next step requires you to input the words “configure terminal” and tap enter. It will change the “router” Command prompt to “router (Config) #” or “hostname (Config) #.”
  5. For this step, you will then input the words “configure terminal” and again tap enter. It is the step that now changes the configuration settings of your router. The lookup function will change from enabled, and it will now have been disabled DNS lookup.
  6. You are still not done, and there is one other simple but essential thing you need to do. Key in the word “exit” and hit the enter key and the command prompt to its earlier status of “router.”

How To Check Router Disable DNS Lookup

  • It is essential to ensure that the DNS lookup function has been disabled to ensure that it does not have negative impacts on users who are using the also with switch DNS name resolution DNS server network. So now, you will learn how to check whether the DNS lookup function has been disabled. Here is what you need to do.
  • Open the command prompt once again
  • Critical in the command show run includes domain lookup. After you have typed this command, you will see a verification How to disable DNS lookup, pop up on the command prompt saying “no IP domain lookup.”
  • Now that you have checked whether the lookup function has been disabled and confirmed that your commands have worked, the next step is to save the new settings.
  • To save the newly configured settings of your router that disable the DNS lookup function, key in the following command on your router. Configure terminal Copy running-config startup-Config switch could not perform DNS name resolution and tap the enter button. It will save the settings the DNS lookup function on your router will automatically change from enabled to disabled.

Easy Guide How To Disable DNS lookup, On A MySQL Server

You may also encounter instances whereby you may need cisco name meaning to disable DNS lookup on a MySQL server. If, in this case, learn how to disable DNS lookups on a MySQL server by following the following easy steps.

  • First, run the MySQL server software that you have installed. You will also find a necessity to ensure that the skip-name-resolve option is on.
  • The next move requires a bit of knowledge, and I cisco name will give you some insight into what it pertains. You need to know that DNS lookup on a MySQL server is regulating by the “HostnameLookups” command, which can be in the cisco disable DNS lookup Apache server. In most cases, a MySQL server will have the DNS lookup enabled by default, meaning that it is on, and all you need to do in this case is to change this setting and switch it to off. After you change the default setting from on to off, and DNS lookup on the MySQL server will change from enabled to disabled.
  • You can also change the settings back to enable by using the same command, that is, “HostnameLookups” and changing the setting from off to on. With disable DNS lookup cisco, now you have it, and you can proceed to configure the settings as you prefer.

What is Charter Spectrum DNS Server IP Address

At present, called tech support to get the IP addresses for the Spectrum DNS server. The person who uses the phone said he was unable to provide the information. Spectrum doesn’t offer static IP’s on residential, personal accounts or nonbusiness account. The spectrum DNS servers IP will vary per area.

Suppose you are live in the Florida spectrum don’t want to go to California via the same Spectrum DNS server. Below the IP address as an example. It’s not will match because they provide a different IP address for a different area.

If you change DNS IP, then restart your modem or wireless device.

DNS Isn’t Resolving Xbox Server Names (Fix)

Now I will discuss DNS isn’t resolving Xbox server names. When you run into the problem, then your Xbox DNS isn’t resolving Xbox server names. I am going to show you the best solution to this problem.

DNS Isn't Resolving Xbox Server Names

I am not guaranteeing that going to exact work with your question. But I am lots of searching on google for this stuff, and I gather the best one answer.

  1. Going to your Xbox “setting,” just hit the mean button.
  2. Let’s go ahead on “network.”
  3. We are going to “advance setting.”
  4. Now go to the “DNS Setting” hold right here and hit the DNS setting. You can see there two options (a) Automatic (b) Manual.
  5. Please select the Manual option and click this Manual option.
  6. Put on here to your Primary DNS use google DNS 8-8-8-8 click Enter Button on your keyboard Secondary DNS is going to be 8-8-4-4 click Enter Button and Save.
  7. It would like to check the connection moment patience.
  8. Now enjoy your the forest multiplayer Xbox games or Nintendo-switch.

It can be seen this problem when people using a new router and a new internet connection. Please unplug your device when it not using because it not my advice it Microsoft advice.

Step By Step Guide: How to Solve Nintendo Switch DNS Error

Some Nintendo Switch fans have a problem with Nintendo switch DNS error. That problem is usually don’t worry about the problem switch could not perform DNS name resolution.

Nintendo Switch DNS Error

Many people do not know that is domain name service (DNS) problem. DNS is the matter that allows us to get the website without actually having to remember an IP address.

So instead of typing an IP address ( suppose on amazon or google. We just remember google.com or amazon.com. These services translate these numbers into names during the law of the internet works. So the fix for the Nintendo switch DNS error this problem solution is an effortless task. Follow my instructions.

  1. You are just putting the Nintendo to sleep when you are not using it.
  2. Go to the power option of Nintendo Switch by pressing the power button in the upper left-hand corner of your device. Press it down for a few seconds it will give you the option. You select power off the Nintendo Switch device.
  3. Waite for 10 or 15 seconds then turns on the device.
  4. When you turn on your device, so I hope you will solve Nintendo switch DNS error.

If this method not working please apply the second method.

  1. Go to your Nintendo Switch setting (please connect your device with the internet).
  2. Go to your time zone, your time zone will have the setting.
  3.  Go to DNS setting See you there two options (a) Automatic and (b) Manual please select (b) Manual.
  4. When you select a manual DNS setting you can see there two DNS options (a) Primary DNS and (b) Secondary DNS.
  5. Put on 008-008-008-008 on Primary DNS and 008-008-004-004 on secondary DNS. Keep in mind the secondary DNS option is very impotent for solving switch could not perform DNS name resolution. Secondary DNS allows an internet connection on the device.
  6. Finish all of the task press save and restart your Nintendo Switch.
  7. Now enjoy Nintendo switch games.


After going through these tutorials, you will have learned three things essential things. It is expected that you’ve got disable DNS lookup, the Nintendo-switch could not perform DNS name resolution solution. Now if you have any confusion about spectrum DNS servers or DNS isn’t resolving Xbox server names. Please feel free to ask in the comment section.

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