android auto not working

Why Android Auto Not Working: Easy Fixing Guide 2020

Car Compatible but Android Auto Not Working

why is android auto not working

If your car is compatible but android auto not working with s10 or your smartphone. First, ensure that Android Auto is ruing in the infotainment system of the vehicle or in the stores you use. If it is activated, but it doesn’t work, then restart it. We also recommend updating the car infotainment system and check the manufacturer’s website for new firmware.

If you are trying to connect with another car and Android Auto doesn’t work, then try Google recommended step that we do explore following in the below.

  • Disconnect the mobile from the car.
  • Enter the Android Auto apps.
  • Click the menu button (the menu button is located at the one with the three horizontal lines at the top left of the smartphone screen).
  • Select Settings and tap connected cars.
  • Unmarked the Add new cars to the Android Auto option.
  • Connect the mobile phone to the car again and check if the problem was solved.

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