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Why Android Auto Not Working: Easy Fixing Guide 2020

Which Android Auto Compatible Cars?

android auto not connecting

It is an essential fact if android auto not working. At first, check, your car model then checks others step. More well-known car brands, such as Honda, Alfa Romeo, Ford, Opel, Fiat, Renault, and the VAP Group, have launched some models that Integrate with Android Auto system.

Android Auto is not compatible with all new cars, the ones that do have regular software updates—designed to increase safety and avoid distractions, with a simple and intuitive interface. Integrated controls on the steering wheel and new and advanced voice actions, we can minimize distractions on the road.

We are allowing the smartphone to be paired with the car’s center console. Note that it is not available on all new vehicle models. We must know the specifics of the center of console.

New brands are expected to enter this market and “embrace” the Android Auto project. So far, cars with android auto in some selected models from the following manufacturers list below.

Now I explain two methods about android auto not working, one method is all compatible car model listed and others method is car verify so let’s start car listing.


  • 595 2017-
  • 695 2017-


  • Acura TLX 2018-
  • Acura MDX 2018-
  • Acura NSX 2017-

Alfa Romeo.

  • Giulietta 2017-
  • MiTo 2017-
  • Giulia 2017-
  • Stelvio 2017-

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