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Thinking to change Skype name? Do you think to change Skype name on the web, on android, or your iPad? Whatever on which device you will use to change the Skype screen name. You can change Skype name, and it is not a complicated task.

This guide will expose you to how to change Skype name, and you can learn how to change the name on several devices. Even if you don’t know how to find your Skype name, don’t worry; here you will get an explanation of it.

So, follow the steps below and change Skype name without deleting the Skype account. 

What is My Skype Name And Skype Display Name?

change skype name

What is my Skype name and display name? Both of them are the same? Or what are the differences between them? Yes, they are to same. Skype name is the username that is your email address. The display name is the name that will see on the screen, everyone. 

Now ask yourself, can I change my Skype name? Yes, you can change but the only username without deleting the account. When you want to change your email address, you should create a new Skype account.

If you signed up your Skype account before Microsoft purchased plus messaging display place, you probably won’t able to adjust the Skype username at all. In this case, you will lose your contact forever, and you need to create a new account that you can change Skype name.

Another side, if you wish or feel boring your old screen name, you can take a name newly when you want.  

How To Change Your Skype Name: Quick Guide

how to change skype name

Skype is the most popular chatting software for using the computer, android, or iPad. Users can use it easily to chat, video calls, screen shares, and so on, like other well-known software such as WhatsApp, Spotify, or Google Hangout. To use this software like others, you should create an account using an email address as a username and take a name as a display name.

After using a long time, you will feel bored or desire to change Skype display name or Skype username. Below we have shared with you step by step. 

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Step By Step Guide: Change Skype Display Name

how to change skype name

Skype can be used with your personal computer, any android or iPad device. You also can change skype name on those devices. We try to inform you how to change Skypename on Android or how to change Skype name on iPad or other different devices.

1.How to change your Skype name using the website

  • For opening the Skype web browser, you have to go to using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • If you haven’t signed in yet, you should tap Sign in at the top and right corner of the screen that will show with an arrow icon.
  • Then choose My Account that will show a human icon. After opening a new tab, you asked input Skype email address and press the next button.
  • Now type the Skype password into the password box that you used, creating the account for the first time. After that, press the ‘Sign in’ button.
  • In this step, Skype, the web will open take a name with your Skype account.
  • This new page will show a blue column that remains on the left side. Scroll down and open the edit profile page.
  • ‘Edit profile’ button will be seen on the top and right side of the profile page.
  • Go to the profile page, take a name and edit your display name.
  • After editing and change Skype name, press the green button that is the ‘Save’ button of the page. You will see the button at the top and right side of the corner. When you take a name newly after saving the Skype account, the name will show as a screen name or display name.

2.How to change your Skype name on Windows and Mac

When you are thinking, how do I change my Skype name on window and Mac, we also believe in sharing about this factor with you. Follow the stairs and take a name to change Skype screen name.

  • Click the right button of the mouse to get the shortcut Skype icon. Or, you can open the Skype app directly on your PC.
  • Press the profile image or your screen name. Both of them will show at the top and left corner of the display of the opening page.
  • Tap the Skype profile button.
  • Press the icon of ‘Edit Pencil.’ Here you can take a name to add the new screen name editing the profile.
  • Now click the next button ‘Enter’ or ‘Return’ or ‘Checkmark’ that all of them will remain at the right side of the text box.

Using the following steps, you can change Skype name solely on your computer Windows 10 or Mac.

3.How to change Skype name on android

Can I change my Skype name? Yes, why not? You can change your Skype screen name on your android. How? Let’s see.

  • If you have a Skype app on your android device, click on the app to open.
  • To log in, this app uses your username and password precisely from your android device.
  • There has a Skype menu that can be seen from the left and top corners of the screen.
  • Or press your profile image at the top to open the profile menu.
  • An edit option will come in front of you. Tap the edit button to change Skype name.
  • Take a name that you have chosen before and delete the previous name completely from your Skype profile.
  • To save the new screen name, touch the tick mark sign for your Skype account.
  • Now you will see the changing name as your Skype screen name on the Skype profile.

4.How to change Skype name for business

It may happen sometimes you feel annoyed or embarrassing for the screen name of your Skype profile that you are using for business. Now you can ask yourself can I change my Skype name. Yes, you can change Skype name for business ID.

The change screen name of Skype for business is typically the users won’t do. They don’t change the Skype screen name themselves because the accounts of them are created for them with the help of their employers. The employers use their work email address, and display name refers to their business.

So, if you need to change the Screen name of your Skype profile for Business ID, you have to go to the relevant members of the IT department. In this case, the employer or your business exactly who created the account will help you to change Skype name.

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05.How To Change Skype Name on iPad

If you are seeking how to change Skype name on iPad, follow the below idea that will help you to change screen name of the Skype profile so easily.

  • Go to the Skype app in your iPad that is signed as capital letter ‘S.’
  • Open the Skype app.
  • After opening the app, you will see the profile image at the top and right corner of the page. The tap of the profile image for going to the next step.
  • Scroll down, and you will find Skype profile ID with the screen name.
  • Go to the profile menu, and here you will get an edit option.
  • Now take a name to apply to delete the previous display name.
  • After editing the screen name, press the save button to save the new name into your account.

06.Ever Easier Guide: Change Skype Username

Changing Skype usernames isn’t also tricky, like changing the display name. But for this action, you should once again create a new Skype account using a new email address. You need a new Microsoft account ultimately. Here, you will lose all your old contacts entirely.

Follow the processors to change the Skype username.

  • Go to the Skype website to make a new account.
  • Press on the profile icon at the right and top side of the screen.
  • Click on the ‘My Account’ option.
  • Scroll the drop-down menu and open the edit profile button.
  • Delete your previous email address and add the new email address in the email box.
  • Now press the ‘Save’ button.
  • At last, press ‘OK’ to finalize the changing Skype username.

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How To Find Your Skype Name

how to change skype name

Sometimes a few users, especially who are beginner user of the Skype will ask that what is my Skype name? Yes, it is such an easy task to search for it.

How to find your Skype name? Don’t worry. You can find out your Skype profile name whatever if you use your pc window, android, or iPad. Everywhere your Skype name will often see the same positions, and from there, you can change Skype name simply.  

  • Open your Skype App on your device
  • Press on view profile
  • Now you will go to the profile page where you will find your Skypename. 

Final Thought

Change Skype name and Change Skype username have done so easy for you. When you haven’t any idea about how to change Skype name, it might difficult for you. Hopefully, now it becomes a simple task for you. So, go ahead and change Skype screen name within a second.