android auto not working

Why Android Auto Not Working: Easy Fixing Guide 2020

Android Auto Not Working After Update

If Android Auto causes of android auto not working after update problem, you can try all the guide such explore in the previous discus, as it is possible that it is a configuration problem or a conflict with the new version of android auto apps. And on the other hand check a quick review of these points.

  • Verify all kind of pending system updates.
  • Make sure all the multimedia apps as like google music player, Spotify etc. You have associated with Android Auto and up to date.
  • Check the all permissions is enable it requires for ruing android auto apps.

If you have change the smartphone settings or have modified any security option, it is possible that you have disabled some of the permissions that you granted when you configured Android Auto app. This causes android auto not working after update.

So go to Applications to enable android auto apk permission => Android Auto => App Permissions and check if it has all the permissions to work properly. Or if you want, uninstall the android auto apk and reconfigure it from scratch to enable all permissions without problems.

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