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Discord is one of the most well-known chat platforms currently. It also becomes a staple tool for the gaming community around the world.

Discord is inherent and adopted by gamer globally. Like others, if you have Discord and set up with your server, you have already known about its customization. Now, it’s time to learn the best discord bots and develop the function that works as a boost for your discord server.

The top discord bots will work to make the discord server fun add-on features. This post will show you the 12 best bots for discord.  

Let’s begin do top discord bot list.

Top 12 Best Discord Bots List

1.Dyno Bot

Best Discord Bots

Dyno bot is an entirely customizable best bots for discord that will be the better for your server management. It features a simple as well as a perspective online dashboard. Its features are discord moderation bot, advanced auto moderation features bot, custom management, custom commands, music bots, and so much more.

The features can help you manage your server significantly and provide many incredible and exciting features to the members. If you want to set up the best bots for the discord server, you can install this Dyno bot. It is a costly bot that you can control over its features using the dashboard.

Dyno is the most useful bots for Discord for airing customization when anyone wants to join or leaves from the server. It’ll give server roles to the users on your behalf. If you’re going to enhance your server much more, you can visit the latest Discord version for Linux.

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Best discord Bots

Tatsumaki is another best discord bots that much more online gamers swear by. It broadens you a lot of command to moderate, setting the welcome messages, and all notifications with other features.

The bots for Discord allow you to modify the setting from the dedicated dashboard. It permits you to explore the web, keep on with an RSS, and more in Discord.

The most remarkable aspects of the bots are too much talk about its incentive process. The system pushes the users on your server as active and letting them earn XP plus Levels.

The staying in the server will show the form of a visibility card that pushes you to interact with the users. You will use genuine cash for customizing the exterior of your tickets.


bots for Discord

Zandercraft is another marvelous top discord bots that will be perfect for bots to boost your server. It is a complete package that lays importance on chat, GIFs, and productivity with fun features, which plays a significant role in our lives.

However, the show up of this bot for Discord is funky antics and the capability to play extra HD or Hi-Fi songs. If you are a song lover, these tools will right for your server.

After connecting with these tools with your voice channel on the server, you can connect by typing in the simple command. Tap ‘+music playing’ < music playback > staring playing the songs playlist. You may use the + Request song name, adding any quality music to the playlist. If your Discord Mic Not Working, you should try to solve it.

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4.Trivia Bot

bots for Discord

When you fix your mind to use the voice chat and post the discussion video games permanently, you can include these best discord bots with your community. It’ll present with features just like a multiplayer trivia game with 24 categories. The categories vary with film, TV and will manage the original multiplayer games and sports.

Trivia bots for Discord are so simple with their three commands. The bot commands are:

Trivia help – for checking out all the commands.

Trivia start – for starting playing game

Trivia categories – for picking the topic of the question mark.

This is an excellent factor in learning more new fun. Sometimes you need to Discord screen share with your community, and you can do it. Discord invite URL can generate the members and enlarge your server.

5.Miki Bots for Discord

bots for Discord

If you are seeking powerful, fun discord bots, you can add this bot to your server. It comes with a complete features package of the top discord bots you will control in your server.

You will be able to control the server giving motivation to the members in your form of the role and make the level-based reaction roles. It’ll make a real competition and so more fun options. Many moderation

Tools included with these Miki bots allow you to clean up the chats or remove any individual issue.

The leader board structure is another significant feature of the fun discord bots. The members can receive the best experience point-based sent the message. They will also be active and can collect daily bonuses with more attractive points. These top bots for Discord permit gambling members with full pokémon experience point into the game of blackjack.

As a result, the members will get more fun with their complete pokémon experience. This bot will be enjoyable for both of you and your members. Discord notification sound is a more significant factor that will work well for your members.

6.Yggdrasil Discord Bot

Yggdrasil discord bot

Yggdrasil discord bot is the fun discord bots with funny commands. This bot is unique, including essential tons of features such as fun, soundboard, mini-games, and phones.

If you want to discover the way to hoaxing with someone on your discord channel, this Yggdrasil discord bot will be perfect for you. Using a lot of commands of this bot, you can do much more fun stuff.

The commands of this Yggdrasil discord bot are:

Ship – perform as a matchmaker

Death battle – role plays a struggle with two users

User phone – permits server channel the users to talk or chat among the other members.

There are a few reasons for which the users or members want to remove Yggdrasil discord bot or desire to learn how to delete discord account. But they don’t want to argue about it.

7.Pockecord Discord

pokecord bot

Pockecord Discord is the super best discord bots. It permits you to gather battle plus trade Pokemon instead of pitching Poke balls. The Pockecord discord bots will continuously spawn the Pokemon in the nominated channel through the contributing Discord. Though the Pokemon images will display, the name of it won’t show. It is your task to answer with the title as soon as possible.   

Pokecord discord commands depend on your server. Command ‘P’ is the default in front of the command. Some servers could change it to anything else, but you can also use it with this default command.

You will see ” Number” that refers all through those commands. You also will find your particular number after excellent searching with the help of the name command. If you want to use this pokecord Discord with discord streamer mode, you can do it.

8.Spotify Discord Bot

Spotify discord bot

Spotify bot is the best discord bots that contain native support to listen to songs with friends. If you desire to use the Spotify powerful discord bot solely to listen to your friends’ songs, you have to use natural features.  

Spotify bot discord allows with a few limited incorporations with the Spotify best discord music bots. It automatically translates Spotify discord bot URIs to their closest match counterparts.

But a complete combination won’t possible because Spotify’s best discord had music bots permit you to download the full tracks per the Terms of Service. 

9.Welcome Bot

welcomer bot

Welcomer bot is a multipurpose bot known as customizable welcome images. This welcomer bot contains many fun discord bots features. Welcomer bot isn’t only bots for Discord that popular for model welcome bot of them. 

In fact, these fun discord bots are so attractive more started the image welcomer bot. If you don’t have Discord, but you are interested, install Discord for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, or any supported device. To connect your friends, make discords invite URL and join with them.

10.Discord RPG Bot

discord RPG bot

Discord RPG bot is another best discord bots that work for inventory, marketing, and economy or team setup. Each anime characters or user contains a unique server inventory as well as a balance. Players can list the objects on the market for another user buying.

The Discord users also can invent the game characters and teams from the Discord simple RPG bot. The administrator of the server can add and will give items to the discord users.

This discord RPG bot features enemies, PVP, gambling, loot box, prestige, and so many more options. The purpose of this discord epic RPG bot is to level up, find armors plus swords to unlock the latest commands with features.

The statistics command of this fun discord bots are:

Profile – verify the profile

Inventory – if you find character, you will get them here

Quest – easy quests that can supply coins with XP

11.Pockebot Discord

pokebot Discord

The poker bot Discord is also considered as the fun discord bots. With this poker bot Discord, allow you to collect train, trade this Top discord bots, a bot with randomly spawn, battle, and other trainer’s. 

Poker bot Discord also has been rewritten for getting the best version. These top discord bots included the PVP system plus story mode. There are a few features below of this poker bot Discord.

  • The entire generations are available
  • NPC battle- Battle with NPC
  • Trading – Trade with another trainer
  • Discoin support – Replace other bots to PCN

Now create this bot for Discord, and if you want, you can make a discord invite URL to enlarge your server.


Failboat discord bot has existed? Yeah, this is also the top discord bots and even fun discord bots.  A lot of features with collection modes can enhance the server of yours. 

The server community and the members or users can download the failboat into their android. Join with failboat discord based on failboat streaming series.

Wrapping up

We have successfully have shared with you the best discord bots. Bots for Discord are an essential part of chatting. It includes more options that will help you to enhance your server. If you maintain a community, you shouldn’t need hovering all around the server, keeping the community with checking.

If you desire to read more about Discord, you can learn how to turn off discord overlay or how to logout of Discord.

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